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Collection of 60 books on the History of Textiles, Fabrics, Interior Design, Arts & Crafts for Interior Design and Classical as well as Modern Furniture for Historical and Modern Architecture. The col

Schoeser, Mary / Rufey, Celia / Wrey, Lady Caroline / Heath, Adrian & Ditte / Calloway, Stephen and many others.

Collection of 92 important books and smaller publications on Interior Design with books on the History of Textiles, Fabrics, Interior Design Styles of different countries, Arts & Crafts for Interior Design and Classical as well as Modern Furniture for Historical and Modern Architecture. The collection comes from the two libraries of a furniture historian and textile historian. The collection includes: 1. Mark Girouard – Sweetness and Light – The Queen Anne Movement 1860 – 1900 / 2. Gerhard Bott – Art Nouveau / Jugendstil / 3. Country House Lighting – Temple Newsam Country House Studies / 4. The Fashionable Fire Place / 5. Mary Schoeser & Celia Rufey – English and American Textiles / 6. Pentagon Informal Design / 7. Adrian & Ditte Heath with Aage Lund Jensen – 300 Years of Industrial Design / 8. Gideon Bosker – Michele Mancini – John Gramstad – Fabulous Fabrics of the 50s and other Terrific Textiles of the 20s, 30s and 40s / 9. Arabian Ornament from the 12th to the 18th century / 10. Michael Johnson – Problem solved – A Primer in design and communication / 11. Edward Booth-Clibborn – Design a la Minale Tattersfield – A unique philosophy applied to all aspects of design (Graphics / Corporate Identities / Interior & Retail Design / Packaging & Products / Furniture) / 12. The Grosvenor House Antiques Fair / 13. Sembach – Leuthaeuser – Goessel – Meubeldesign van de 20ste eeuw / 14. Tim & Quentin Newark Brassey’s Book of Camouflage / 15. Alice Kaufman and Christopher Selser – The Navajo Weaving Tradition 1650 to the Present / 16. Sarah E. Braddock and Marie O’Mahony – Techno Textiles – Revolutionary Fabrics for Fashion and Design / 17. Jon Catleugh – William de Morgan Tiles / 18. Historic Paper Hangings from Temple Newsam and other English Houses / 19. Kate Wells – Fabric Dyeing & Printing / 20. Henrietta Spencer-Churchill – Classic Fabrics / 21. Jenny Ridgwell – A-Z of Textiles Technology / 21. Laura Ashley – Complete Guide to Home Decorating / 22. David Linley – Design and Detail in the Home / 23. Karen Howes – Vacation Homes and Perfect Weekend Hideaways / 24. Josephine Ryan – French Home / 25. Caroline Seebohm and Christopher Simon Sykes – English Country – Living in England’s Private Houses / 26. John Cornforth – The Inspiration of the Past – Country House Taste in the 20th century / 27. Barbara & Rene Stoeltie – Country Houses of England / 28. A Treatise and General Primer on the Properties of Early American Paints / 29. Clarence P. Hornung – Treasury of American Design (Two Volumes in One) / 30. Maggie Stevenson – Architectural Details – A Home Source Book of Interior Fixtures from Taps to Tiles, Doors to Floors / 31. Michael Snodin and John Styles – Design & The Decorative Arts (Britain 1500-1900) / 32. The Victorian Catalogue of Household Goods – A complete Compendium of over five thousand items to furnish and decorate the Victorian Home / 33. Armelle Baron – Axel Vervoordt – Timeless Interiors / 34. Henrietta Spencer-Churchill – Classic English Interios / 35. Bill Laws – Irish Country Style – A Celebration of Ireland’s Enduring Charms / 36. Traditional Paint News (4 Volumes) / 37. A Directory of Authentic Renovation – Putting Back the Style / 38. Lars Sjoeberg and Ursula Sjoeberg – The Swedish Room / 39. Sally Griffiths – Nina Campbell on Decorating / 40. Margaret and Alexander Potter – Interiors / 41. Suzanne Slesin a.o. – Spanish Style / 42. Katrin Cargill – Swedish Style / 43. Monisha Bharadwaj – Inside India – Quintessential Indian Style / 44. Lady Caroline Wrey – The Complete Book of Bedroom Elegance with over 30 projects for stylish soft furnishings / 45. Stephen Calloway – The House of Liberty – Masters of Style & Decoration / 46. Jocasta Innes – The New Paint Magic / 47. Melanie Fleischmann – In the Neoclassic Style – Empire, Biedermeier and the Contemporary Home / 48. The Laura Ashley Book of Home Decorating by Elizabeth Dickson & Margaret Colvin / 49. The Ideal Home – Volume XXIX (12 Issues – for example with Art Deco Interior Design essays and images for the whole year of 1934) / 50. Fire Earth – 1000 Years of Tiles in Europe / 51. Elizabeth Eames – English Medieaval Tiles / 52. Elizabeth Eames – Medieval Craftsmen – English Tiles / 53. – Lee Allane – Kilims – A Buyer’s Guide / 54. Don Dedera – Navajo Rugs / 55. Caroline Davidson – A Woman’s Work is never Done – A History of Housework in the British Isles 1650 – 1950 / 56. Manual of Housekeeping – A practical Guide to the conservation of historic houses and their contents / 57. Mary Schoeser – Fabrics and Wallpapers – 20th century design / 58. The Language of the Fan / 59. Geoffrey Beard – The English House Interior / 60. Going for a song: English Furniture – Arthur Negus talks to Max Robertson / 61. Buyer’s Guide to Contemporary British Textiles for the Interior / 62. Colour – Making and Using Dyes and Pigments / 63. George Savage – Porcelain through the Ages / 64. Elizabeth Burthon – The Early Victorians at Home / 65. Adrian Fisher and Diana Kingham – Mazes / 66. Sylvia Katz – Early Plastics / 67. Hans van Lemmen – Victorian Tiles / 68. Hans van Lemmen – Delftware Tiles / 68. Kenneth Beaulah – Church Tiles of the nineteenth Century / 69. Hans van Lemmen – Tiled Furniture / 70. Clare Taylor – Wallpaper / 71. Elizabeth Gale – From Fibres to Fabrics / 72. Jessica M.F. Rutherford – The Royal Pavilion – The Palace of George IV / 73. FLOS – Design Catalogue / 74. Catrine Clay – Princess to Queen (Pictorial Biography of Elizabeth II. with several images of interior design and her personal fashion) / 75. John Goode – Irish Ceramics / 76. Fay Sweet – SOURCE – an internet directory of modern interior design / 77. Barbara Winbfield – The Complete Book of Home Details / 78. John Pym – Merchant Ivory’s English Landscape Rooms, Views and Anglo-Saxon Attitudes / 79. Chic Simple Components: “Bath” / 80. Charles W. Jacobsen – Check Points on How to Buy Oriental Rugs / 81. Ingo Maurer – Systeme Catalogue / 82. Mitchell Beazley – Period Details Sourcebook / 83. Esther Meynell – Portrait of William Morris / 84. Charles L. Eastlake – Hints on Household Tase – The Classic Handbook of Victorian Interior Decoration / 85. Exhibition Design / 86. Irish Brooke – A History of English Costume / 87. James Laver – A Concise History of Costume / 88. Gail Greet Hannah – Elements of Design – Rowena Reed Kostellow and the Structure of Visual Relationships / 89. Maggie Toy – Practically Minimal – Inspirational Ideas for Twenty-First Century Living / 90. Patricia Frost – Collecting Textiles / 91. Susan Lasden – Victorians at Home / 92. Pierre Moulin – Pierre Le Vec and Linda Dannenberg – Pierre Deux’s French Country – A Style and Source Book /

London etc., Thames and Hdson and other Publishers, c.1960 – 2000. Quarto. More than 5000 pages with illustrations. Original Hardcover with the rare illustrated dustjacket in protective collector’s Mylar. Very good condition with only minor signs of external wear. This collection is heavy and needs special shipping costs applied depending on the destination.

