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Anonymus. The Artist.


The Artist.

German, 1839. Original colour lithograph depicting a playful and satirical approach of a painter to his work. Beautifully Framed. Size of frame with lithograph: 60 cm x 69.5 cm Size of actual lithograph: 47 cm x 38,5 cm. Excellent condition of this early lithograph – in old, original hand-colouring.

Wonderful example of a very accomplished work using the still young technique of lithography. Playing with all sorts of clichées of artists and their approaches, centering the pastime of the usuccessful artist against the seriousness of the craft. The year 1683 on the easel surely a clue to deciphering the meaning of this image, we were not able to do so. Whoever solves the puzzle, receives 20% discount on the price of this artwork.

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The Artist.