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Ayearst, The Republic of Ireland - Its Government and Politics

Ayearst, Morley.

The Republic of Ireland – Its Government and Politics – Collection of 215 books on Irish Politics, Irish Government, Irish local planning and Local government, Irelands connection to the EU, History of Irish Elections, books on Governmental policy (general and irish related), books on the history of Ireland’s connection to the UK etc. Also included are several publications on the history of the irish political parties. The comprehensive collection comes from the library of a former council man and university lecturer and includes many of the minor and major publications needed to understand the forming of the irish state from 1940 onwards. The collection includes publications like: 1. John McG. Smyth – The Theory and Practice of the Irish Senate / 2. John Coakley and Michael Gallagher – Politics in the Republic of Ireland / 3. Desmond Roche – Local Government in Ireland / 4. Patrick Keatinge – Maastricht and Ireland – What the Treaty means / 5. Stephen Collins – The Power Game – Fianna Fail since Lemass / 6. Cornelius O’Leary – Irish Elections (1918 – 1977) – Parties, Voters and Proportional Representation / 7. Bruce Arnold – What Kind of Country – Modern Irish Politics 1968-1983 / 8. Michael Flannery – Sanitation – Conservation and Recreation Services in Ireland / 9. Peter Mair – The Changing Irish Party System / 10. R.C.Geary – and F.S.O Muircheartaigh – Equalization of Opportunity in Ireland – Statistical Aspects / 11. Mary Minihan – A Deal with the Devil – The Green Party in Government / 12. Donal de Buitleir – Problems of Irish Local Finance / 13. Communications and Community in Ireland (Brian Farrell) / etc. etc.

London, University of London Press, 1971. 24 cm. vii,241 pages with 8 plates. Original Hardcover with original dustjacket. Very good condition with only minor signs of external wear. The collection of 215 books (of which only c.60 are listed here) is in very good condition (only a few volumes with stronger wear).

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18th & 19th century Irish Country House - Library of Daniel Conner - Alumni of Magdalen College

Conner, Daniel / [Daniel Conner Library (Connerville / Manch House / Bandon)].

On offer here is a large 18th / 19th century Country House Library from an Irish Country-House-Estate. 200 important and meaningful publications (comprising roughly 500 Volumes), from the stunning 18th & 19th century Irish Country House – Library of Daniel Conner – Alumni of Magdalen College / Oxford University. Daniel Conner and his extended family and relations, resided at Manch House, Dunmanway, West Cork (19th century) as well as in Connerville, Bandon (18th century). [To see each title in this Library photographed and described comprehensively – Please go to our website-section: “Libraries & Collections”]. Inanna Rare Books offers here the professionally documented, c. 200 titles in roughly 500 Volumes, many of them professionally restored and rebound to style by british and german bookbinders. The building and rebuilding of the Conner library is ongoing. Many of the important titles are already listed and photographed in detail on our website (www.inannararebooks.com). This is an unusual possibility to acquire a meaningful, historical Library with publications not only on General History, Classical Literature and Philosophy of Greece and Rome but also Landmark Publications in Philosophy, Economics, Religion, Travel, Irish and English History, Americana, Irish & British History and Constitutional Relations, Legal History and Law Publications of Ireland and England, Poetry and Literature of Women in Literature of 18th and 19th century England, Ireland and Continental Europe. The Conner Library reflects the 18th century enlightenment as well as the 19th century fashion of solitary education in a Country House Library on topics like Literature and Art, History and Travel etc. etc.

200 Titles in c. 500 Volumes. Manch / Bandon, c.1750 – 1880. Octavo. Original Hardcover Volumes or original wrappers. The overall condition of these books is very good or even better, mainly restored and professionally repaired, with some Volumes still at the bookbindery and in process of repair and restoration. The Library will be delivered per International Courier UPS.

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Alice Curtayne Portrait

Curtayne, Alice.

