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7 – Palestine I (1920 – 1924) (9 items)

[Jerusalem – Palestine]: c. September 1920 – c. January 1924

“When his secondment as chief commissioner ended, Luke sought the vacancy as chief secretary of Cyprus, and when he was not successful, accepted a post in the Palestine administration of Assistant governor of Jerusalem under Sir Ronald Storrs.
Luke did much to protect the beauty of the Holy City.
Jerusalem suited his fascination with eastern Christianity, and he enjoyed acting as a special commissioner respecting the affairs of the Patriarchate of Jerusalem, The Times duly noting the anomaly whereby a Jewish high commissioner, Lord Samuel, empowered two Anglicans to give a ruling on orthodox canon law.
Less consonant with Luke’s natural preferences was his participation in the commission of inquiry into the bloody Arab-Jewish disturbances of May 1921 [Jaffa Riots / Me’oraot Tarpa]”. (Holland)

[Luke, Manuscipt Letter Signed (MLS) / Autographed Letter Signed (ALS) sent to Harry Luke

7. [Palestine Content] – [Luke, Harry Charles] Wilson, Sir Arnold Talbot.

Manuscript Letter Signed (MLS) / Autographed Letter Signed (ALS) addressed to Harry Luke at “The Athenaeum” to congratulate him on becoming the next Lieutenant-Governor of Malta. Wilson uses the occasion to also spread his “Anti-Zionism” by bragging about a lecture he just held in front of the Palestine Society: “Dear Luke, I want to congratulate you very heartily on your appointment to Malta, to which I may be permitted to add an expression of my personal delight at the report of the Palestine Commission so far as it refers to you. I was confident that you would emerge with credit, & indeed nailed my colours to the mast by lecturing to the [?] Palestine Society in January, in a sense far from [?] to Zionism, & saying that I was confident that the Commission would absolve the principal officials, and that the Zionists had made a great error in making an attack on them. I believe I am the only Anti-Zionist who has ever spoken to them! I can send you if you like a copy of my notes ! It is curious that having had your fill of Jewry you should be posted to Malta where the Vatican will be your principal preoccupation. May God – the God of sound Protestants – speed you ! Yours sincerely A.T.Wilson”.

[This item is part of the Sir Harry Luke – Archive / Collection]. London [Britannic House], 13th of June, 1930. Quarto. 2 pages on one page of Stationery from Wilson’s office at Britannic House. From the personal collection of Sir Harry Luke.

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Typed Letter Signed (TLS) on Stationery of The Governorate, Jerusalem, from Sir Ronald Henry Amherst Storrs to Sir Harry Luke.

9. [Palestine Content / Ecclesiastical] – [Luke, Sir Harry / Lukach, Harry] Storrs, Sir Ronald Henry Amherst.

Typed Letter Signed (TLS) and partly Autographed Letter on Stationery of The Governorate, Jerusalem, from Sir Ronald Henry Amherst Storrs to Sir Harry Luke. The two-page letter was written by Storrs in August 1925, during his posting as Governor of Jerusalem and reached Sir Harry while he was holidaying in Alt-Aussee (Austria). During this period, Luke was Colonial Secretary in Sierra Leone. Storrs writes: “My dear Harry – If this gets you in time please introduce yourselves to the Duchess of Rutland, a very dear friend of mine, and deeply interested in Jerusalem. “On behalf of the Council of the Pro-Jerusalem Society I have much pleasure in giving you permission to use the article and map produced by you for the second volume of the Annales on the Holy Sepulchre……[Storrs continues]: “The Plumers arrived the day before yesterday…. [that is Field Marshal Lord Plumer who was High Commissioner of the British Mandate for Palestine in 1925]…… and were well received by both sides……” [In Mandatory Palestine Plumer gained a reputation as being “genuinely even handed” and was one of the few British administrators who was consistently popular with both the Jewish community and the Arab community in that territory. Privately, he was sympathetic to the cause of establishing a homeland for the Jewish people; however, he tried his best to “be fair” to Arab concerns as well while he was High Commissioner there (source: Wikipedia)]. Storrs continues: “The Hendersons also to hand. The Worlds worker, now about to become a Mamur Hajz or Seizure Officer, rejects your cowric shells…..with all the contempt of a Mutamaddin for the Mutawahhishin…..I do hope you will secure in arriving Leone”

[This item is part of the Sir Harry Luke – Archive / Collection]. Jerusalem, 27th August, 1925. Quarto. 1 sheet (2 pages partialyy typed, partially in manuscript hand by Storrs). From the private collection / library of colonial governor, diplomat and historian, Sir Harry Luke.

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