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West Cork History Festival

Dear friends, collectors, teachers, librarians, colleagues in the trade,

Inanna Rare Books proudly supports:

the 2021 West Cork History Festival!

Online from August 6th to August 8th, with many free, as well as ticketed, events, you have the chance to encounter an impressive array of speakers.

Some are academics, others are writers, journalists, and commentators. All have interesting, if differing, perspectives.

This event is not to be missed!

The West Cork History Festival sounds local, but it includes much that is national and international. It aims to cover a range of themes and brings high quality speakers to consider topics in a fresh way.

This Festival presents the chance for interested non-academics to hear about some of the latest scholarly research, but also to challenge assumptions, including those in academic circles. Space is deliberately made for those whose opinions diverge. Their discussion and engagement may help us move beyond inherited prejudices to more informed and calm evaluation of difficult subjects.

Sponsoring this event is based on our knowledge of the Founders and their motivation, their sacrifices to make this event happen every year and the value they have contributed to this community and its visitors from all over the world.

This event, from day one, has been a beacon of diversity to all who are interested in History.

If you are interested in Ireland, its history with the British Empire, the repercussions of the past, reaching into the present and the outlook for the future, then please make room in your calendar for three days of challenging your mind !

Inanna Rare Books kindly asks you to support the West Cork History Festival also in its Digital Form.

We are all looking forward to meet again in person on the beautiful Festival Grounds at Rosebank House (hopefully next year), but for now, your contribution and your decision to be part of this year’s Digital Festival, would mean the World to West Cork !

Warm regards and many thanks from Skibbereen

All events: www.westcorkhistoryfestival.org/festival-2021/#All

Bookings under: www.westcorkhistoryfestival.org

Yours sincerely

Holger Smyth
Director of Inanna Rare Books