Alice Curtayne and “The Capuchin Annual”. A collection of essays, contributed by Alice Curtayne to one of Ireland’s most important Periodicals of the 20th century. The collection includes the early 1931 issue with the beautiful portrait of youthful Alice Curtayne. While the collection is still growing, unknown essays and contributions of her are surfacing [Please offer interesting material, letters, signed books etc.]. The Capuchin Annual – Collection of Alice Curtayne Material includes at the moment: 1. Alice Curtayne – “For the Septcentenary of St.Anthony of Padua (1231 – 1931) – A Study of St.Anthony the Preacher” [in: “The Capuchin Annual for the year 1931” / Including the early Curtayne-Portrait and three text-illustrations] / 2. Alice Curtayne – “Five Irish Saints”: “The Living Patrick” / “Saint Colmcille – Irishman” / “Saint Brendan – The Navigator” / “Saint Ita” / “The Method of Saint Columbus” – (In: Capuchin Annual 1945-1946 – with Illustrations in color by Stained Glass Artist, Rísteard Ó Cíonga [Richard King]).

Dublin, The Father Mathew Record Office, 1930 / 1945. Octavo (18 cm x 25 cm). Pagination for the Curtayne – contribution in Capuchin Annual 1931 [Second Year of Publication of the Annual]: 8 pages (pages 18 – 25) / Pagination for the Curtayne – contribution in Capuchin Annual 1945-1946 [Sixteenth Year of Publication of the Annual]: 9 pages (pages 269 – 277) plus Frontispiece and 4 further full-page-illustrations of Saints in color by the Risteárd Ó Cionga [Richard King]. Original illustrated Softcover. Good condition with some signs of wear (fraying to cover).

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Archive of a fantastic series of 42 Autograph Letters (signed) / Manuscript Letters (signed) by Sir Augustus Foster

Foster, Sir Augustus [British Ambassador to the United States of America] / Sir Charles Stuart [Britain’s Ambassador to France and Russia, Charles Stuart, 1st Baron Stuart de Rothesay] / [Lady Bess Foster, (née Lady Elizabeth Christiana Hervey), later Duchess of Devonshire (1759-1824)] / [Vere Henry Louis Foster] / [Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington].

Archive of a fantastic series of 42 Autograph Letters (signed) / Manuscript Letters (signed) by Sir Augustus Foster, British Diplomat and British Ambassador to the United States of America, prior and at the outbreak of the War of 1812, Recipient of the ‘Declaration of War’ on the “HMS Colibri” (June 28th, 1812), Ambassador to Denmark (1814-1825) and Ambassador to Sardinia (1824-1840). The letters were written between 1815 and 1841, during his time as Ambassador of Denmark (Copenhagen) and from his posting in Turin, as Ambassador to the Kingdom of Savoy-Sardinia [Piedmont-Sardinia]. Fortyone (41) of the letters are addressed to his friend, Sir Charles Stuart, Baron Stuart de Rothesay (1779-1845), Secret Agent, Diplomat, privy councilor as well as British Ambassador to France and Ambassador to Russia and the Duke of Wellington’s distinguished administrator in Europe during the Napoleonic Wars. The 42nd letter in the Archive, is a meaningful, three-page-letter, written by Sir Augustus Foster from Copenhagen in the year 1818, to his mother, Lady Elizabeth (″Bess”) Foster” [(née Lady Elizabeth Christiana Hervey), later Duchess of Devonshire (1759-1824)]. The Letters comprise of sizes between Octavo and Quarto and amount to 130 pages in total, written from Turin (27) & other places, including Copenhagen, Stockholm, London, Calais and Geneva, 1815-1841 / Important: The Archive includes also three important publications which touch on the work of Sir Augustus Foster in America: [1.Richard Beale Davis: “Jeffersonian America – Notes on the United States of America – Collected in the years 1805-1806-1807 and 1811 and 1812 by Sir Augustus Foster, Bart. San Marino, The Huntingdon Library, 1954 / 2. An Extra-Illustrated Version of the publication “The Two Duchesses”, by Vere Foster (son of Sir Augustus Foster), in which an american collector injected a plethora of original engravings, portraits of british and american personalities like Alexander Hamilton, George Washington as well as other contemporaries of Sir Augustus Foster (see 80 photographs of this breathtaking set, bound in red-morocco, on our website) / 3. [James Madison / James Monroe / Sir Augustus Foster – War of 1812] – “Three messages, from the President of the United States, to Congress, in November 1811, together with Documents accompanying the same”. Washington; printed 1811. Re-Printed for J.Hatchard, Bookseller to her Majesty, opposite Albany, Piccadilly, 1812 – The material here relates directly to the war of 1812; much of it is in the form of correspondence between Sir Augustus John Foster, H.M. Minister in America and James Monroe, Secretary of State under James Madison from 1811 to 1817. Other significant contributors include Mr. Pinkney and Lord Wellesley. Extremely scarce original edition. (No copy of the 1811 edition located. Not in COPAC or Sabin)] See more than 200 Images for all these books and manuscript letters in the Augustus Foster Archive on our website under “Libraries & Collections” /

