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Aarts, "Bedelaar" ["Bettler" / "Beggar"].

Aarts, Johannes Josephus (1871 – 1934).

“Bedelaar” [″Bettler” / “Beggar”].

Rare, antique, vintage, original Lithograph by the dutch artist Johannes Josephus Aarts, showing the scene of an invalid beggar entering a Hamlet of farmers and asking for alms. Striking and beautiful scene in the typical earthy, nature-embedded, strong depiction by Aarts; full of character and gripping through the magnified presence of Aarts subjects, which are “in your face”. Signed in pencil by Johannes Josephus Aarts. [Fine Art-Paper watermarked “TRCHES”]. [Amsterdam], Roeloffzen, Hübner und van Santen, 1903. Size of the framed Picture: 63 cm wide x 53 cm high. Size of the Sheet : 49 cm wide x 41 cm high (the image itself: 22 cm x 30 cm). Excellent condition, beautifully framed. The price for this signed and rare lithograph includes free international courier shipping per UPS Express.

Johannes Josephus Aarts (18 August 1871, in The Hague – 19 October 1934, in Amsterdam) was a Dutch painter, illustrator, lithographer, engraver, etcher, writer, academic teacher and director, lecturer, sculptor and book-cover designer.
Jan Aarts received training in the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague. He was active there until 1911, and in Amsterdam from 1911 to 1934. Initially, until around 1900, Aarts worked above all on engravings. Thereafter he began to also use other graphic methods. In his work, one found depictions of farmworkers, dyke workers and later also tramps, beggars and invalids. Between 1920 and 1930 he produced mostly visionary work with apocalyptic scenes.

Aarts often wrote for the Hague newspaper Het Vaderland; he taught at the Arts Academy in The Hague, and later was professor at the Royal Academy in Amsterdam, as successor to Pieter Dupont; he produced sculptures as preliminary studies for his graphic work. He thereby contributed to the renewal of various graphic techniques in the Netherlands. He painted portraits, animals and landscapes, including cityscapes and dune-landscapes. (Wikipedia)

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Johannes Josephus Aarts,
Johannes Josephus Aarts,
Johannes Josephus Aarts,
Johannes Josephus Aarts,
Johannes Josephus Aarts,