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Catalogue Irish History Two – Origins of Irish Identity

John Philpot Curran and others - Sammelband of four (4) late 18th century / early 19th-century-publications in one Volume

[Curran, John Philpot] / [Harraden, Richard] / [Seeley, John] / [West, Thomas].

Sammelband of four (4) late 18th century / early 19th-century-publications in one Volume. The Volume includes the very rare first edition of a trial with participation of John Philpot Curran and in which he held one of his most famous speeches. The four Volumes included are: Volume I: [Thomas West] – “A Guide to the Lakes, in Cumberland, Westmorland and Lancashire. By the Author of The Antiquities of Furness”. (London, 1799) / Volume II: [John Seeley] – “Stowe : A Description of the House and Gardens of the Most Noble and Puissant Prince, George Grenville Nugent Temple, Marquis of Buckingham”. (Buckingham, 1798) / Volume III: [Richard Harraden] – “Description of Cambridge, illustrated by thirty picturesque views of the university and town (these are not included), (with a frontispiece [this is included]) from original drawings, by Richard Harraden, Sole Proprietor and Publisher of the Views of Cambridge and Oxford; and the print from the statue of Sir Isaac Newton, Dedicated to his Majesty”. (Cambridge, 1800) / Volume IV: [John Philpot Curran and George Ponsonby and other “Ennis Assizes”] – “By Authority. £. 10,000 Damages. Summer Assizes. Trial at Ennis, County of Clare, on 27th July, 1804, before the Hon. Baron Smith, and a Special Jury.” – “A REPORT of the TRIAL on an Action for Damages brought by The Reverend Charles Massy against the Most Noble The Marquis of Headfort, for Criminal Conversation with Plaintiff’s Wife. Damages laid at £40,000. Taken in Short-Hand by an eminent Barrister. [With a Motto: “Thoughts that breathe, and words “That burn” – Gray.] – FIRST EDITION – (Dublin, 1804) //

London, Printed for W.J. and J. Richardson, Cornhill, etc., 1799. Octavo. Pagination: Volume I – [A Guide to the Lakes]: Folded Frontispiece-Map of the Lakes in Cumberland, Westmorland and Lancashire, X, 311 pages with an additional illustration bound to page 91 [View of “Lowdore”] and a text-illustration of “The Gateway-Tower of Lancaster”, plus 3 unnumbered pages of advertising Views of the Lakes by the publisher / Volume II: [″Stowe : A Description of the House and Garden”]: VI, 65 pages [No Illustrations] / Volume III: [″Description of Cambridge”]: Frontispiece [″King’s College Chapel” by Richard Harraden], II, 40 pages with no plates besides the Frontipiece / Volume IV: (John Philpot Curran) – “A Report of the Trial”: VIII, 95 pages. Hardcover / Original 19th century half-leather with gilt lettering to spine and new marbled-paper covering to boards.. Besides very minor defects to the binding and some rubbing, in very good condition with some signs of external wear. From the library of Richard Meade (Ballymartle), with his Exlibris / Bookplate to pastedown and his name in ink on titlepages.

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[Democracy in Ireland] Collection of fifteen (15) publications regarding the history and impact of Democracy in Ireland

[Democracy in Ireland]

Collection of fifteen (15) publications regarding the history and impact of Democracy in Ireland, examples of irish democracy for other countries etc. [with the collection come also an additional six (6) interesting general publications on Democracy in general (meaning in total the collection includes 21 publications)]. The collection includes: 1. Donal McCartney – The Dawning of Democracy: Ireland 1800-1870 / 2. Jack Fitzsimons – Democracy be Damned ! / 3. Edmond Grace – Democracy and Public Happiness / 4. Tom Garvin – 1922 – The Birth of Irish Democracy / 5. Clodagh Harris – Engaging Citizens – The Case for Democratic Renewal in Ireland (The Report of the Democracy Commission) / 6. Patrick Smyth and Ronan Brady – Democracy – The Case for a Freedom of Information Act in Ireland / 7. Robert A. Dahl – Democracy and its Critics / 8. Arend Lijphart – Patterns of Democracy (Government Forms and Performance in Thirty-Six Countries) / 9. Lawrence LeDuc, Richard G. Niemi & Pippa Norris – Comparing Democracies 2 – New Challenges in the Sudy of Elections and Voting / 10. D.G.Wright – Democracy and Reform 1815-1885 / 11. Lord Hailsham – The Dilemma of Democracy – Diagnosis and Prescription / 12. G.Bingham Powell, Jr. – Contemporary Democracies – Participation, Stability and Violence / 13. J.E.Kingdom – The Civil Service in Liberal Democracies – An Introductory Survey / 14. Dorothy Pickles – Democracy / 15. Michael Bentley – Politics without Democracy (1815-1914) / Additional publications without the specific mentioning of Ireland: 16. David Held – Models of Democracy / 17. Gerry Stoker – Why Politics Matters – Making Democracy Work / 18. C. Delisle Burns – Democracy / 19. Jack Lively – Democracy / 20. Emile Noel – Working Together – The institutions of the European Community / 21. Patrick Dunleavy and Brendan O’Leary – Theories of the State – The Politics of Liberal Democracy /

London and others, 1935 – 2006. Octavo. More than 2500 pages. Original Softcover. Very good condition of all publications with only minor signs of external wear. From the library of an irish university lecturer and council man. Name of preowner on endpaper of many of the publications.

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