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Plutarch of Cheronaea [Lucius Mestrius Plutarchus].

Plutarch of Cheronaea [Lucius Mestrius Plutarchus] / [North, Thomas / Shakespeare / Johannes Gutenberg]

The Lives of the Noble Grecians and Romans, Compared together by that Grave Learned Philosopher and Historiographer Plutarch of Chaeronea. Translated out of Greek into French by James Amiot, Abbot of Bellozane, Bishop of Auxtyre, one of the Kings Privy Cousel, and great Almner of France. With the Lives of Hannibal & Scipio African; Translated out of Latin into French, by Charles de L’Escluse, and out of French into English by Sir Thomas North (Knight). Hereunto are added the Lives of Epaminondas, of Philip of Mactos; of Dionysius the Elder, Tyrant of Sicilia, of Augustus Caesar, of Plutarch, and of Seneca: With the Lives of Nine other Excellent Chieftains of War; Collected out of Aemylius Proeus, by S.G.S. And Englished by aforesaid Translator. To which is added, The Lives of Twenty Selected Eminent Persons Of Ancient and latter times, Translated out of the Work of that famous Historiographer to the King of Franceand Poland; Andrew Thevet. To which, for clearer Explanation and Emendation of the former Translation (in several places) are subjoyned Notes and Explications upon Plutarchs Lives; Collected out of Xylander, Cruserus, Henry Stephanus and others, with the Synchronism’s and Cotemporary [sic] Persons, with Them; Shewing the several Ages in which They lived. And now in this Edition are further added, The Lives of Several Eminent Persons, Translated out of the aforesaid Andrew Thevet.

Cambridge, John Hayes for George Sawbridge, 1676. Folio. Engraved Frontispiece, Titlepage in red and black, [VIII] 8, 1030, 2, 20 pages / Prosopographia:[VI], 91,[XXXVI] pages. Original 18th century leather-binding with five raised bands and the original spinelabel. The binding with stronger signs of wear but firm and original. Interior in very good condition with only very mild signs of foxing. Very Rare !

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