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Meister, Ausstellung - Gedichte von Ernst Meister [Originalausgabe

Meister, Ernst.

Ausstellung – Gedichte von Ernst Meister [Originalausgabe / wahrscheinlich das originale Korrekturexemplar des Autors oder Verlags].

Erste Ausgabe. Marburg, Verlag Marburger Flugblätter, 1932. Oktav. 64 Seiten. Original Softcover (cremefarbene Englisch-Broschur mit roter Betitelung). Der Buchblock minimal von der Broschur gelöst. Sonst in sehr gutem Zustand, mit Merkmalen eines Korrekturexemplars: Der obere Schnitt etwas uneben, einige Seiten mit handschriftlicher, zusätzlicher Numerierung (und auch Anmerkung) die eine andere Paginierungsfolge oder Reihenfolge der Gedichte suggeriert. Einige Textstellen mit handschriftlicher Änderung einzelner Buchstaben. Kurze Widmung auf dem Vorsatzblatt: “f. Ulla” (nicht verifizierbar ob von Meister). Das Gedicht “Der Gebückte” mit einer handschriftlichen Anmerkung die eine eventuelle, dreimalige Wiederholung des ersten Teiles (‘Er geht’) mit zwei Fragezeichen erwägt. Sehr seltene, erste Veröffentlichung von Ernst Meister. Der Fund dieser Ausgabe ist eine kleine Sensation da Ernst Meister die Auflage persönlich vernichtete nachdem der Verlag Ihm die Bücher zurückgesendet hatte. Seine Ehefrau Else Meister rettete, laut einigen Quellen, nur einige wenige Exemplare aus der Mülltonne. / Als Zugabe zu der Ausgabe liegt dem Band eine Sammlung von sehr seltenen “Mitteilung[en] für Freunde” bei. Ernst Meister hat diese “Im Handsatz als Manuskript gedruckt”. Beiliegen No.2 – 6 der Mitteilungen”. Diese sind signiert mit dem Namenszug “Ernst Meister” versehen und der Jahreszahl der Herausgabe auf der Titelbroschur.

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Collection of 18 publications by Charles Morgan, plus one signed and inscribed Biography on Charles Morgan by Henry Charles Duffin

Morgan, Charles.

Collection of 20 publications by Charles Morgan, plus one signed and inscribed Biography on Charles Morgan by Henry Charles Duffin. The collection includes: 1. Charles Morgan (Introduction) – “Life’s A Dream” by Pedro Calderon de la Barca / Music by Scarlatti – Great Play Booklet No.4 – (BBC,1928) [Morgan introduced these Plays during his time as Dramatic Critic for “The Times” / 2. Charles Morgan (Introduction) – “There are Crimes and Crimes” by August Strindberg – Great Play Booklet No.9 – (BBC,1929) / 3.Charles Morgan – My Name is Legion (Second Printing, 1932) / 4. Charles Morgan – Sparkenbroke (First Edition, 1936) / 5. Charles Morgan – The Voyage (First Edition, 1940) / 6. Charles Morgan – The Empty Room (First Edition, 1941) / 7. Charles Morgan – The Judge’s Story (First Edition, 1947) / 8. Charles Morgan – The River Line (First Edition, 1949) / 9. Charles Morgan – Liberties of the Mind (First Edition, 1951) / 10. Charles Morgan – A Breeze of Morning (First Edition, 1951) / 11. Charles Morgan – The Burning Glass – A Play – With a Preface on “Power over Nature” (First Edition, 1953) / 12. Charles Morgan – The Flashing Stream – A Play – With an Essay on Singleness of Mind and a Foreword (First Edition, 1953) / 13. Charles Morgan – Challenge to Venus (First Edition, 1957 – Former Library Copy) / 14. Selected Letters of Charles Morgan – Edited and with a Memoir by Eiluned Lewis (First Edition, 1967) / 15. Charles Morgan – Portrait in a Mirror (First Edition, 1929) / 16. Charles Morgan – Reflections in a Mirror – Second Series (First Edition, 1946) / 17. Charles Morgan – The Gunroom (First Edition, 1919) / 18. Charles Morgan – Epitaph on George Moore (First Edition, 1935) / 19. Henry Charles Duffin – The Novels and Plays of Charles Morgan (Signed & Inscribed First Edition, 1959) / 20. Charles Morgan – The House of MacMillan (1843-1943) – (First Edition, 1943).

London / New York, MacmIllan / Bowes & Bowes, 1919-1967. Octavo. More than 2000 pages. Illustrated occasionally with a photograph of Morgan. Original Hardcover – Volumes, often with the rare illustrated dustjackets. Very good condition with only minor signs of external wear. The price includes an upgrade to worldwide free shipping of the collection per DHL Express Courier.

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Taylor, Collection of six (6) items/original, vintage and personal materials

Taylor, Tom / [Abraham Lincoln].

