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18th / 19th Century Country House Library of Richard Meade – Ballymartle

Rosemary ffolliott, The Pooles of Mayfield and other Irish Families [with Meade Family History]

34. ffolliott, Rosemary [Poole].

The Pooles of Mayfield and other Irish Families. With a Preface by Basil M. O’Connell.

Dublin, Hodges and Figgis & Co., 1958. 4°. Frontispiece-Portrait of Joanna Meade Townsend, 294 pages with XIII plates showing 53 portraits and illustrations. The Volume contains over eighty “Pedigrees” [Genealogical Tables with Family Trees connecting to two thousand persons from families like: Allen, Baldwin, Barry, Becher, Bowdler, Boyle, Browne, Brydges, Capenhurst, Chavasse, Clayton, Conner of Connerville, Corker, Courthope, Cummins, Daunt, Davies, Dunscombe, Field, FitzGerald, Fleming, ffolliott, Freke [Capt. John ffreke of Knocknameel with a complete Pedigree starting with Robert Freke of Shroton] / , Fowle, Hayman, Hewitt, Holmes, Hull, Hungerford, Jellett, Langton, Latham, Lucas, McCall, Meade, Moore, Morgan, Morris, Morrison, Nevill, Nisbett, Newton, Poole, Riggs, Rogers, St.John, Sarsfield, Somerville, Stannard, Symes, Synge, Townsend, Townshend, Travers, Turner, Vaughan, Waring, Wynn and others], List of Subscribers and a comprehensive Index with reference to over four hundred surnames are also included. Original Hardcover with the rare dustjacket. Original blue cloth with only very minor traces of external wear and overall in excellent condition (minor staining to the binding). Interior unbelievably clean and bright with no markings. No.488 of only 500 numbered copies. This extremely rare publication is a key-publication of Irish Genealogy and has set new standards of genealogical research. In the Obituary for Rosemary ffolliott, the Irish Times wrote in 2009: “In 1958, when she was 23 years of age, Rosemary ffolliott compiled “The Pooles of Mayfield”, a history of Settler Families in the Cork area. The publication of this Munster gentry, which some who appeared in it described as “the Dead Sea Scrolls”, initiated a career in the difficult field of Irish genealogy, made the more arduous by the destruction of records at the Four Courts. Her dedication to a discipline that had been considered vague, imprecise and colourful, had an acknowledged effect in raising the standards of genealogy in Ireland. Her research methods were meticulous and she is remembered as a genius in the use of the Registry of Deeds in Henrietta Street. In 1966 she became a Fellow of the Irish Genealogical Research Society, the first woman to be recognised in this way.” The publication is an important source for the History of Family-Connections for the two Irish Country-House-Libraries we currently have on offer: “The Richard Meade Collection (Ballymartle)” and “The Danile Conner – Collection (Connerville and Manch House)”. Both families are mentioned as subscribers to this publication [″H.L.Conner, Esq. – Manch House, Ballineen, Co.Cork” and “Mrs. G.W.Meade – Pitch Place Farm, Thursley, Surrey / Captain J.A.Meade – Chatley, Metchosin, British Columbia / Mrs. Meade – Templenoe House, Fermoy, Co. Cork”]. Especially the many portraits of members of the Meade-Family,as well as the family-connection to the Townshend / Townsend-Family in Castletownshend, near Skibbereen, make this an invaluable source for Irish Genealogy.

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Hale - The Primitive Origination of Mankind, considered and examined According to The Light of Nature

2. Hale, Sir Matthew.

The Primitive Origination of Mankind, considered and examined According to The Light of Nature. [with extensive contemporary manuscript annotations]. Written by the Honourable Sir Matthew Hale Knight: Late Chief Justice of His Majesties Court of King’s Bench.

