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Collection Music – Rare

Fantastic Collection of c. 750 (sevenhundredandfifty !) Issues of 20 important national and international Jazz & Classical Music - Magazines from the George Hitching Classical Music & Jazz Collection.

[Musical Times / Jazz News / and others] / Hitching Collection.

Fantastic Collection of c. 750 (sevenhundredandfifty !) Issues of 20 important national and international Jazz & Classical Music – Magazines from the George Hitching Classical Music & Jazz Collection. The collection includes the following magazines: 1.″Classics” – The Review of Mid-Price and Budget Releases (10 issues / February 1992 – January 1993) / 2. “Music in the USSR” (6 Issues / July 1984 – March 1986) / 3. “Records and Recording” (5 Issues / 1970-1978) / 4. “Classical Music” – The Magazine of the Classical Music Profession (13 Issues / October 1997 – April 1998) / 5. “Opus” – The Classical Music Magazine (10 Issues / October 1986 – April 1988) / 6. “Musical America” – The Journal of Classical Music incorporating “Opus” (basically the follow-up magazine for Opus) (7 Issues – July 1988 – July 1989) / 7. “The Musical Times” (23 Issues (August 1993 – September 1995) / 8. “Organists’ Review” (37 Issues between March 1989 – November 2003) [including several IAO News which came with the “Organist’s Review”] / 9. “International Piano” (98 Issues published between Summer 2000 – October 2017) / 10. “International Record Review” (150 Issues between March 2000 – March 2015 plus one old issue from March 1970) / 11. “Slovak Music (5 Issues from 1990 – 1991) / 12. The Dvorak Society – For Czech and Slovak Music (Year-Book from 1991 – 1996 plus one issue – special edition UK and Ireland Tour 12-29 September 1991) / 13. “Czech Music” (8 Issues between Spring 1989 – Winter 1994) / 14. “The Monthly Letter – A Critical Review of recent Recordings” – (More than 250 Issues from October 1950 – November 1967) AND (January 1971 – December 1979) AND then going forward under a new name: “The Monthly Guide to Recorded Music” – January 1981 – December 1984) / 15. “International Classical Record Collector ICRC / Classical Recordings Quarterly CRQ (The World’s Leading Review of Vintage Classical Recordings” [The Review of Historic Recordings] (70 Issues published between May 1995 – Spring 2012) – This is always the same Magazine – edited by the wonderful Tully Potter with a few new owners in-between issues Autumn 2002 and Spring 2008 / 16. “International Piano Quarterly” – (11 Issues from the first issue in Autumn 1997 – Winter 2000) / 17. “International Opera Collector” – (13 Issues from Autumn 1996 – Autumn 1999) / 18. “The Pianola Journal” – The Journal of the Pianola Institute (21 Issues from No1. in 1987 – No. 21 in 2010 / 19. “Jazz Journal (28 Issues from March 1979 – March 1989) / 20. “Jazz News” – Ireland’s Jazz & Blues Magazine (14 Issues from No.1 in December 1986 – No.4 August 1989)

1950-2015. Octavo – Quarto. More than 30000 pages na dillustrations on classical music and Jazz within some of the most important musical Magazines of the second part of the 20th century. Original Softcover Magazines. All in very good condition with only minor signs of external wear. The price includes an upgrade to worldwide free shipping of the collection per DHL Express Courier.

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David Puttnam - Collection of original Film / Movie - Memorabilia, inscribed/signed books and the extensive Record Collection

Puttnam, David.

Collection of Film / Movie & Music – Memorabilia with rare, inscribed/signed books, photographs and promotional ephemera as well as related materials from the private library of Lord David Puttnam and few other sources. The collection includes a large amount of international publications and important monographs on the History of Film and Movies and also several signed and/or inscribed/dedicated Vinyl-Records by early friends of David Puttnam (Ringo Starr, Barbra Streisand etc.) together with some publications on Literature, History, Photography. Also included are several amazing association-copies from David Puttnam’s time as producer at Columbia Studios; like a signed and spectecularly inscribed book by important Director Spike Lee, Director and friend Alan Parker etc. etc. We list here a few items but the complete list of items, described in detail and photographed, will be visible over time on our website under “Libraries & Collections”. Among the titles are for example: 1. A xeroxed copy of the second draft of “Chariots of Fire”, which David Puttnam signed in 2019 and to which he added a wonderful manuscript note and story of the Script: “This is a very interesting early Draft of ‘Chariots of Fire’ – A year later we started shooting the film in Cambridge – Almost exactly two years later the film won the BAFTA Best Picture Award and a few weeks later The ‘Oscar’ ! – Colin Welland also won for Best Screenplay that same evening. Reading this you can see why. Regards – David Puttnam”/ 2. Collection of signed vintage Vinyl owned by Lord David Puttnam, signed and inscribed Records by famous artists and musicians like Barbra Streisand, Ringo Starr, Jean-Michel Jarre as well as soundtracks of his own films (included are Local Hero [not signed by Mark Knopfler but signed by David Puttnam], Midnight Express) etc. / 3. Amazing, absolutely wonderful association copy of Alan Parker’s “Cartoon Version” of his movie “Evita” with which he thanked his cast and crew. This being a personally inscribed copy from Alan Parker to his friends David & Patsy Puttnam. Accompanied by a two-page letter, signed by Parker and citing a quote of David Puttnam reflecting on his own experiences in the movie-business with a bit of ironic advice for his friend Alan Parker on how to exit the movie-business. / 4. Collection of books by writers befriended to David Puttnam, often signed and/or inscribed (Nick Hornby – Fever Pitch / Edna O’Brien – Time and Tide etc.) / 5. Collection of monographs and biographies on and by Actors, Directors, Film and Movie-MakingTechnique, Sociology of Film etc. etc. / 6. Large collection of photographical stills as well as portraits of Directors on set during the act of directing, etc. etc.

London / UK / USA, c.1968-1996. Octavo. Original Hardcover with the rare illustrated dustjacket in protective collector’s Mylar. Very good condition with only minor signs of external wear.

EUR 25.000,-- 

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