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Bellin / Senex / Ogilby - The Roads through England or Ogilby's Survey. Revised, improved and reduced by Senex. [Enlarged Edition of John Ogilby's 1675 published

[Bellin, Jacques Nicholas / Senex, John / Ogilby, John]

The Roads through England or Ogilby’s Survey. Revised, improved and reduced by Senex. [Enlarged Edition of John Ogilby’s 1675 published “Britannia”] Distinctly laid down on onehundred & one Plates with the addition of some Roads newly drawn and several corrections of more general use to Travellers. [Including an Appendix with Cityplans of London (double-page), Plymouth, Shrewsbury, Yorck (York), Chester, [Scene of Carrick-Fergus (Ireland)], Waterford, Oxford, Leith [Edinburgh], Harwich, Scenery of Edinburgh / Itinéraire de toutes les routes de l ‘Angleterre. Revues corrigées, augmentées & réduites par Senex en 101 Cartes. [Titlepage bilingual in french and english].

Paris, Desnos, 1766. Quarto (30 cm x 22.5 cm). Collation complete: Bilingual titlepage, 12 double-page maps of England, partly beautifully border-coloured, 6 unnumbered pages of Index with distances in miles, one (1) General Map of England (″Carte Generale” of Engand by D’Ogilby), 101 full-page maps of routes/streets, Engraved titlepage for the Appendix, One (1) double-page of explanations for the London-City-Plan, 17 beautiful maps and engravings of a variety of english cities, also with a section on Ireland (Dublin, Waterford, Kinsale, Galway, Limerick). Original 18th-century contemporary calf with gilt lettering on spine and on five raised bands. The Volume is now protected in Collector’s Mylar. Very good+ condition with only minor signs of external wear. Some rubbing and corners slightly bumped but overall excellent. Interior near fine with only the slightest occasional spotting. Rare and even rarer in this condition !

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Cervantes - The Life and Exploits of the Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote de la Mancha

Cervantes De Saavedra, Miguel [Jarvis Edition with an excellent provenance, being from the library of John Fane, (Lord Burgersh) the Earl of Westmoreland].

The Life and Exploits of the Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote de la Mancha. Translated from the Original Spanish by Charles Jarvis, Esq. [Bound with: “The Life of Michael de Cervantes Saavedra” and an “Advertisement concerning the Plates”].

Second issue of the First Jarvis Edition. Two Volumes (complete set). London, J. & R. Tonson and R. Dodsley, 1738-1742. Quarto. Pagination: Volume I: Frontispiece, XXIV, (8), I – [XXIV], (interrupted with 8 unnumbered pages: “Supplement to the Translator’s Preface,” on the origin of books of chivalry, [by Wiliam Warburton]), continued pagination [XXV-XXXII], Second Frontispiece (Portrait of Cervantes by George Vertue after G. Kent), V, (2), 355 pages with 28 copperplates (including the two frontispieces). Volume II: XII, 388 pages with 41 copperplate illustrations. In total 69 copperplate engravings, all drawn by John Vanderbank and engraved by Gerard van der Gucht / Vandergucht. Modern Hardcover bindings by an english masterbinder, styled to the 18th century period and with new endpapers that carry the original bookplates / Exlibris of John Fane, (Lord Burgersh) the Earl of Westmoreland. Excellent condition with only minor signs of foxing to the outer margins of the pages. All illustrations in strong and fresh imprint. An excellent set from a famous library.

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Coxe, Travels in Poland, Russia, Sweden and Denmark

Coxe, William.

