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Mackinder, The First Ascent of Mount Kenya.

Mackinder, Halford John.

The First Ascent of Mount Kenya. Edited with an introduction by K. Michael Barbour.

London, Hurst & Company, 1991. 15 x 23 cm. X, 287 pages. Original Hardcover with dustjacket in protective Mylar. Excellent condition with only minor signs of external wear.

“An account of the author’s ascent of Mount Kenya in 1899. Mackinder led a caravan of 176 persons to the summit of the higher of the two peaks. Despite an agreement with William Heinemann, the account has not been published until now. This volume includes additional notes by an English geographer” – Publisher.

Includes Content such as: The European impact on East Africa / Mombasa / On The Kapoti Plains (Mackinder and Hausburg) / Through the Kenya Forest / Saunders’ Diary / The Laikipian Plain / etc. Includes Maps.

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Mackinder, The First Ascent of Mount Kenya.