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Kurt Heinrich Wolff, Collection of Personal Books, Annotated Books, Inscribed Books, Manuscript Material

Wolff, Kurt H. [Heinrich] / [Mannheim, Karl / Simmel, Georg / Rieff, Philip].

Collection of Personal Books, Gifts from Colleagues at Brandeis University, Annotated Books, Inscribed Books, Signed Books and Association Copies from the personal library and collection of american Sociologist Kurt H. Wolff [Brandeis University]. The collection includes classics of sociological literature by Karl Mannheim, Talcott Parsons, Philip Rieff, Pitirim A. Sorokin, Philip E. Slater, Gene Sharp, William Barrett, John Dewey, Aron Gurwitch etc., as well as the occasional letter/correspondence, loosely inserted in books and pamphlets. Includes for example Kurt Heinrich Wolff’s personal copies of: 1. Durkheim, Emile – Two Laws of Penal Evolution [I. The Law of Quantitative Variations / II. The Law of Qualitative Variations] / 2. Kurt H. Wolff – The Sociology of Georg Simmel / 3. Karl Mannheim – German Sociology (1918 – 1933 – Signed – inscribed) / 4. Pitirim A. Sorokin – Fads and Foibles in Modern Sociology and Related Sciences / 5. Murray Krieger – The Tragic Vision (Signed and Inscribed) / 6. Norman O. Brown – Closing Time / 7. Gene Sharp – Social Power and Political Freedom (Signed and Inscribed) / 8. William Barrett – Irrational Man – A Study in Existential Philosophy / 9. Gene Sharp – Making Europe Unconquerable – The potential of civilian-based Deterrence and Defense / 10. John Dewey – German Philosophy and Politics / 11. Philip E. Slater – Microcosm – Structural, Psychological and Religious Evolution in Groups (Signed – Inscribed) / 12. John Wild (Editor) – Studies in Phenomenology & Existential Philosophy / 13. Peter L. Berger and Hansfried Kellner – Sociology Reinterpreted – An Essay on Method and Vocation /

Brandeis / Glencoe (Illinois) / New York, and others, Free Press / Doubleday and others, 1953 – c. 1987. Octavo. More than 1500 pages. Original Offprint / Softcover – publications but mostly Hardcovers with original dustjackets in Mylar. Very good condition with some minor signs of wear only. From the personal library of american sociologist Kurt Heinrich Wolff.

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