First Edition. London, Printed by William Godbid, for William Shrowsbery [sic] [Shrewsbury] at the Sign of the Bible in Duke-Lane, 1677. Large Quarto. Frontispiece-portrait (original copper-engraving) of Sir Matthew Hale by dutch print artist Frederick Hendrik Van Hove, [10], 380 pages. All edges painted red (contemporary 17th century speckled red). Hardcover / Splendid recent half-leather with new spinelabel and marbled-paper-covered-boards. Original endpapers and original pastedown with original bookplate/Exlibris of Richard Meade (Ballymartle). Very interesting, contemporary annotations in ink to nearly every paragraph of the pages 1 – 47. The annotations closely cropped with some frequent text-loss to the annotations only (text-loss ranges from only a few letters to full words along each page but the meaning is still conceivable). The extensive annotations reflect not only on Descartes supposition on Epicurus “what colour of evidence have we of the various Configurations of his Atomes”, but also the chapter in which Hale is “Touching the Excellency of the Humane Nature in general” is commented in sections in which the sense of Vegetables is elaborated on as is on the senses: Touching, Smelling, Tasting, Hearing, Seeing. All annotations wonderfully speculative and in a very readable hand. Name of preowner written in ink on titlepage: “Jon. Falkner” [Jonathan Falkner or John Falkner]. Excellent condition after this work was recently beautifully restored by an english master-bookbindery.

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Augustus von Kotzebue - The Constant Lover; Or, William and Jeanette / With an Account of the Literary Life of the Author

29. Kotzebue, August von / [Plumptre, Anne].

The Constant Lover; Or, William and Jeanette: A Tale. From the German of Augustus von Kotzebue. To which is prefixed “An Account of the Literary Life of the Author” [with the printed dedication by Kotzebue to his friend Charles Georg Graumann] / Also included (separately bound): “Pizarro – The Spaniards in Peru; or, The Death of Rolla. A Tragedy, in Five Acts:. The original of the play, Performing at the Theatre-Royal, Drury Lane, under the title of PIZARRO. Translated from the German by Anne Plumptre – Translator of Kotzebue’s “Virgin of the Sun”, &c.

First Edition. Three Volumes in one Solander Box. Dublin, Printed by William Porter / Printed for J. Moore, 1799. Small Octavo (11 cm x 17 cm). Pagination of the two Volume-Set: “The Constant Lover / Account of the Literary Life of Kotzebue”: Volume I: XIV, 203 pages / Volume II: 216 pages / Pagination for the accompanying Volume: “Pizarro”: 102 pages. Hardcover / Stunning, recent half leather and marbled-paper-covered-boards with gilt lettering and ornament to spine, bound to style of the 18th/19th century. All three Volumes housed in a bespoke built Solander Box (see plenty of images on our website). Excellent condition. From the library of Susannah Townsend-Meade (Ballymartle), with her name to titlepage. The accompanying Volume bears the name of one Mary Johnston. The “Constant Lover”, with the “Account of Kotzebue’s Life” is a very scarce publication !

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18th / 19th century Country House Library of Richard and John Meade (Ballymartle, near Kinsale)

Meade, Richard / [Richard Meade Library (Ballymartle) / Rev. John Meade (Ballymartle) / [Townsend Family – Relation 3rd Generation Residence: “Ballymartle, Kinsale, Co. Cork” (Helena Townsend / Colonel Bryan Townsend / William Meade and John Meade, Richard Meade, Robert Meade, William Meade)].

On offer here is an important part of the now lost 18th / 19th century Country House Library of Richard Meade (Ballymartle, near Kinsale). 50 important and meaningful publications (comprising roughly 100 Volumes), from the stunning 18th & 19th century Irish Country House – Library of Richard Meade and John Meade and the now derelict Estate of Ballymartle. [To see each title in this Library photographed and described comprehensively – Please go to our website-section: “Libraries & Collections”]. Inanna Rare Books offers here the professionally documented, c. 50 titles in roughly 100 Volumes, many of them professionally restored and rebound to style by british and german bookbinders. The building and rebuilding of the Meade-Library is ongoing. Many of the important titles are already listed and photographed in detail on our website (www.inannararebooks.com). This is an unusual possibility to acquire a meaningful, historical Library with publications on General History, Philosophy, Religion, Travel, Irish & British History and Constitutional Relations, Legal History and Law Publications of Ireland and England, Poetry and Literature of important Women Writers in Literature of 18th and 19th century England, Ireland and Continental Europe. The Meade-Library reflects the generational succession of a lost Irish Country-House-Estate.

50 Titles in c. 100 Volumes. Ballymartle / Ballintobber (near Kinsale), c.1750 – 1800. Octavo. Original Hardcover Volumes or original wrappers. The overall condition of these books is very good or even better, mainly restored and professionally repaired, with some Volumes still at the bookbindery and in process of repair and restoration. The Library will be delivered per International Courier UPS.

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