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Small Collection / Small Archive of two very rich and personal, handwritten & signed letters on cards by Sendak, together with a wonderful collection of fourteen (14) loose gicleé prints

Sendak, Maurice (1928 – 2012).

Collection / Archive of two very rich and personal, handwritten & signed letters on cards by Sendak, plus a rare, multi-folded, advertising-leporello of Maurice Sendak’s publications, together with a wonderful collection of fourteen (14) loose gicleé prints of original drawings by Maurice Sendak in colour or black and white: ‘A Kiss for Little Bear’ x 2 (26.5 cm x 34.5 cm) / ‘Zlateh the Goat’ x 2 (24 cm x 30 cm and 37.5 cm x 30 cm) / ‘Mr. Rabbit and the Lovely Present’ x 1 (33.4 cm x 41.5 cm) / Lullabies and Night Songs’ x 2 (35 cm x 26.5 cm and 44.5 cm x 33.5 cm) / ‘Hector Protector’ x 1 (46 cm x 26 cm) / ‘In the Night Kitchen’ x 4 (50 cm x 36 cm) / Higglety Pigglety Pop x 2 (28 cm x 35.5 cm). The two cards are addressed to one “Minnie” and were written at Christmas 1986 and Christmas 1987. Both are similar in content because Minnie was obviously supplying Sendak with “Rocks” [these could be “fossiles” or possibly Art or books with art by Norman Rockwell]. One of the cards featuring Sendak’s art from the cover of Nutcracker and addressed to Minnie, reading in part “I worked all year on a picture-book – a Grimm tale (my first book in 8 years !!). I am in love with it and it gets published next year….my wild things celebrate their 25th anniversary. I hope i enjoy it all. Am hoping for a quiet year ahead illustrating a Grimm tale and staying put – I am tired of travelling and theatre projects. And look forward to creeping back into my old role as book illustrator” / “The rocks arrived while I was away working in England. They are wonderful, of course, and very much appreciated. Thank you again and again. My animals. I have but one. My darling Golden Retriever, Io, had to be put to sleep 2 weeks ago. She was 15 1/2 and I held her and stayed with her to the end. It is so sad, naturally, but the memory fills me with a kind of joy. I have a 3 1/2 year old German Shepherd named Runge after a German painter (19th century). It was anything but a lazy year – too full! This coming year will be lazy-ish.

[New York], 1986 – 1987. Letters: 4 pages on two cards / Gicleé prints: 15 sheets (unsigned). Very good condition.

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Shaftesbury, Characteristicks of Men, Manners, Opinions, Times.

Shaftesbury, Anthony Ashley Cooper, Earl of. / Gribelin, Simon – (Illustrator).

Characteristicks of Men, Manners, Opinions, Times. In Three Volumes. The Second Edition, Corrected. [This is the sought after, first posthumous Edition with Emblematic Engravings by Simon Gribelin / Shaftesbury worked on this edition for two years in Naples prior to his death]. By the Right Honourable Anthony, Earl of Shaftesbury.

[London], [John Darby, Jr.], 1714 / 1715. Octavo. Pagination: Volume I – Portrait – Frontispiece of Shaftesbury by Simon Gribelin, Emblematic Titlepage, Second Emblematic Titlepage after Simon Gribelin, 364 pages with four additional emblematic engravings set before each new Essay / Volume II – Emblematic titlepage, 443 pages with two further emblematic engravings / Volume III – Emblematic titlepage, 391 pages with one further emblematic engraving and another emblematic titlepage for the added separate titlepage for Treatise VII (″The Notion of the Historical Draught or Tablature of the Judgment of Hercules”) and 27 pages Index for all three Volumes. Hardcover / Original 18th-century bindings. Refurbished / Restored. After this set was professionally restored, the volumes are now in very good condition. The interior in especially excellent condition with the emblematic illustrations and the paper in superb quality. Bookplate of Philip Ducarel on pastedowns of all three Volumes. Philip Ducarel has also written his name of the titlepages of all three Volumes. Philip Ducarel was possibly the nephew of Andrew Coltee Ducarel (1713-1785) who became Keeper of the Lambeth Palace Library, and was an antiquary and archivist of distinction.

