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Ayearst, The Republic of Ireland - Its Government and Politics

Ayearst, Morley.

The Republic of Ireland – Its Government and Politics – Collection of 215 books on Irish Politics, Irish Government, Irish local planning and Local government, Irelands connection to the EU, History of Irish Elections, books on Governmental policy (general and irish related), books on the history of Ireland’s connection to the UK etc. Also included are several publications on the history of the irish political parties. The comprehensive collection comes from the library of a former council man and university lecturer and includes many of the minor and major publications needed to understand the forming of the irish state from 1940 onwards. The collection includes publications like: 1. John McG. Smyth – The Theory and Practice of the Irish Senate / 2. John Coakley and Michael Gallagher – Politics in the Republic of Ireland / 3. Desmond Roche – Local Government in Ireland / 4. Patrick Keatinge – Maastricht and Ireland – What the Treaty means / 5. Stephen Collins – The Power Game – Fianna Fail since Lemass / 6. Cornelius O’Leary – Irish Elections (1918 – 1977) – Parties, Voters and Proportional Representation / 7. Bruce Arnold – What Kind of Country – Modern Irish Politics 1968-1983 / 8. Michael Flannery – Sanitation – Conservation and Recreation Services in Ireland / 9. Peter Mair – The Changing Irish Party System / 10. R.C.Geary – and F.S.O Muircheartaigh – Equalization of Opportunity in Ireland – Statistical Aspects / 11. Mary Minihan – A Deal with the Devil – The Green Party in Government / 12. Donal de Buitleir – Problems of Irish Local Finance / 13. Communications and Community in Ireland (Brian Farrell) / etc. etc.

London, University of London Press, 1971. 24 cm. vii,241 pages with 8 plates. Original Hardcover with original dustjacket. Very good condition with only minor signs of external wear. The collection of 215 books (of which only c.60 are listed here) is in very good condition (only a few volumes with stronger wear).

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18th & 19th century Irish Country House - Library of Daniel Conner - Alumni of Magdalen College

Conner, Daniel / [Daniel Conner Library (Connerville / Manch House / Bandon)].

On offer here is a large 18th / 19th century Country House Library from an Irish Country-House-Estate. 200 important and meaningful publications (comprising roughly 500 Volumes), from the stunning 18th & 19th century Irish Country House – Library of Daniel Conner – Alumni of Magdalen College / Oxford University. Daniel Conner and his extended family and relations, resided at Manch House, Dunmanway, West Cork (19th century) as well as in Connerville, Bandon (18th century). [To see each title in this Library photographed and described comprehensively – Please go to our website-section: “Libraries & Collections”]. Inanna Rare Books offers here the professionally documented, c. 200 titles in roughly 500 Volumes, many of them professionally restored and rebound to style by british and german bookbinders. The building and rebuilding of the Conner library is ongoing. Many of the important titles are already listed and photographed in detail on our website (www.inannararebooks.com). This is an unusual possibility to acquire a meaningful, historical Library with publications not only on General History, Classical Literature and Philosophy of Greece and Rome but also Landmark Publications in Philosophy, Economics, Religion, Travel, Irish and English History, Americana, Irish & British History and Constitutional Relations, Legal History and Law Publications of Ireland and England, Poetry and Literature of Women in Literature of 18th and 19th century England, Ireland and Continental Europe. The Conner Library reflects the 18th century enlightenment as well as the 19th century fashion of solitary education in a Country House Library on topics like Literature and Art, History and Travel etc. etc.

200 Titles in c. 500 Volumes. Manch / Bandon, c.1750 – 1880. Octavo. Original Hardcover Volumes or original wrappers. The overall condition of these books is very good or even better, mainly restored and professionally repaired, with some Volumes still at the bookbindery and in process of repair and restoration. The Library will be delivered per International Courier UPS.

