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[de Man, Collection of five books from the library of Paul de Man and Pat de Man

4. [de Man, Paul] Durling, Robert M. / Rosiek, Jan / Weiss, T.[Theodore Russell Weiss] / Hughes, Langston / Levin, Harry.

Collection of five books from the library of Paul de Man and Pat de Man. Three of the books inscribed/signed by the author’s. The Collection includes: 1. Robert M. Durling – The Figure of the Poet in Renaissance Epic. [Inscribed by Durling: “For Paul de Man – with fond regards – Bob”] / 2. Jan Rosiek – Figures of Failure – Paul de Man’s Criticism 1953-1970 [Unsigned / Not inscribed] / 3. T. Weiss – The Catch – The Twayne Library of Modern Poetry [Inscribed by Weiss: “To Pat + Paul, for real friendship + a book of their own soon. Ted”] / 4. Edward J. Mullen – Langston Hughes in the Hispanic World and Haiti [Inscribed by Langston Hughes: “Ma cheri Pat, may this slight token of appreciation for your past (and hopefully) future, intellectual ministrations to your petit frère recall to you fond memories of your peregination. Love, Langston – Chritmas, 1979 (Late, as usual)”] / 5. Karry Levin – Grounds for Comparison [Unsigned / Not inscribed].

Cambridge (Mass.) / Aarhus / New York and others, Harvard University Press / Archon Books / Twayne Publishers / Aarhus University Press, 1951 – 1992. 8°. Volume I.: VIII, 280 pages / Volume II: 247 pages / Volume III: 77 pages / Volume IV: 193 pages / Volume V: 423 pages. Three Volumes in original Hardcover with original dustjacket in protective Mylar / One Volume in Softcover / One Volume in Hardcover. Very good condition. From the library of Paul de Man. Especially the Durling – Volume of interest. Inscribed by the author: “For Paul de Man with fond regards – Bob”.

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Collection of interesting and important publications by and on James Joyce.

7. [Joyce, James].

Collection of interesting and important publications by and on James Joyce. Including a portrait of Joyce, First editions and essential Textversions of his Masterpieces and literary criticism etc. etc. [Please enquire for access to excellent photographs and descriptions to each title, included in this collection]. The collection includes: 1. Ulysses [The Corrected Text]. The Corrected Text – Edited by Hans Walter Gabler with Wolfhard Steppe and Claus Melchior and with a New Preface by Richard Ellmann. Corrected Edition of the critical and synoptic edition from 1984. / 2. Ulysses [A Reader’s Edition]. Edited by Danis Rose. Completely revised edition. / 3. McHugh, Roland. Annotations to Finnegans Wake. / 4. The Restored Finnegans Wake. Edited and with a Preface and Afterword by Danis Rose and John O’Hanlon. Note by Seamus Deane. / 5. Ellmann, Richard. James Joyce. New and Revised Edition [The First Revision of the 1959 Classic]. / 6. Ellmann, Richard. Selected Letters of James Joyce. / 7. Joyce, James. Chamber Music. / 8. Eco, Umberto. The Middle Ages of James Joyce – The Aesthetics of Chaosmos. Translated from the Italian by Ellen Esrock. / 9. Freund, Gisèle. Three Days with Joyce – Photographs by Gisèle Freund. Preface by Richard Ellmann. / 10. Bowker, Gordon. James Joyce – A Biography. / 11. James Joyce – Poems and Shorter Writings – Including ‘Epiphanies’, ‘Giacomo Joyce’ and ‘A Portrait of the Artist’. Edited by Richard Ellmann, A Walton Litz and John Whittier-Ferguson. / 12. [Joyce, James] Synge, John Millington. Riders to the Sea. La Cavalcata al Mare. Italian translation James Joyce and Nicolo Vidacovich. Introduction and Notes Dario Calimani. / 13. [Joyce, James] Krewani, Angela [Hrsg.]. Artefacts, artefictions. crossovers between contemporary literatures, media, arts and architectures = Artefakte, Artefiktionen ; for Christian W. Thomsen on the occasion of his 60th birthday [Including articles on Joyce: Kurt Otten – James Joyce and the Rise of Early Modernism in English Literature / Ralf Schnell – Beuys and Joyce]. Articles in english and german. / 14. Gilbert, Stuart. James Joyce’s Ulysses. A Study. / 15. [Joyce, James] Beach, Sylvia / Laughlin, James (Introduction). Shakespeare and Company. New Edition. Lincoln, 1991. / Joyce, James. Pomes Penyeach. London, Faber & Faber, 1952. / 16. Joyce, James. The Mime of Mick, Nick and the Maggies – A Fragment from Work in Progress. [The Initial Letter, Tail-Piece and Cover were specially designed by the author’s daughter, Miss Lucia Joyce]. No. 564 of a limited edition of 1000 copies. The Hague / New York, The Servire Press / Gotham Book Mart, 1934. /

London and other places, Penguin / Picador / Oxford University Press / etc., 1975 – 1997. Octavo. More than 2000 pages. Original Hardcover / Original Softcover. Very good condition with only minor signs of wear. The price of the collection includes free international shipping per UPS Express.

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