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Joseph Addison / Richard Steele - The Spectator [Rare Dublin Edition, 1778]

1. Addison, Joseph / Steele, Richard.

The Spectator [This is the Rare Dublin Edition with Bookseller-Label of T. Connolly (Dublin)]. [With Frontispiece – Illustrations by Pierre-Alexandre Aveline, Jacques Philippe de Bas and Francis Hayman].

8 Volumes (complete set). Dublin, Printed for W.Wilson, 1778. Small Octavo. Volume I: Frontispiece, VI, 325 pages plus 14 unnumbered pages of an Index (includes the notable essay “Inkle and Yarico” (Spectator 11) / Volume II: Frontispiece, IV, 336 pages plus 6 unnumbered pages of an Index / Volume III: Frontispiece, IV, 314 pages plus 10 unnumbered pages of an Index / Volume IV: Frontispiece, VI, 303 pages plus 9 unnumbered pages of an Index / Volume V: Frontispiece, III, 301 pages plus 11 unnumbered pages of an Index / Volume VI: IV, Frontispiece, 305 pages plus 19 unnumbered pages of an Index / Volume VII: Frontispiece, V, 333 pages plus 9 unnumbered pages of an Index / Volume VIII: Frontispiece, VIII, 300 pages plus 12 unnumbered pages of an Index [includes the Bookseller’s copyright-warning to the Reader that “no other Papers which have appeared under title of Spectator, since the closing of this eighth Volume, were written by any of those Gentlemen who had a hand in this or the former Volumes”. Hardcover / Original 18th century full leather. All Volumes firm and with some stronger rubbing (no broken spines or weak hinges). Binding of all eight Volumes look overall poor, with spinelabels missing or broken. Interior in excellent condition with some occasion faded dampstains but overall no browning and all the frontispieces in place. The Dublin Edition comes rarely to the market !

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[WalterBenjamin] Willy Haas - Die literarische Welt.

3. [Benjamin, Walter] Haas, Willy / [Stefan Zweig / Heinrich Mann / Thomas Mann / etc.].

Die literarische Welt. [Mit zahlreichen Erstdrucken von Essays und Rezensionen von Walter Benjamin: “Die Technik des Schriftstellers in dreizehn Thesen” / Walter Benjamin – “Skandal im Théatre-Français” / Buch-Chronik der Woche von Walter Benjamin: “C.A.Bernoulli – Johann Jakob Bachofen und das Natursymbol” / Walter Benjamin – “J.P.Hebel – Ein Bilderrätsel zum 100.Todestag des Dichters” / Buch-Chronik der Woche von Walter Benjamin: “Franz Hessel” / Walter Benjamin – “Der Kaufmann im Dichter” / Walter Benjamin – “Aussicht ins Kinderbuch” (mit Abbildungen von Titeln aus der Sammlung Benjamin) / Walter Benjamin – “Noch ein Paar Neue Kinderreime” / Walter Benjamin – “Kinder” [I.Karussellfahrendes Kind / II. Zu Spaet gekommenes Kind / III. Verstecktes Kind”] / Titelseite als Kalenderblatt mit Karikatur-Portraits von Mitarbeitern der “Literarischen Welt”: u.a. Walter Benjamin, Walter Mehring, Willy Haas u.v.a. “Zum Neuen Jahr lasst Blumen sprechen” / “Wandkalender der “Literarischen Welt” fuer 1927 – Verse von Walter Benjamin / Zeichnungen von Rudolf Grossmann / Walter Benjamin – “Der Regisseur Meyerhold – In Moskau erledigt ?” – “Ein literarisches Gericht wegen der Inszenierung von Gogols ‘Revisor’” / Walter Benjamin – “Zur Lage der Russischen Filmkunst” / Walter Benjamin und Oscar A.H.Schmitz – “Eine Diskussion ueber russische Filmkunst und kollektivistische Kunst ueberhaupt” [Schmitz eroeffnet die Diskussion mit “Potemkinfilm und Tendenzkunst” – Walter Benjamin antwortet daraufhin dem “Bildungsphilister” Schmitz mit einer Polemik].

