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David Puttnam - Collection of original Film / Movie - Memorabilia, inscribed/signed books and the extensive Record Collection

Puttnam, David.

Collection of Film / Movie – Memorabilia and inscribed/signed books together with the extensive Record Collection of film producer and educator, David Puttnam. The collection includes: 1. A xeroxed copy of the second draft of “Chariots of Fire”, which David Puttnam signed in 2019 and to which he added a wonderful manuscript note: “This is a very interesting early Draft of ‘Chariots of Fire’ – A year later we started shooting the film in Cambridge – Almost exactly two years later the film won the BAFTA Best Picture Award and a few weeks later The ‘Oscar’ ! – Colin Welland also won for Best Screenplay that same evening. Reading this you can see why. Regards – David Puttnam”/ 2. Extensive Record-Collection of David Puttnam, with several of the Records signed and inscribed by famous artists and musicians like Barbra Streisand, Ringo Starr, Jean-Michel Jarre, soundtracks of his own films included are Local Hero [not signed by Mark Knopfler but signed by David Puttnam], Midnight Express etc. The collection of records include more than 400 Lp’s (more than fourhundred !) with early Rock, Pop, Jazz records from The Who, Stones, Bill Withers, Keith Jarrett, etc. etc. / 3. Amazing, absolutely wonderful association copy of Alan Parker’s “Cartoon Version” of his movie “Evita” with which he thanked his cast and crew. This being a personally inscribed copy from Parker to his friends David & Patsy Puttnam. Accompanied by a two-page-letter, signed by Parker and citing a quote of David Puttnam reflecting on his own experiences in the movie-business with a bit of ironic advice for his friend Alan Parker on how to exit the movie-business. / 4. Collection of four books by writers befriended to David Puttnam, often signed and/or inscribed (Nick Hornby – Fever Pitch / Edna O’Brien – Time and Tide etc.) /

London / UK / USA, c.1968-1996. Octavo. Original Hardcover with the rare illustrated dustjacket in protective collector’s Mylar. Very good condition with only minor signs of external wear.

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