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Mathers, The Eastern Anthology- Anthology of Eastern Love.

Mathers, E. Powys.

The Eastern Anthology – Anthology of Eastern Love. Eastern Love: Volumes I & II & III: The Lessons of a Bawd and Harlot’s Breviary. English Versions of the Kuttanimatam of Damodaragupta and Samayamatrika of Kshemendra. Volume I: The Lessons of a Bawd of Damodaragupta. Volume II: The Harlot’s Breviary of Kshemendra. Volume III: The Book of Women and The Education of Wives.

3 Volumes in one (complete set). London, John Rodker For Subscribers, 1927. 15.2 cm x 23.5 cm. Pagination: Vol I: Colour frontispiece with tissue guard, 92 pages / Vol II: Colour frontispiece with tissue guard, 100 pages / Vol III: Colour frontispiece with tissue guard, 152 pages. Hardcover / Beautiful, actually stunning, private full morocco in Art Deco – Style (see images), Excellent condition with only minor signs of external wear. Deckled edges. Top edge gilt. Gilt on spine and red leather hardcover. Minor discolouration and staining to front and rear pastedown enpapers and endpapers. This edition of the Kuttanimatam of Damodaragupta, the Samayamatrika of Kshemendra, the Zenan-Nameh of Fazil-Bey, and Ta’Dib Ul-Nisvan, being Volume I, II and III of the “Eastern Art of Love”, are here translated into English for the first time, by E. Powys Mathers. This edition of 1,000 copies on all rag paper was printed by Messrs. Molyneux, 3 & 4, New Street Hill, London. The copper plate engravings are by Hester Sainsbury and have been printed and hand coloured by Messrs. A. Alexander and Sons, Ltd. This copy is No. 695.

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Simon Patrick, A Commentary upon the Historical Books of the Old Testament

Patrick, Symon [Simon Patrick, Late Lord Bishop of Ely] / Whitby, Daniel / Lowth, William / Arnald, Richard / Johannes Millii.

“A Commentary upon the Historical Books of the Old Testament, Viz. Genesis – Exodus – Leviticus – Numbers – Deuteronomy – Joshua – Judges – Ruth – I. Samuel – II. Samuel – I. Kings – II. Kings – I. Chronicles – II. Chronicles – Ezra – Nehemiah – Esther. In Two Volumes. By the Right Reverend Father in God, Dr. Symon Patrick, Late Lord Bishop of Ely. The Sixth Edition Corrected. To wich is added a compleat Alphabetical Table.” / Plus: [Volume III: “The Books of Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and the Song of Solomon, Paraphrased: With Arguments to each Chapter, and Annotations thereupon”. / Plus: [Volume IV: “A Commentary upon the Three Lesser Prophets: Being a Continuation of Bishop [Symon] Patrick by William Lowth, B.D. Prebendary of Winchester”]. / Plus: [[Volume V and Volume VI ]″A Paraphrase and Commentary on the New Testament. In Two Volumes. The First, containing The Four Gospels and the Acts of the Holy Apostles. The Second, All the Epistles, with a Discourse of the Millenium. To which are added, A Chronology of the New Testament, a Map and Alphabetical Table of all the Places mentioned in the Gospels, Acts, or the Epistles. With Tables of the Matters contained and of the Words and Phrases explained throughout the whole Work; and the Examen Millii. By Daniel Whitby, D.D. Late Chantor of the Church of Sarum. The Seventh Edition, carefully revised and corrected from the many Errors of the former Impressions”. Including: “An Appendix to Chapter XL, containing “A Discourse of the Calling of the Jews to the Christian Faith” – Including: “A Treatise of the True Millenium: shewing that it is not a Reign of Persons raised from the Dead but of the Church. Flourishing gloriously for a Thousand Years after the Conversion of the Jews, and the Flowing-in of all Nations to them thus converted to the Christian Faith” / Including: “An Index of the Greek Words and Phrases explained in this Commentary”, including “Examen Variantium Lectionum Johannis Millii in Novum Testamentum” (Editio quarta priori Emendatior. London, 1740). / Plus: [Volume VII] “A Critical Commentary upon the Book of the Wisdom of Solomon; Being a Continuation of Bishop [Symon] Patrick and Mr.[William] Lowth. By Richard Arnald, B.D. Rector of Thurcaston in Leicestershire”. / Including: [Volume VIII]: “A Critical Commentary upon the Book of the Wisdom of Jesus, the Son of Sirach. Being a Continuation of Bishop [Symon] Patrick and Mr.[William] Lowth”./ Including: [Volume IX]: “A Critical Commentary upon the Books of Tobit, Judith, Baruch, The History of Susanna, and Bel and the Dragon: To which are added, two Dissertations on The Book of Maccabees and Esdras. Being a Continuation of Bishop [Symon] Patrick and Mr.[William] Lowth”. By Richard Arnald.//

Set of Nine Volumes (bound in Seven). London, Printed for A. Millar, J.Beecroft, W.Strahan, J.Hinton etc. / And for the Richard Arnald publication: “Printed for the Author” by W.Bowyer, 1744-1765. Folio (24,5 cm x 36 cm). Volume I: Portrait-Frontispiece of Symonis Patrick by Godfrey Kneller & Gerard Vandergucht, [2], 908 pages / Volume II: [2], 755 pages plus 28 unnumbered pages of an Alphabetical Index / Volume III: [6], 544 pages / [Volume IV]: [2], IV, 540 pages including an Index. / [Volume V (Being Volume I of Daniel Whitby’s “Paraphrase”: [2], L, 736, [5], pages / [Volume VI (Being Volume II of Daniel Whitby’s “Paraphrase”: [4], XXXIV, 854 pages / [Volume VII (Being the “Critical Commentary of the Book of The Wisdom of Solomon” by Richard Arnald): [1], XXXII, 148 pages / [Volume VIII: (Being the “Critical Commentary upon the Book of the Wisdom of Jesus the Son of Sirach”): IX, [7], IV, 248 pages / [Volume IX: (Being “A Critical Commentary upon the Books of Tobit Judith etc.”)XII, 128 pages.// Recently rebound set in Hardcover (Modern cloth and one modern half leather). All Volumes in protective Collector’s Mylar and with new endpapers and new spine-labels. Excellent condition with some minor signs of wear only. The Interior in very good, rather excellent condition with only some very few sections with some browning. The paper-quality of this set is magnificent ! From the library of Daniel Conner (Connerville / Manch House), with his name and date of his studies in Oxford on all titlepages. A very rare set of the important Commentary by Symon Patrick, Bishop of Ely. With all the original illustrations by Gerard Vandergucht. The set includes the continuations of Simon Patrick’s works by William Lowth, Daniel Whitby and Richard Arnald. Please see the numerous, detailed photographs for this set on our website. The price includes worldwide free shipping per Courier (UPS Express Saver).

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