Hesse, "The Steppenwolf Collection" - One of the most important collections of i

Hesse, Hermann.

“The Steppenwolf Collection” – One of the most important collections of inscribed, signed and special editions by the author Hermann Hesse. From the private library of an eminent german collector, this unbelievable archive with 65 titles (in 93 Volumes), includes one landmark letter with Hesse’s personal reflections on the importance of his “Steppenwolf”; the archive also includes twenty (20) signed and inscribed association-copies of major works by Hesse of which twelve (12) of these association-copies are of great significance [For example: Besides the important Steppenwolf – Letter, the collection includes an emotionally inscribed edition of Steppenwolf, which is of utmost rarity]. The massive amount of inscribed association copies is so valuable because they were inscribed by Hermann Hesse to important, early friends in his career, contemporaries, writer-colleagues, as well as supporters throughout his lifetime. The archive, which is the result of more than 20 years collecting, furthermore includes six (6) beautifully signed editions of Hesse’s works, thirtyfive (35) significant first editions in rare binding-variations of which several are difficult or impossible to find in their original dustjackets and also included is the only known full set of Hermann Hesse’s sixteen (16) volumes of Collected Works [Gesammelte Werke], which appeared in single publications and all of them are here included in their original dustjackets. Two Volumes also include vintage photographs of Hesse. / The collection includes for example the following association copies, signed and inscribed: Unterm Rad / Nachbarn / Steppenwolf / Knulp / Weg nach Innen (including “Siddharta”) / Bilderbuch / Wanderung / Die Morgenlandfahrt / Hermann Lauscher / Das Glasperlenspiel / Demian / Peter Camenzind / Beschreibung einer Landschaft / Neue Gedichte etc.

Berlin and others, S.Fischer Verlag and others, 1903-1969. Oktav. Over 10000 pages often illustrated, also with original lithographs and signed by contemporary artists of Hermann Hesse. Hardcover and Softcover Versions. Very good condition. Please ask for a full and detailed list with wonderful photography of each item as well as full, detailed descriptions.

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