[Nabokov, TriQuarterly - Collection of twenty (21) issues of this important and

[Nabokov, Vladimir / Kolakowski, Leszek / Borges Jorge Luis / Chomsky, Noam / Yeats, W.B / Purdy, James / Beuys, Joseph / Christo / Levine, Les etc.

TriQuarterly – Collection of twenty (21) issues of this important and rare magazine. The Collection includes the rare Nabokov – special issue, the rare Kolakowski – special edition and many interesting essays, hidden within the contents of this periodical. Here is a list of all the issues: Volume Number 4 (Double Issue): W.B.Yeats Centenary with articles by Oatrick Kavanagh, Paraic Colum and Thomas Kinsella etc. / New French Writing: E.M.Cioran – A people of Solitaries: on the Jews / Michel Butor – A Monument of Nothing for Guillaume Apollinaire / Roland Barthes – Three Essays / Kenneth Rexroth etc. / Volume Number 5: Isaac Babel – Maria / Richard Brautigan – Two Stories / Yevgeny Yevtushenko – The Foreigner (Translated by Babette Deutsch) etc. Cover-Art by Leonard Baskin / Volume Number 10: Joyce Carol Oates – Sunday Dinner / C.G.Hanzlicek – Five for Charles Starkweather, murderer / Keith Abbott – The bruises, the flowers, the boil, the love etc. / Volume Number 12 [with articles by Stephen Spender & Nikos Stangos – C.P. Cavafy: The Town / Michael Hamburger – David Rokeah: Do not try / Mark Malkas – Arthur Rimbaud: My Boheme / Theodor Roethke – A nest of light (compiled from the notebooks of Theodor Roethke, 1948 – 1949, by David Wagner) / John Berryman – Four dream songs etc. etc.] Volume Number 15: Joyce Carol Oates – How i contemplated the world from the Detroit House of Correction and began my life over again / Ezra Pound – Historically Joyce (and cencorship) – translated by Forrest Read / Shinkichi Takahashi – Three poems / Carlos Fuentes – The Doll Queen / etc. / Volume Number 16: Jorge Luis Borges and Adolfo Bioy Casares: Three Chronicles of Bustos Domecq / Constantine P. Cavafy – King Claudius – Artificial Flowers / John Ashbery – The double dream of spring – Rural Objects / Burton L.Rudman – Photos etc. / Volume Number 17 – Special Issue for Vladimir Nabokov on his seventieth birthday: Nina Berberova – Nabokov in the Thirties / Julian Moynahan – Lolita and related Memories / etc. / Volume Number 18: Joseph Brodsky – Five Poems – Stanzas etc. / John Cage – Diary: how to improve the world etc. / Volume Number 19: Special Issue for Edward Dahlberg – Thomas Merton: Ceremony for Edward Dahlberg / Jack Kerouac – To Edwrad Dahlberg etc. etc. / Cover Art by R.B.Kitaj / Volume Number 20: J.M.G. LeClezio – The Great City of Literature / Maurice Merleau-Ponty – The prose of the World / Edward Said – Abecedarium culturae: structuralism / Charles Newman – On Cioran / William H. Gass – Why windiws are important to me / etc. / Volume Number 21: Anthology of Poetry – David Jones / Ted Hughes / John Montague / etc. / Volume Number 22: Special Issue Leszek Kolakowski Reader / Volume Number 23/24 (Special Double Issue bound in one Volume): “Literature in Revolution” – The Responsibility of Literature – Noam Chomsky: Language and Freedom / Truman Nelson: On creating revolutionary art and going out of print / Carlos Fuentes: The enemy: words / Harry Levin: Shakespeare and “The revolution of the times” / Krystyna Devert: Hermann Hesse – apostle of the apolitical “revolution” / Popular Culture: Hugh Fox – U.S.iconography and the Yipe media termites / Leo Marx: Susan Sontag’s “New Left” pastoral: notes on revolutionary pastoralism in America / etc. / Volume Number 25: Prose for Borges – Including a Borges – Anthology and an Appendix containing an interview with Norah Borges/ Including photos with captions by Borges / Volume Number 26: Charles Newman – The Uses and abuses of death: a little rumble through the remnants of literary culture / Alain Robbe-Grillet – The still abode of David Hamilton / etc. / Volume Number 29: Ongoing American Fiction II / Volume Number 30: A context for ongoing American Fiction / Volume Number 32: With articles on or about Joseph Beuys (with numerous photographs), Christo / Richard Serra and many others (this volume has a special cover with 5 loosely inserted photographs in a little pocket) / Volume Number 33: Ongoing American Ficton III – with work by James Purdy, Paul Bowles, Edward Said and others / Volume Number 35: (bound in two Volumes): 1.Minute Stories / 2. Selected Poetry // Editor: Charles Newman.

20 Volumes. Evanston (Illinois), Tri-Quarterly National Journal of Arts at Northwestern University, 1965-1976. Octavo. More than 3000 pages, often with photographs etc. Original, illustrated Softcover. Some Volumes a little dusty and with some staining, one volume with some creased pages. But overall very good condition with only minor signs of external wear.

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TriQuarterly - Collection of twenty (20) issues of this important and rare magazine.
TriQuarterly - Collection of twenty (20) issues of this important and rare magaz
TriQuarterly - Collection of twenty (20) issues of this important and rare magaz