First Edition. Two Volumes with 94 Issues in total (31 issues in duplicate / 31 Hefte doppelt). Berlin, Ernst Rowohlt, 1925 – 1927. Folio. Pagninierung / Pagination of both Volumes: Volume I: The following 42 issues available in this collection are: 1. Jahrgang / Annual (1925): Nr. 2 und Nr. 4 / 2. Jahrgang (1926): Nr. 14, 19, Nr. 36 – Nr. 52 (17 Issues) / 3. Jahrgang / Annual (1927): Nr. 1-21 [Each issues with 8 pages with illustrations] / [Jedes Heft mit 8 Seiten incl. Abbildungen] / Volume II: 3. Complete Third Annual of 52 Issues for 1927): Kompletter 3. Jahrgang: Nummer 1-52. [Each issues with 8 pages with illustrations]. Illustrations in original woodcut-textillustrations are by Rudolf Großmann (several), Lili Réthi, B. F. Dolbin (several), Frans Masereel (several), George Grosz (Kinderzeichnungen), Renée Sintenis, Alfred Kubin, Max Beckmann, Man Ray and others. Hardcover (original title-wrappers inside a privately printed half-cloth binding) / Hardcover / Privater Halbleinenband der 20er Jahre. Small cutout to page 5 of Issue 2 (Advertising ? 8.4 x 14.5 cm) / (1 cm-tear to outer margin of all issues in Volume one – text not effected) / Titlepage of Issue 49, IInd Annual (1926), missing. Otherwise in very good condition with only minor signs of wear. While it would usually be desirable to have these issues in their original, unbound form, these two privately bound Volumes are actually a blessing and led to these issues to be preserved in unusually excellent condition. A Rare run of this peridocal, with a provenance of one “Frl. Nippoldt” (Miss Nippoldt), Weissenburgstr. 17 / Kleiner Ausschnitt auf Seite 5 der Nummer 2 von 1925 (Werbung) / (1 cm Einriss in den Rand der Nummern von Band 1 – Text nicht betroffen) / Titelblatt der Nummer 49 des II.Jahrgangs (1926) fehlt / Sonst sehr gut erhalten. Auch wenn eine ungebundene Broschur-Version dieser seltenen Zeitschrift einer Privatbindung normalerweise vorzuziehen ist, so ist in diesem Fall die Wahl der Bindung sehr gelungen und man ist fast dankbar wie gut die einzelnen Ausgaben dadurch erhalten wurden. Einige der Ausgaben haben einen alten Besitzvermerk: “Frl. Nippoldt” – “Weissenburgstr.17”, sowie gelegentliche, interessante Kommentare und Annotationen im Text (mit Bleistift)”.

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McKevitt, Christus Rex - An Irish Quarterly Journal of Sociology. A Collection of 24 Volumes

9. [Curtayne, Alice] / McKevitt, P. / Lucey, C. / Conway, J. Jacobus / Christus Rex Society of Irish Diocesan Priests / Rísteard Ó Cíonga [Richard King as Illustrator] / etc.

Alice Curtayne as Contributor to Irish Periodicals / Journals / Digests. The collection aims for completion and collects not only issues of periodicals with contributions by Alice Curtayne but hopes to complete each set of periodicals to which Alice Curtayne contributed between the years of 1930 and 1980, in order to allow for cross-referencing of contributors, study cooperation between illustrators and Alice Curtayne, her influence and acceptance as early female contributor in a men’s world, possibly even deciphering pseudonyms under which Curtayne might have written or essays she might have contributed to but her name was omitted; in general: circumstances which have not been detected yet. The Collection is documented thoroughly in professional images and descriptions on our website and includes to date: I. Alice Curtayne as Contributor to “The Irish Digest”: 1. “The Irish Digest” from September 1940 – including the article: Alice Curtayne – “Lament of an Author” / II. Alice Curtayne as Contributor to “Christus Rex”: “Christus Rex” – An Irish Quarterly Journal of Sociology. A Collection of 24 issues of the important and underrated publication “Christus Rex” including: 1. Volume XX, No.4 of “Christus Rex”: Alice Curtayne – “The Council and Women” ]. / III. Alice Curtayne as Contributor to “The Furrow”: “The Furrow” – Monthly Journal published by the Leinster Leader, Naas and Edited by Rev. J.G.McGarry. A Collection of 56 issues of the Journal, including two issues with Curtayne – publications: 1. “Saint Patrick in his Confession” – (In: “The Furrow” from March 1951) and 2. “Marillac Manor” (in “The Furrow” from July 1959) and 3. “Ecumenism in Dublin” (In “The Furrow” from February 1966) / IV. Alice Curtayne as Contributor to “The Capuchin Annual”. Including: 1. Alice Curtayne – “For the Septcentenary of St.Anthony of Padua (1231 – 1931)” – [including a portrait photograph of Alice Curtayne] / 2. Alice Curtayne – “Five Irish Saints” (″The Living Patrick” / “Saint Colmcille – Irishman” / “Saint Brendan – The Navigator” / “Saint Ita” / “The Method of Saint Columbus” / (In: Capuchin Annual 1945-1946 – with Illustrations in color by Stained Glass Artist, Rísteard Ó Cíonga [Richard King].

