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Sir Harry Luke Collection

Please find a growing list of books, letters, manuscripts and ephemera included in the Luke-collection below the following description. From April 1st, 2020 we will continuously upload more descriptions of letters and ephemera from this vast collection. Stay tuned or subscribe to a regular update of new Luke-materials we are adding.

[Luke, Typed Letter Signed (TLS) on Lambeth Palace stationery from Bishop George

132. [Luke, Sir Harry / Lukach, Harry] Bell, George Kennedy Allen / Ignatius Aphrem I Barsoum.

Manuscript Letters Signed (MLS) on Lambeth Palace stationery from Bishop George Kennedy Allen Bell to Sir Harry Luke: Letter 1: From Bell to Luke on August 17th 1922: Dear Mr.Luke, Mr.Douglas tells me today that he has heard from you and that you tell him that Mar Ignatius is (or only was ?) in Jerusalem. I write, at his suggestion, at once to say that the Archbishop of Canterbury has sent a formal communication to Mar Ignatius offering him ‘occasional intercommunion’ on terms agreed by the recent Lambeth Conference [1920] – he having given evidence with regard to the Christological quoting satisfaction to Anglican theologians. It is his Grace’s hope that the offer may be formally accepted before Mar Ignatius actually leaves Jerusalem – the preliminary negotiations seem to show that there ought to be no difficulty.His Grace signed the documents for Mar Ignatius (after missing him at Constantinople) to Archdeacon Waddy [Archdeacon Percival Stacy Waddy] at Jerusalem asking for the cooperation of the Archdeacon and Canon Danby [Herbert Danby] in the matter. If Mar Ignatius is still in Jerusalem and you had an opportunity of cooperating with Archbishop Waddy in any way which seems appropriate. I have no doubt that such help would be of real value. With kind regards Yours sincerely G.K.A.Bell’ / Letter 2 from November 11th, 1922: ‘My dear Luke – Many thanks for your letter of Nov. 1st written from Venice and for your care in the matter of Mar Ignatius [Ignatius Aphrem I Barsoum (1887 – 1957)]. I think you ought to know that the Rev. R.F.Borough (Chaplain in Constantinople), the actual negotiator, in the informal stages between the Eastern Churches [?] and Mar Ignatius, thinks more favourably of [?] than we thought. I appear a copy of his statement [a copy of a letter of R.F.Borough to Bishop Bell is included in the envelope]…….[?] (Bell continues to elaborate on letters and the Patriarch) ….Yours very truly G.K.A Bell. , 11th Nov. 1922 / Letter 3: The enclosed typescript of Borough’s letter to Bell reads: ‘Dear Mr. Bell – I have been studying Mar Ignatius’ letter very carefully and thinking about it, amd I don’t see any reason for the disappointment Douglas feels [John Albert Douglas (1868 – 1956) founder of the journal ‘The Christian East’]. From the very first the Patriarch told me he could not take any formal and final step without a Council of his Bishops, and it is perfectly true that such a council cannot meet under present conditions – he also has to walk very warily lest the Turks should think he is trying to form some political alliance with the British. So I should recommend a short friendly answer, asking his Holiness to lose no time in summoning a Council as soon as it becomes practicable. I think the confession of sins insisted upon is a rather formal affair. P.S. – I have just heard from Douglas that you have already taken unofficial action to stir up Mar Ignatius to a more definite sttitude. No doubt that is wise, but I still feel sure that he can’t summon a Council and believe he is honest, but very much afraid of the Turks. Yours very sincerely, (Sgd) R.F.Borough). Crimean Memorial Church – rue Yazidij, Constantinople, 2nd November, 1922. / Letter 4: Also included is a manuscript letter from Bell to Luke from October 4th, 1922: ‘Dera Mr.Luke – Many thanks for you rnote – The Archbishop only returned to Lambeth yesterday afternoon and goes to Canterbury on Saturday. He would very much like to see you and wonders whether you could come here to breakfast on Saturday morning (Oct. 7) ? We have a busy service in the chapel at 8:30 and breakfast afterwards just before 9 o’clock. Could you send me a line as to whether this is convenient ? Yours sincerely G.K.A. Bell’

Lambeth Palace, 11th November1922. Octavo. 4 page manuscript letter with envelope / 1 page manuscript letter from Bell to Luke with original envelope / 1 page typescript of a letter from Borough to Bell / 2 page manuscript letter from Bell. From the private collection / library of colonial governor, diplomat and historian, Sir Harry Luke.

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Manuscript Letter Signed (MLS) from Sir Harry Luke's Great Uncle Vilmos.

135. [Luke, Sir Harry / Lukach, Harry] Vilmos, William de.