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Alice Curtayne Portrait

1. Curtayne, Alice.

Alice Curtayne and “The Capuchin Annual”. A collection of essays, contributed by Alice Curtayne to one of Ireland’s most important Periodicals of the 20th century. The collection includes the early 1931 issue with the beautiful portrait of youthful Alice Curtayne. While the collection is still growing, unknown essays and contributions of her are surfacing [Please offer interesting material, letters, signed books etc.]. The Capuchin Annual – Collection of Alice Curtayne Material includes at the moment: 1. Alice Curtayne – “For the Septcentenary of St.Anthony of Padua (1231 – 1931) – A Study of St.Anthony the Preacher” [in: “The Capuchin Annual for the year 1931” / Including the early Curtayne-Portrait and three text-illustrations] / 2. Alice Curtayne – “Five Irish Saints”: “The Living Patrick” / “Saint Colmcille – Irishman” / “Saint Brendan – The Navigator” / “Saint Ita” / “The Method of Saint Columbus” – (In: Capuchin Annual 1945-1946 – with Illustrations in color by Stained Glass Artist, Rísteard Ó Cíonga [Richard King]).

Dublin, The Father Mathew Record Office, 1930 / 1945. Octavo (18 cm x 25 cm). Pagination for the Curtayne – contribution in Capuchin Annual 1931 [Second Year of Publication of the Annual]: 8 pages (pages 18 – 25) / Pagination for the Curtayne – contribution in Capuchin Annual 1945-1946 [Sixteenth Year of Publication of the Annual]: 9 pages (pages 269 – 277) plus Frontispiece and 4 further full-page-illustrations of Saints in color by the Risteárd Ó Cionga [Richard King]. Original illustrated Softcover. Good condition with some signs of wear (fraying to cover).

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[Democracy in Ireland] Collection of fifteen (15) publications regarding the history and impact of Democracy in Ireland

[Democracy in Ireland]

Collection of fifteen (15) publications regarding the history and impact of Democracy in Ireland, examples of irish democracy for other countries etc. [with the collection come also an additional six (6) interesting general publications on Democracy in general (meaning in total the collection includes 21 publications)]. The collection includes: 1. Donal McCartney – The Dawning of Democracy: Ireland 1800-1870 / 2. Jack Fitzsimons – Democracy be Damned ! / 3. Edmond Grace – Democracy and Public Happiness / 4. Tom Garvin – 1922 – The Birth of Irish Democracy / 5. Clodagh Harris – Engaging Citizens – The Case for Democratic Renewal in Ireland (The Report of the Democracy Commission) / 6. Patrick Smyth and Ronan Brady – Democracy – The Case for a Freedom of Information Act in Ireland / 7. Robert A. Dahl – Democracy and its Critics / 8. Arend Lijphart – Patterns of Democracy (Government Forms and Performance in Thirty-Six Countries) / 9. Lawrence LeDuc, Richard G. Niemi & Pippa Norris – Comparing Democracies 2 – New Challenges in the Sudy of Elections and Voting / 10. D.G.Wright – Democracy and Reform 1815-1885 / 11. Lord Hailsham – The Dilemma of Democracy – Diagnosis and Prescription / 12. G.Bingham Powell, Jr. – Contemporary Democracies – Participation, Stability and Violence / 13. J.E.Kingdom – The Civil Service in Liberal Democracies – An Introductory Survey / 14. Dorothy Pickles – Democracy / 15. Michael Bentley – Politics without Democracy (1815-1914) / Additional publications without the specific mentioning of Ireland: 16. David Held – Models of Democracy / 17. Gerry Stoker – Why Politics Matters – Making Democracy Work / 18. C. Delisle Burns – Democracy / 19. Jack Lively – Democracy / 20. Emile Noel – Working Together – The institutions of the European Community / 21. Patrick Dunleavy and Brendan O’Leary – Theories of the State – The Politics of Liberal Democracy /

London and others, 1935 – 2006. Octavo. More than 2500 pages. Original Softcover. Very good condition of all publications with only minor signs of external wear. From the library of an irish university lecturer and council man. Name of preowner on endpaper of many of the publications.

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