Naas, Christus Rex Publications, 1949 – 1967. Octavo. 81 Issues with different amounts of pages and content. Overall c. 4800 pages. Original Softcover. Excellent condition with some minor signs of wear only. Some of the issues with annotations and some with a former library-stamp. Very rare run of these periodicals which invited contributions from other women writers like Ita Meehan.

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Sammelband with important original Works by Vincent Dowling and other writers

10. [Dowling, Vincent] / Anonymous / Gower, Roger / [Callaghan, Daniel – Esq. of Lotabeg (Provenance – Bookplate)].

Sammelband with important original Works by Vincent Dowling and other writers / Satirical Tracts, Satirical Pamphlets and Satirical Periodicals of 18th century Ireland. A stunning and very rare Collection from the Library of Daniel Callaghan, Esq. of Lotabeg, MP for Cork. The Volume includes: I. [Anti-English Satirical Periodical by Vincent Dowling – 25 (of 34) Issues of one of the most important satirical periodical of 18th century Ireland, called “Collection of Proceedings and Debates of the Parliament of Pimlico – In the Last Session of the Eighteenth Century. [Dublin], Published by the Executors of Judith Freel and sold by all Flying Stationers” [see detailed Bibliography and Pagination below], [1799-1800]/ II. Continuation of the Periodical happened under the Title “The Olio or Anything-arian Miscellany”, of which issues No.I – No. V are bound after (The titlepage of No. I of the “Olio” states: “Debates in the Pimlico Parliament (Continued from No.XXVIII)” [which means these five issues bring the tota l of the periodical to 30 (of 34)] / III. S.P.Bluddengutz (Pseudonym) / Anonymous: “The Vaticination – As you will find it written in the 110th No. of Pue’s Occurences, Redivivus ! – The Fifth Year of the Incorporation” – Dublin, Printed by Fitzpatrick, 1799. 16 pages / IV. [Lord Camden] – “Considerations on the Situation to which Ireland is Reduced by the Government of Lord Camden” – The Sixth Edition, Improved and Corrected. To which is added a copy of the STATE PAPER !!! – Dublin, Printed in t he Year 1798 – 34 pages / V. Roger Gower / Anonymous – “Hosier’s Hall” [an address to Lord Cornwallis, by the Corporation of Hosiers of Dublin, with his reply, and an attack on it by Roger Gower, clerk of the Corporation] – Dublin, 1798 – 14, [1] pages. [with printed NOTE at the end of this pamphlet stating:″The foregoing Notice should have appeared sooner, but Faulkner’s Journal refused to receive it” //

[Dublin], Flying Stationers [Dowling] / M.Fitzpatrick / 1799 – 1800. Quarto. Pagination: “Parliament of Pimilico”: 100 pages / “Olio”: 40 pages / “Vaticination”: 16 pages / “Considerations”: 34 pages / “Hosier’s Hall”: 14, [1] pages. Private half – leather with gilt lettering on spine. Wonderful binding with marbled papaer-covered pastedowns and endpapers. The armorial bookplate of Daniel Callaghan, Esquire of Lotabeg (County Cork) to the pastedown with his Motto: “Fidus et Audax” / Endpapers and first four pages with minor wormhole-damage. The Volume overall in excellent condition !

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