Manuscript Letter Signed (MLS) from Sir Harry Luke’s Great Uncle Vilmos. The letter was addressed to Luke just after he was appointed Lieutenant-Governor of Malta in 1931. ‘Budapest, 20. Jaenner 1931 – Mein geliebter Harry. Du hast mir mit Deinem lieben Brief vom 9. dieses eine grosse Stueck Freude bereitet & ich danke Dir dafuer herzlichst. Deine Neujahrswuensche erwidere ich aufs Herzlichste fuer Dich, wie fuer die liebe Joyce, Peter & Michael. Sehr freut es mich, dass der Aufenthalt in Malta, sowohl was Klima als Behausung, Garten etc. betrifft, jeden Einzelnen von Euch sehr conveniert & Euch viel Vergnuegen bereitet. In dre schwierigen Weltlage in der wir jetzt leben, gibt es jetzt ueberall Schwierigkeiten die unausweichbar sind, aber jedenfalls bin cih froh und gluecklich, dass Du von Palaestina, diesem unmoeglichen Fleck Erde, wo die blutigen Zwistigkeiten kaum jemals aufhoeren werden, gluecklich und & lebendig weggekommen bist. Solche Szenen, wie Du durchzuleben gezwungen warst, in fortwaehrender Lebensgefahr Dich befindend, wirst Du in Malta nicht ausgesetzt sein. Ich wuensche Deiner Thaetigkeit den allerbesten Erfolg. Deine liebe Mutter habe ich waehrend den Weihnachtsfeiertagen, die ich in Wien verbrachte, mehrmals gesehen, war mit ihrem Aussehen & ihrem Gemuetsstand recht zufrieden. Mir geht es gottlob gesundheitlich sehr gut. Ich kann selbst ueber mein Alter nicht klagen, denn ich habe gottlob trotz meiner 92 Jahre ueber Altersbeschwerden keinerlei Klagen zu erheben.Leb wohl mein lieber guter Harry, ich gruesse & kuesse Dich & die theuere Joyce in aller Liebe – Dein Onkel Vilmos.

Budapest, 20. Jaenner 1931. Octavo. 1 sheet with a three-page letter. From the private collection / library of colonial governor, diplomat and historian, Sir Harry Luke.

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[Luke, Collection of manuscript and printed materials regarding a genealogical research Sir Harry Luke

136. [Luke, Sir Harry / Lukach, Harry] Motherby, Helene / The Society of Genealogists / Aristocratic Research of Family de Zander / Family History Zandrowitsch – Zander/.

Collection of manuscript and printed materials regarding a genealogical research for the aristocratic Family ‘Zandrowitsch – Zander’. Sir Harry Luke who was related to the Zander family was assisted by a lady from Koenigsberg in Prussia. The lady in question,Genealogist Helene Motherby from Koenigsberg, writes in a letter from April 6th, 1910 to Luke’s posting in Sierra Leone and has some excellent news regarding her research of the Zander family. The letter includes a manuscript family tree of the Zander family (Carl Lazarus von Zander etc.) / In a second letter from 23rd of October1911, Helene Motherby requested information from a Heraldic Office in St.Petersburg. The original answer was written in Russian and a translation into german is accompanying the original document in which Helene Motherby was informed that information regarding an aristocratic family can only be granted if the requestor can proof his/her aristocratic ancestry connected to the family in question. The request was in detail answered by pointing to the relevant Genealogical Offices in Livland / Estland / Gouvernement Kiew. / Helene Motherby apologizes for the ‘meager’ result and urges Sir Harry Luke to become a member of ‘The Society of Genealogists’ in London. She encloses the first quarterly report of ‘The Society of Genealogists of London’ which also lists the members (among them Fraulein Helene Motherby) and also includes two prefilled application forms for Sir Harry that would allow him to join the Society (Helene Motherby has signed both papers as a guarantor). /

Koenigsberg, 1910 / 1911. Octavo. 4 manuscript documents (incl. Manuscript postcard from Motherby to Luke and a manuscript family tree of the Zander family) / 2 signed applications for the ‘Society of Genealogists London’ / Ephemera Statutes of the Society of Genealogists of London / Original envelope. From the private collection / library of colonial governor, diplomat and historian, Sir Harry Luke.

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[Luke, Typed Letter Signed (TLS) from Sir Ronald Henry Amherst Storrs to Sir Harry Luke

137. [Luke, Sir Harry / Lukach, Harry] Storrs, Sir Ronald Henry Amherst.

Typed Letter Signed (TLS) from Sir Ronald Henry Amherst Storrs to Sir Harry Luke. The two – page letter was written by Storrs during the finalization of his posting in Jerusalem as Governor of Jerusalem and Judea and reached Sir Harry while he was still Colonial Secretary in Sierra Leone. The Letter touches on the uprooting Storrs and his family feel after 9 years of ‘anchors and tentacles’ [in Jerusalem]. In the letter, which is marked ‘Private – Pl[ease] destroy’, Storrs reports somehow cryptic on a project to get Luke somehow to Cyprus so they can work together again. Storrs reminisces how he looks back with gratitude, pleasure and regret to his collaboration with Luke. Storrs also reflects on a journey: ‘We came out by Paris( where I saw the finest collection of Rhodian plates in the world), Assisi (having named the street here after St. Francis in the spring), Rome (heard Mussolini and saw Gasparri), Athens (warned one or two prominent Cypriots against any political back-chat), Alexandria (to pack my collection of ikons and alabaster) and finally Jerusalem whence, on the 29th, H.M.S. Cornflower will remove my wife, self, A.D.C. and about 70 packing cases to Famagustawhich we hope to reach on the Feast of St.Andrew, he being, I believe, the Patron Saint of the Island. In a Post Scriptum Storrs reports

Jerusalem, 11th November 1926. Folio. 2 pages with original envelope. From the private collection / library of colonial governor, diplomat and historian, Sir Harry Luke.

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