Exquisite collection of six (6) items/original, vintage and personal materials by/of Tom Taylor. The collection includes a 2 1/2 page, signed manuscript letter [MLS] by Tom Taylor to an unknown recipient , discussing a memorial he sent to Robert Browning’s patron, John Kenyon and mentioning former Prime Minister Lord Aberdeen [George Hamilton-Gordon, 4th Earl of Aberdeen]. The collection also includes two vintage 19th century cabinet photographs [Carte de Visite’s] of Tom Taylor, a later edition of Ballads and Songs of Brittany and two beautifully inscribed and signed presentation copies of his major works: 1. The first edition of Ballads of Brittany – London/Cambridge, MacMillan and Co.,1865 with many illustrations by Tissot, Tenniel etc. (This first edition is signed and inscribed by Tom Taylor to Emilia Ventana at Xmas 1864, before the publication of the book commenced) and 2. Tom Taylor’s Historical Dramas. London, Chatto & Windus, 1877. Signed and inscribed by Tom Taylor to Marie de Beauvoisier in March 1879.

London / Cambridge etc., Chatto & Windus / Routledge & Sons / etc., c. 1850-1879. Octavo. Ballads and Songs of Brittany (1865 edition): Frontispice, XXII, 239 pages / Ballads and Songs of Brittany (Later Routledge edition): XVI, 176 pages / Tom Taylor’s Historical Dramas: VIII, 466, 32 pages. / Manuscript Letter: 2 1/2 pages. Original Hardcover / The manuscript letter in a Folder, it includes an A4 manuscript leaf from a 19th century autograph-collector describing the letter by Taylor. / The two vintage cabinet photographs of Taylor included in the Folder with the autograph. Very good condition with only minor signs of external wear.

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Viereck, Collection of Manuscript Material by the author Georg Sylvester Viereck.

Viereck, George Sylvester / [Frederick Franklin Schrader] / [Mentioning of Oscar Wilde / Lord Alfred Douglas].

Collection of early Manuscript Material (which is a Manuscript Ballad / Poem), a two-page Manuscript Letter (which is a MLS mentioning Oscar Wilde, Lord [Alfred] Douglas, Viereck’s literary tastes etc.) and the personal copy of “House of the Vampire”, all by the controversial german-american author George Sylvester Viereck. The collection includes: 1. One six-page, hitherto unpublished Manuscript – Ballad [Poem], called “Die Ballade vom Sündigen Glück” [Translates: “The Ballad of sinful Pleasure”]/ 2. A lengthy and extremely insightful Two-Page Manuscript Letter, signed in New York, 1902, which accompanied and talks about the enclosed Six-Page Manuscript – Ballad [The letter and Poem was not conclusively but very likely addressed by Viereck to Frederick Franklin Schrader, then editor of the New York Dramatic Mirror and shortly thereafter co-founder with George Sylvester Viereck of “The Fatherland” / 3. The collection also includes Viereck’s personal copy of his publication “The House of the Vampire” with handwritten, manuscript entry of his name, address in New York City as well as a pasted statement on the endpaper by the author Viereck: “Concerning “The House of the Vampire” : This book went through several editions when it was first published and was dramatized. It played for eight weeks in New York and for two years on the road under the management of the Shuberts. Critics have compared it to such books as Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde, Lady Into Fox, and Dorian Gray”]. The two-page letter is of great value and touches on Viereck’s admiration for Schrader and his “Blatt” [Newspaper]. Viereck is advertising himself to Schrader by introducing himself as a critical admirer with substantial references (Viereck details his working for numerous newspapers in America). Viereck mentions his secessionist tendencies and name-drops Oscar Wilde, Rosetti and Lord Douglas (whom he claims to know personally). This amazing, autographed/signed Manuscript-Material was created by Viereck directly during his transition from writer to propagandist and is an example of his early, bullish personality, which wants to be heard, which needs attention and it is here, in 1912, where his career begins to develop. This large Archive of manuscript material [8 pages in total] is stunning and unpublished (see partial Transcription of the original german material on our website). Viereck’s close friends included Nikola Tesla and even Theodore Roosevelt was among his acquaintances.

New York, Moffat, Yard & Company, 1902-1912. Play and Letters: 20.3 cm x 25.3 cm / Book: 13 cm x 19,5 cm. Pagination: Balld (Poem): 6 pages / Manuscript Letter (MLS): 2 pages / Book: 190 pages. Original Hardcover / Blue publisher’s cloth with gilt lettering on spine in protective collector’s mylar / The play protected in clear folder. The manuscript pages overall in excellent condition besides page IV of the play which has two abrasions with small parts of the text missing only. The book in excellent condition with only minor signs of external wear. Viereck’s usual vanity made him add the lovely littel note of critical success. The personal copy of this controversial author’s most interesting book is a unique possibility for each collector of unusual Vampire material. Extraordinary collection !

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