Turin / London / Stockholm / Copenhagen / Calais / Geneva, 1815 – 1841. Octavo – Quarto. The Letters are housed in a beautiful, bespoke Solander-Chemise. The original books are either bound in Morocco (″Two Duchesses”), original cloth with dustjacket (″Jeffersonian America”) or in the publisher’s original interim-wrappers (the rare 1812-printing of “Three messages, from the President of the United States, to Congress, in November 1811, together with Documents accompanying the same”). Very good condition with some minor signs of wear only.

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Vere Foster,

Foster, Vere [Henry Louis / Lewis] / [Emily Albinia “Alba” Foster] / [Georgiana Duchess of Devonshire / Elizabeth, Duchess of Devonshire].

Amazing Vere Foster-Collection including Educational Materials and as a centerpiece the “Presentation Copy of “The Two Duchesses” with Autograph / Manuscript – Letter by Vere Foster to his niece, Emily Albinia “Alba” Foster. With a stunning, unpublished, two-page-letter, revealing several important details about the immediately favorable reviews and reception of the book [″in the Daily Telegraph”] and Vere Foster’s disdain about some criticism from one J.Donohue [which led to an alteration in the second edition of the book]. Vere Foster is also expecting a review to appear in the “Athenaeum” but reports “the Athenaeum has nothing yet”. Vere Foster apologizes to his niece for the delay in sending the book and explains that he had left 12 “parcels″£ with Blackie’s agent and gave instructions to send them but a few days later found they had been “untouched”. / The Two Duchesses – Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire / Elizabeth, Duchess of Devonshire – Family Correspondence of and Relating to Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire / Elizabeth, Duchess of Devonshire, Earl of Bristol (Bishop of Derby), The Countess of Bristol, Lord and Lady Byron, The Earl of Aberdeen, Sir Augustus Foster Bart, and Others, 1777-1859. [See Full list of items which are part of this collection, on our website under the topic “Libraries & Collections”].

First Edition. London / Glasgow and Dublin, Blackie & Son Limited, 1898. Octavo (15 cm x 22 cm). Pagination: Frontispiece, IX, [3], 497 pages with 18 Illustrations (including frontispiece and one Vignette of the two Duchesses opposite page 1). Hardcover / Original, publisher’s green cloth with gilt lettering on spine. Very good condition with some minor signs of wear only. This is an astonishing find for the Vere Foster Research Community and the letter gives significant insight into the importance the publication had for him, its reception as seen by Vere Foster and it solves the riddle why an altertaion was necessary for the second edition [which Vere Foster explains in a brief note to the reader at the beginning of the second edition]. The heartfelt inscription to his niece Albinia Foster is also of great importance and to our knowledge the only presentation-copy of this book on the international market for the several decades we can look back at auction records.

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