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Women in Irish Society

Alice Curtayne Portrait

1. Curtayne, Alice.

Alice Curtayne and “The Capuchin Annual”. A collection of essays, contributed by Alice Curtayne to one of Ireland’s most important Periodicals of the 20th century. The collection includes the early 1931 issue with the beautiful portrait of youthful Alice Curtayne. While the collection is still growing, unknown essays and contributions of her are surfacing [Please offer interesting material, letters, signed books etc.]. The Capuchin Annual – Collection of Alice Curtayne Material includes at the moment: 1. Alice Curtayne – “For the Septcentenary of St.Anthony of Padua (1231 – 1931) – A Study of St.Anthony the Preacher” [in: “The Capuchin Annual for the year 1931” / Including the early Curtayne-Portrait and three text-illustrations] / 2. Alice Curtayne – “Five Irish Saints”: “The Living Patrick” / “Saint Colmcille – Irishman” / “Saint Brendan – The Navigator” / “Saint Ita” / “The Method of Saint Columbus” – (In: Capuchin Annual 1945-1946 – with Illustrations in color by Stained Glass Artist, Rísteard Ó Cíonga [Richard King]).

Dublin, The Father Mathew Record Office, 1930 / 1945. Octavo (18 cm x 25 cm). Pagination for the Curtayne – contribution in Capuchin Annual 1931 [Second Year of Publication of the Annual]: 8 pages (pages 18 – 25) / Pagination for the Curtayne – contribution in Capuchin Annual 1945-1946 [Sixteenth Year of Publication of the Annual]: 9 pages (pages 269 – 277) plus Frontispiece and 4 further full-page-illustrations of Saints in color by the Risteárd Ó Cionga [Richard King]. Original illustrated Softcover. Good condition with some signs of wear (fraying to cover).

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Michael Kearney - Collection of four Volumes of David Hume's

[Kearney, Michael] / [Sarah Cotter] / Hume, David.

Collection of four Volumes of David Hume’s “History of England”, Interleaved and with many Manuscript Notes by Michael Kearney, Regius Professor of Law 1776 to 1778 / Professor of Modern History between 1769 – 1776 / Fellow of Trinity College Dublin / Archdeacon of Raphoe]. The four Volumes all bear the beautiful, Armorial Bookplate / Exlibris of Michael Kearney, with his Motto “Fortuna Fortes”. All the manuscript notes by Michael Kearney are very interesting contributions and a majority of them focusing on legal interpretation of statements made by Hume in the text [Feodal / Feudalism]. These four Volume’s of David Hume’s famous English History are: Volume I (1759 / Sarah Cotter Print): “The History of Great-Britain – Containing The Reign of James I. and Part of Charles I. / Volume III (1759 / Sarah Cotter Print): The History of England under The House of Tudor. Comprehending the Reigns of K. Henry VII., K. Henry VIII., K. Edward VI., Q. Mary, and Q. Elizabeth. / Volume I and Volume II (of the 1762 – Ewing Print): The History of England from The Invasion of Julius Caesar to The Accession of Henry VII. Containing the Reigns of The Princes before the Conquest. William the Conqueror, and William Rufus.

Dublin, Printed for Sarah Cotter, under Dick’s Coffee House in Skinner Row & Printed for George and Alexander Ewing, 1759 – 1762. Octavo (14 cm x 21 cm).. Pagination: Volume I (1759 – Sarah Cotter): V, 433 pages / Volume III (1759 – Sarah Cotter): [2], 360 pages / Volume I (1762 – Ewing Print): IV, 335 pages / Volume II (1762 – Ewing Print): VI, 316 pages. Hardcover / Original 18th century bindings / Partly, professionally rebacked and repaired with the spines of three Volumes wanting. Good condition with some signs of wear. Bookplates of Michael Kearney to each Volume. All four Volumes each interleaved with c. 100 additional sheets of paper for manuscript annotations. The occasional annotations by Professor Michael Kearney are reflecting his many legal interests and his later transition from Professor of History at Trinity to later Regius Professor of Law.

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