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Irish History in the 18th century (66 items)

18th / 19th century Country House Library of Richard and John Meade (Ballymartle, near Kinsale)

50. Meade, Richard / [Richard Meade Library (Ballymartle) / Rev. John Meade (Ballymartle) / [Townsend Family – Relation 3rd Generation Residence: “Ballymartle, Kinsale, Co. Cork” (Helena Townsend / Colonel Bryan Townsend / William Meade and John Meade, Richard Meade, Robert Meade, William Meade)].

On offer here is an important part of the now lost 18th / 19th century Country House Library of Richard Meade (Ballymartle, near Kinsale). 50 important and meaningful publications (comprising roughly 100 Volumes), from the stunning 18th & 19th century Irish Country House – Library of Richard Meade and John Meade and the now derelict Estate of Ballymartle. [To see each title in this Library photographed and described comprehensively – Please go to our website-section: “Libraries & Collections”]. Inanna Rare Books offers here the professionally documented, c. 50 titles in roughly 100 Volumes, many of them professionally restored and rebound to style by british and german bookbinders. The building and rebuilding of the Meade-Library is ongoing. Many of the important titles are already listed and photographed in detail on our website (www.inannararebooks.com). This is an unusual possibility to acquire a meaningful, historical Library with publications on General History, Philosophy, Religion, Travel, Irish & British History and Constitutional Relations, Legal History and Law Publications of Ireland and England, Poetry and Literature of important Women Writers in Literature of 18th and 19th century England, Ireland and Continental Europe. The Meade-Library reflects the generational succession of a lost Irish Country-House-Estate.

50 Titles in c. 100 Volumes. Ballymartle / Ballintobber (near Kinsale), c.1750 – 1800. Octavo. Original Hardcover Volumes or original wrappers. The overall condition of these books is very good or even better, mainly restored and professionally repaired, with some Volumes still at the bookbindery and in process of repair and restoration. The Library will be delivered per International Courier UPS.

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