Travels in Poland, Russia, Sweden and Denmark – Illustrated with Charts and Engravings [15 maps and 13 portraits / illustrations]. Illustrations and fold-out-maps include: 1.″Map of Poland with its Dismember’d Provinces” by Thomas Kitchin Senior / 2. “A Polish Gentleman” / 3. “Stanislaus Augustus – King of Poland” / 4. “Map of European Russia” by Thomas Kitchin Senior / 5. “A Plan [Map] of the City of Moscow” [by Thomas Kitchin (1784)] / 6. “A Plan of the City of St. Petersburgh” [by Thomas Kitchin (1784)] / 7. “A Russian Gentleman in a Winter Dress” / 8. “Catharine The Second, Empress of Russia” / 9. “Apparatus for freezing Quicksilver” / 10. “Pugatchef” [Portrait of Yemelyan Ivanovich Pugachev] / 11. “Chart [Map] of the Caspian Sea” / 12. “Territorial Acquisitions of Catherine the Second in the Vicinity of the Black Sea” [The map showing the acquisitions includes Crimea / Tavrida] / 13. “Plan [Map] of the Canal of Vishnei Voloshok, which unites the Baltic and the Caspian” [Also shows the “Plan of the Ladoga Canal” with the Fortress of Schlusselburgh and the new road to Moscow from St.Petersburgh, Lake of Gorodolub and Lake Mastino] [by Thomas Kitchin (1784)] / 14. “Map of Southern Norway” Published by T. Cadell in London, October 1790 / 15. “Plan [Map] of the Canal of Stroemsholm which joins the Lake Sodra Barke on the Confines of Dalecarlia to the Lake Maeler” Published by T. Cadell in London, October 1790 / 16. “Map of the Danish Isles, Sleswick and Holstein [Schleswig Holstein]” by Thomas Kitchin Senior / 17. “A Plan [Map] of the City of Copenhagen” Published by T. Cadell in London, March, 1784 / 18. “[Plan / Map] of the “Canal of Kiel” with inset: “Plan of the Canal of Kiel, which joins the Northern Sea and the Baltic” – Published by T. Cadell in London, march, 1784 [showing Kiel, Rendsburg, Holtenau and the River Eider] / 19. “A Map of the Southern Provinces of Sweden” (very minor tear) – [by Thomas Kitchin senior (1784)] / 20. “A Fin Peasant selling Game” [Hunting / Finland / Game & Wildfowl] / 21. “A Swedish Gentleman in the Court Dress” / 22. “A Swedish Lady in the Court Dress” / 23. “Gustavus the Third, King of Sweden” / 24. A Plan [Map] of the City of Stockholm” – [by Thomas Kitchin (1784)] / 25. [Map / Plan of the] “Canal of Trolhaetta” [Trollhättan / Trollhaettan] with inset of “Course of the River Gotha from the Wenner Lake to Aker” Published by T. Cadell in London, March 1784 / “A Russian in a Winter Dress” / “Male and Female Remiz; or Penduline Titmouse” [Penduline Tit / Ornithology]/ 26. “Specimen of Russian Print (cyrillic)” this the only illustration placed inside the text-volumes (Volume I, facing page 373) //

The Fifth Edition. Six Volumes (complete set of 5 Volumes text plus separate Volume with Plates). London, Printed for T.Cadell and W.Davies, 1802. Octavo. 28 Illustrations in total [15 maps (often large-fold-out-maps) and 13 full-page illustrations of inhabitants of Sweden, Finland and Russia in their local Dress / Pagination: Volume I: XV, 404 pages including the rare Specimen of Russian Print (cyrillic) / Volume II: (3), 374 pages / Volume III: (3), 404 pages / Volume IV: (3), 367 pages including the “Genealogical Table of the Kings of Sweden of the House of Vasa (Genalogy of the House of Wasa)”/ Volume V: (3), 283 pages plus 56 unnumbered pages of an Index and including a “Genealogical Table of the Kings of Denmark of the House of Oldenburgh (House of Oldenburg)” and verso “Genealogical Table of the Kings of Denmark, from Harald Blaatand to Christian I.” / Plates Volume [Volume Six]: Original, mid-19th century Hardcover (half-leather with gilt lettering on spines). Unusual, much more valuable version of this edition with the plates and maps in a separate Volume instead of being bound with the text. Very good condition with only minor signs of external wear. The upper and lower spines slightly bumped. Hinges starting but holding. The plates-volume needs repair with both boards cleanly detached. Interior very clean. The plates, illustrations and maps all in unusually excellent condition with only very minor signs of wear (two absolutely minor tears to two maps). Excellent publication, with an abundance of large maps and folkloristic illustration, all printed in the late 18th-century, mostly by Thomas Kitchin, but bound in the 1802-edition.

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