[Yoshida, Vintage photograph of Shigeru Yoshida, in his role as first secretary

Japan [Yoshida, Shigeru] Daimaru. (1878-1967).

Vintage photograph of Shigeru Yoshida in his Kimono. Signed and inscribed during his role as first secretary to the Japanese Embassy in London in the year 1921. The photograph was taken at the famous Daimaru Store in Kyoto but signed / inscribed and dated by Shigeru Yoshida in London: “Yours very sincerely.[?]..Yoshida – 1921”. In its original envelope, addressed to: “J.H.Luke, St.James Club, London, England”.

Kioto [sic] / Kyoto, Daimaru Store Photo Studio, 1921. Original, Vintage Photograph mounted on original cardboard. 9,5 cm (wide) x 13,7 cm (high)/mounted on blindstamped cardboard 14,5 x 22,5 cm. Excellent, MINT condition of the photograph, the envelope with some minor staining. Extremely scarce and wonderful portrait, beautifully signed and dated.

Shigeru Yoshida (22 September 1878 – 20 October 1967) was a Japanese diplomat and politician who served as Prime Minister of Japan from 1946 to 1947 and from 1948 to 1954.
Yoshida was born in Yokosuka near Tokyo and educated at Tokyo Imperial University. He entered Japan’s diplomatic corps in 1906 just after Japan’s victory against Russia in the Russo-Japanese War. He was Japan’s ambassador to Italy and the United Kingdom during the 1930s and finally retired from his last appointment as ambassador to London in 1938. Throughout the 1930s and before the war ended in the 1940s, Yoshida continued to participate in Japan’s imperialist movement; in early 1945 he was the Munitions Minister, and attempted to construct underground armament-manufacturing facilities to protect them from aerial bombing. After several months’ imprisonment in 1945, he became one of Japan’s key postwar leaders.
Yoshida became the 45th prime minister on 22 May 1946. His pro-American and pro-British ideals and his knowledge of Western societies, gained through education and political work abroad are what made him the perfect candidate in the eyes of the postwar Allied occupation. He is de facto the last prime minister of the Empire of Japan, before it was abolished following the signing of the constitution. (Wikipedia)

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[Yoshida, Vintage photograph of Shigeru Yoshida
[Yoshida, Vintage photograph of Shigeru Yoshida