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Autumn Catalogue 2020

Philosophy, Science & Medicine

Our Autumn Catalogue for the year 2020, offers readers, collectors, libraries and institutions, an abundance of rare and important books, pamphlets, manuscripts, collections as well as signed and inscribed materials in the field of Philosophy, Science & Medicine. Books in this catalogue also venture into auxiliary sciences and include historical publications on religion and moral philosophy (Ethics), like Jonathan Edwards’ publication on the „Freedom of Will“ or Reverend George Gregory’s very rare book with Historical and Moral Essays on „Schemes asserting an Equality of the Sexes“ & “Freedom of Speech and of the Press”. In the field of Medicine we also included important publications on Bacteriology (Emil von Behring & Hans Sachs), a rare manuscript of original lab-notes on Epidemiology / Infectious Diseases like Tuberculosis and Diphtheria by Louis Cobbett and portraits by Yousuf Karsh of important ‚Healers of our Age‘ like Alexander Fleming, Walter Clement Alvarez or Alfred Blalock.

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