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Taylor, Collection of six (6) items/original, vintage and personal materials

Taylor, Tom / [Abraham Lincoln].

Exquisite collection of six (6) items/original, vintage and personal materials by/of Tom Taylor. The collection includes a 2 1/2 page, signed manuscript letter [MLS] by Tom Taylor to an unknown recipient , discussing a memorial he sent to Robert Browning’s patron, John Kenyon and mentioning former Prime Minister Lord Aberdeen [George Hamilton-Gordon, 4th Earl of Aberdeen]. The collection also includes two vintage 19th century cabinet photographs [Carte de Visite’s] of Tom Taylor, a later edition of Ballads and Songs of Brittany and two beautifully inscribed and signed presentation copies of his major works: 1. The first edition of Ballads of Brittany – London/Cambridge, MacMillan and Co.,1865 with many illustrations by Tissot, Tenniel etc. (This first edition is signed and inscribed by Tom Taylor to Emilia Ventana at Xmas 1864, before the publication of the book commenced) and 2. Tom Taylor’s Historical Dramas. London, Chatto & Windus, 1877. Signed and inscribed by Tom Taylor to Marie de Beauvoisier in March 1879.

London / Cambridge etc., Chatto & Windus / Routledge & Sons / etc., c. 1850-1879. Octavo. Ballads and Songs of Brittany (1865 edition): Frontispice, XXII, 239 pages / Ballads and Songs of Brittany (Later Routledge edition): XVI, 176 pages / Tom Taylor’s Historical Dramas: VIII, 466, 32 pages. / Manuscript Letter: 2 1/2 pages. Original Hardcover / The manuscript letter in a Folder, it includes an A4 manuscript leaf from a 19th century autograph-collector describing the letter by Taylor. / The two vintage cabinet photographs of Taylor included in the Folder with the autograph. Very good condition with only minor signs of external wear.

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Viereck, Collection of Manuscript Material by the author Georg Sylvester Viereck.

Viereck, George Sylvester.

Collection of early Manuscript Material by the author Georg Sylvester Viereck. The collection includes: 1. One six-page manuscript Play called “Die Ballade vom Sündigen Glück” [Translates: “The Ballad of sinful Pleasure”]/ 2. Two Manuscript Letters, signed in New York, 1902, which accompanied the manuscript play / 3. The author’s personal copy of his publication “The House of the Vampire” with handwritten, manuscript entry of his name, address in New York City as well as a pasted statement on the endpaper by the author Viereck: “Concerning “The House of the Vampire” : This book went through several editions when it was first published and was dramatized. It played for eight weeks in New York and for two years on the road under the management of the Shuberts. Critics have compared it to such books as Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde, Lady Into Fox, and Dorian Gray”].

New York, Moffat, Yard & Company, 1902-1912. Play and Letters: 20.3 cm x 25.3 cm / Book: 13 cm x 19,5 cm. Pagination: Play: 6 pages / Letter: 2 pages / Book: 190 pages. Original Hardcover / Blue publisher’s cloth with gilt lettering on spine in protective collector’s mylar / The play protected in clear folder. The manuscript pages overall in excellent condition besides page IV of the play which has two abrasions with small parts of the text missing only. The book in excellent condition with only minor signs of external wear. Viereck’s usual vanity made him add the lovely littel note of critical success. The personal copy of this controversial author’s most interesting book is a unique possibility for each collector of unusual Vampire material. Extraordinary collection !

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