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Ayling, Edmund Burke: His Life and Opinions.

Ayling, Stanley.

Edmund Burke: His Life and Opinions.

London, John Murray, 1988. 16 cm x 24 cm. XIX, 316 pages. Original Hardcover with dustjacket and protective Mylar. Very good condition with only minor signs of external wear. Inscribed by previous owner.

Edmund Burke (12 January [NS] 1729 – 9 July 1797) was an Irish statesman born in Dublin, as well as an author, orator, political theorist, and philosopher who, after moving to London, served as a member of parliament (MP) for many years in the House of Commons with the Whig Party. Burke is remembered mainly for his support of the cause of the American Revolutionaries, Catholic emancipation, the impeachment of Warren Hastings from the East India Company, and for his later opposition to the French Revolution, the latter leading to his becoming the leading figure within the conservative faction of the Whig Party, which he dubbed the “Old Whigs”, as opposed to the pro–French Revolution “New Whigs”, led by Charles James Fox. In the nineteenth century Burke was praised by both conservatives and liberals. Subsequently, in the twentieth century, he became widely regarded as the philosophical founder of modern conservatism. The historian Piers Brendon asserts that Burke laid the moral foundations for the British Empire, epitomised in the trial of Warren Hastings, that was ultimately to be its undoing: when Burke stated that “The British Empire must be governed on a plan of freedom, for it will be governed by no other”, this was “…an ideological bacillus that would prove fatal. This was Edmund Burke’s paternalistic doctrine that colonial government was a trust. It was to be so exercised for the benefit of subject people that they would eventually attain their birthright—freedom”. As a consequence of this opinion, Burke objected to the opium trade, which he called a “smuggling adventure” and condemned “the great Disgrace of the British character in India”. A Royal Society of Arts blue plaque commemorates Burke at 37 Gerrard Street now in London’s Chinatown. (Wikipedia).

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Ayling, Edmund Burke: His Life and Opinions.
Ayling, Edmund Burke: His Life and Opinions.
Ayling, Edmund Burke: His Life and Opinions.