Malinowski, The Dynamics of Cultural Change

Malinowski, Bronislaw.

The Dynamics of Cultural Change – An Inquiry into Race Relations in Africa. Edited by Phyllis M. Kaberry.

New Haven, Yale University Press, 1945. 24.2cm x 16.3cm. xiv, (2) 171 pages. Illustrated with several charts: Chart of Witchcraft Criticism / Historical Baganda Land Tenure / Chieftainship Political Constitution under Indirect Rule / etc. Original hardcover in original dustjacket. In protective Mylar. First edition in excellent condition. Very Rare !

Includes for Example: The New Tasks of Modern Anthropology/ Theories of Culture Change/ The Value of History and Its Limitations/ The Functional Theory of Culture/ The Function and Adaptability of African Institutions/ The Principle of the Common Factor in Cultural Change/ Scientific Principles and Instruments in the Study of Cultural Change/ African Warfare/ Reflections on Witchcraft/ Problems of Native Diet in Their Economic Setting/ African Land Problems/ Indirect Rule and Its Scientific Planning/ The Promise of Culture Change and Its Fulfillment etc. An inquiry into the issues of race caused when western Europeans move into parts of world inhabited by non-whites.

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Malinowski, The Dynamics of Cultural Change
Malinowski- The Dynamics of Cultural Change