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Bovey, Tacuinum Sanitatis: An Early Renaissance Guide to Health.

Bovey, Alixe.

Tacuinum Sanitatis: An Early Renaissance Guide to Health.

London, Sam Fogg, 2005. 23.8 cm x 30 cm. 80 pages. Illustrated. Original Softcover. Very good+ condition with only minor signs of external wear.

Includes for example the following contents: The Secrets of Health / The ‘Six Things’ and the Ancient Origins of the Tacuinum Sanitatis / The Liechtenstein Tacuinum / The ‘Albi Strabo’ Scribe and the Origins of the Liechtenstein-Rouen Tacuinum / Illustrating the Good Life / The History of the Liechtenstein Tacuinum / Manuscripts Attributed by Albinia de la Mare to the ‘Albi Strabo’ Scribe / Concordance of the Liechtenstein-Rouen Tacuinum Sanitatis / The Preface to the Liechtenstein-Rouen Tacuinum Sanitatis: A New Edition and Translation by Crofton Black etc.

This book accompanies an exhibition of miniatures from the Liechenstein Tacuinum Sanitatis at Sam Fogg 15d Clifford Street, London 1-29 July 2005.

The Tacuinum Sanitatis is a richly illustrated guide to health. Made in Padua in the 1450s, it contains 130 miniatures illustrating substances and activities conducive to health and happiness, ranging from food and drink to singing, sleep and sex. Its scribe and artists enjoyed the patronage of a circle of humanists who flourished in the Veneto in the 1450s and 1460s, including the Venetian governor of Padua, Jacopo Antonio Marcello, and his great friend King Rene of Anjou. A window into the everyday lives of affluent Italians in the fifteenth century, the Taciunum Sanititis, brings to life the fascinating domestic arena of the early Renaissance. (From cover notes)

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Bovey, Tacuinum Sanitatis: An Early Renaissance Guide to Health.