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British Colonial History (287 items)

A Collection of Thirty [30] publications related to the evolution of South Africa

263. [South Africa – From Union to Rainbow Nation].

A Collection of Thirty [30] publications related to the evolution of South Africa – from Boer republics, Apartheid to the post-Mandela era. 1. Denis Beckett, Madibaland / 2. Gavin Bell, Somewhere Over The Rainbow / 3. Trewhella Cameron, Jan Smuts: An Illustrated Biography / 4. Justin Cartwright, Not Yet Home: A South African Journey / 5. Apollon Davidson, Cecil Rhodes and His Time / 6. Eugene de Kock, A Long Night’s Damage: Working for the Apartheid State / 7. John Fisher, Paul Kruger: His Life and Times / 8. Darrell Hall, The Hall Handbook of the Anglo-Boer War, 1899-1902 / 9. Pat Hopkins, Eccentric South Africa: A Celebration of Extraordinary People and Places / 10. Stanley Jackson, The Great Barnato / 11. Phyllis Scarnell Lean, One Man in his Time: A Pictorial Review of the Life of Jan Christian Smuts, May 24th 1870 – September 11th 1950 / 12. Rian Malan, My Traitor’s Heart / 13. Richard Mendelsohn, Sammy Marks: ‘The Uncrowned King of the Transvaal’ / 14. Mike Nicol, The Waiting Country: A South African Witness / 15. Ellen Palestrant, Johannesburg One Hundred: A Pictorial History / 16. Richard Rive, ‘Buckingham Palace’, District Six (2 copies) / 18. David Robbins, Driving South / 19. David Robbins, The 29th Parallel: A South African Journey / 20. Kevin Shillington, History of Southern Africa / 21. J.C. Smuts, Jan Christian Smuts / 22. Allister Sparks, Beyond the Miracle: Inside the New South Africa / 23. Allister Sparks, The Mind of South Africa: The Story of the Rise and Fall of Apartheid / 24. Allister Sparks, Tomorrow is Another Country: The Inside Story of South Africa’s Negotiated Revolution / 25. Lester Venter, When Mandela Goes: The Coming of South Africa’s Second Revolution / 26. René De Villiers and S. Brooke-Norris, The Story of the Rand Club / 27. John Wentzel, A View from The Ridge: Johannesburg Retrospect / 28. Geoffrey Wheatcroft, The Randlords: The Men who Made South Africa / 29. Zapiro, Dr Do-Little and the African Potato: Cartoons from Sowetan, Mail & Guardian and Sunday Times / 30. The Staff of Johannesburg Consolidated Investment Company, The Story of ‘Johnnies’ (1889-1964): A History of the Johannesburg Consolidated Investment Company Limited.

London / Johannesburg / Moscow / And Others, Victor Gollanz / Penguin Books / Arrow / Progress Publishers / And Others, 1952 – 2002. 11 cm x 18 cm to 22 cm x 28.5 cm. Circa 7,800 pages. Numerous plates throughout volumes. 9 hardcovers (7 with dustjackets) and 21 softcovers with decorated boards. Very good condition with only minor signs of external wear. Some internal browning to some volumes but most are clean and bright. Crack at hinge of front board near head of spine of ‘Sammy Marks’ Volume. Binding still firm and strong.

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Staunton - An Authentic Account of an Embassy from the King of Great Britain to the Emperor of China

266. Staunton, Sir George / Lord Macartney.

An Authentic Account of an Embassy from the King of Great Britain to the Emperor of China [First Dublin Edition with 34 full-page-plates]; Including Cursory Observations Made, and Information Obtained, in Travelling Through That Ancient Empire, and a Small Part of Chinese Tartary. Together with a Relation of the Voyage undertaken on the Occasion by his Majesty’s Ship ‘The Lion’, and the Ship ‘Hindestan’ in the East India Company’s Service, to the Yellow Sea, and Gulf of Pekin [sic]; as well as of their return to Europe. With Notices of the several places where they stopped in their way out and home: being the Islands of Madeira, Teneriffe and St.Jago, the Port of Rio de Janeiro in South America; the Islands of St.Helena, Tristan da Cunha and Amsterdam, the Coast of Java and Sumatra, the Nanka Isles, Pulo-Condore and Cochin-China. Taken chiefly from the Papers of his Excellency, the Earl of Macartney, Knight of the Bath, his Majesty’s Embassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the Emperor of China; Sir Erasmus Gower, Commander of the Expedition and other Gentlemen in the several Departments of the Embassy.

Two Volumes (complete set). Dublin, Printed for P.Wogan, R.Cross, P.Byrne and others, 1798. Octavo. Volume I: XV, 449 pages with 8 full-page plates / Volume II: XVIII, 430 pages, with 26 full-page-plates and including an Appendix. Hardcover / Original, early 19th century half leather with original spinelabels. Bindings firm and strong but rather worn. Bookplate of Richard Meade, Ballymartle, to the pastedown of Volume I. Overall in very good condition with some stronger signs of wear but with all the illustrations / engravings, called for in the Dublin Edition.

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Stuart de Rothesay, Charles Stuart, Baron (1779-1845) / Hay, Robert William (1786–1861) /

269. Stuart de Rothesay, Charles Stuart, Baron (1779-1845) / Hay, Robert William (1786-1861) / Jean-Baptiste Rousseau (1780 – 1831) [Baron de Rousseau – French Orientalist and French Consul at Tripoli] / Alexander Gordon Laing (1794 – 1826) [Scottish explorer and the first European to reach Timbuktu] / Hanmer Warrington / Foreign Secretary for Prime Minister Wellington, George Hamilton-Gordon, 4th Earl of Aberdeen [Lord Aberdeen].

Original, unpublished and meaningful letter by British official and Permanent Under-Secretary of State for the Colonies, Sir Robert William Hay, addressed with urgency to former secret agent in Spain and Portugal, Sir Charles Stuart de Rothesay, Scottish nobleman, and English ambassador to France (1815-1830); alerting Ambassador Charles Stuart of Hay’s arrival in Paris and his wish to ask him if he has “anything to communicate to me in regard to that Royal [Baron] Rousseau, The Barbary Consul”. Hay is in this letter preparing Stuart in order to investigate the situation around the death of explorer Alexander Gordon Laing in Africa. Under-Secretary for the Colonies, Sir R[obert] W.Hay, who had been informed about the situation around Laing’s missing Journals per private letter from the British Consul in Tripoli, Hanmer Warrington, announces his arrival in Paris to protest to the French government and advices ambassador Stuart:″I conclude that he [Baron Jean-Baptiste Rousseau] is by this time out of guarantiae, but I hope that by ensuing at Paris he will only get out of the frying Pan with the fire”. Hay continues: “I hope you will go with me (in case it be necessary) to the Minister, whoever he may be, in [?] Departement this ….were incredibly false for it. The French Govt. are really disposed & prosecute the Enquiry bon a fide. I think that same may acq…[….]…..on the other hand, if the French Govt. do not enter into y. enquiry with a good spirit, it will be in Rousseau’s …..to baffle me with the utmost facility in all our attempts to get at the truth. I spoke to Lord Aberdeen [George Hamilton-Gordon, 4th Earl of Aberdeen, Foreign Secretary for Prime Minister Wellington] on the day I left London, & he gave me full permission to conduct measures with you for the …of this affair. Yours very truly R.W.Hay”.

[London], [1829]. 5 octavo – pages on 2 sheets, folded. Excellent condition. Signed by Hay and dated probably “Monday, 19 Oct. [1829]”.

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