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Collection of Thirty-Four (34) publications regarding Africa in the Tumultuous Twentieth Century

1. [Africa].

Collection of Thirty-Four (34) publications regarding Africa in the Tumultuous Twentieth Century – firsthand accounts of a continent embroiled by decolonisation and Cold-War geo-politics. 1.Charles Allen (editor), Tales from the Dark Continent: Images of British Colonial Africa in the Twentieth Century / 2. William Boyd, Lynda Schuster, Mark Doyle and others, Africa / 3. Miles Bredin, Blood on the Tracks: A Rail Journey from Angola to Mozmabique / 4. Andrew Buckoke, Fishing in Africa: A Guide to War and Corruption / 5. Alex Garland, W.F. Deedes and others, The Weekenders: Travels in the Heart of Africa / 6. Geoffrey Gorer, Africa Dances / 7. Peter Godwin, Mukiwa: A White Boy in Africa / 8. Peter Godwin and Ian Hancock, Rhodesians Never Die: The Impact of War and Political Change on White Rhodesia, c.1970-1980 / 9. Philip Gourevitch, We Wish to Inform You that Tomorrow We will be Killed with Our Families: Stories from Rwanda / 10. Blaine Harden, Africa: Dispatches from a Fragile Continent / 11. Jeremy Harding, Small Wars, Small Mercies: Journeys in Africa’s Disputed Nations / 12. Aidan Hartley, The Zanzibar Chest / 13. Dan Jacobson, The Electronic Elephant: A Southern African Journey / 14. David Lamb, The Africans / 15. David Lamb, The Africans / 16. Patrick Marnham, Fantastic Invasion: Dispatches from Africa / 17. Pater Marshall, Around Africa: From the Pillars of Hercules to the Strait of Gibraltar / 18. Judith Matloff, Fragments of a Forgotten War / 19. Paul Moorcraft, Guns & Poses: Travels with an Occasional War Correspondent / 20. Chris Munnion, Banana Sunday: Datelines from Africa / 21. Redmond O’Hanlon, Congo Journey / 22. Roland Oliver, In the Realms of Gold: Pioneering in African History / 23. Don Peterson, Revolution in Zanzibar: An American’s Cold War Tale / 24 David Read, Beating about the Bush: Tales from Tanganyika / 25. Keith B. Richburg, Out of America: A Black Man Confronts Africa / 26. Alec Russell, Big Men, Little People: Encounters in Africa / 27. Alex Shoumatoff, African Madness / 28. Stephen Taylor, Livingstone’s Tribe: A Journey from Zanzibar to the Cape / 29. Laurens Van Der Post, The Heart of the Hunter: A Journey into the Mind and the Spirit of the Bushmen / 30. Per Wästberg, Assignments in Africa / 31. Lyall Watson, Lightning Bird: One Man’s Journey into Africa / 32. Michela Wong, In the Footsteps of Mr Kurtz.

32 volumes. London / Johannesburg / New York / and others, Hamish Hamilton / Johnathan Ball Publishing / Penguin / Random House / and others, 1982 – 2004. 12.7 cm x 19.7 cm to 15.8 cm x 24 cm. circa.10,400 pages. Numerous plates and illustrations throughout volumes. 2 original hardcover with dustjackets and 30 original softcovers with illustrated boards. Very good condition with only minor signs of external wear. Some minor tanning to otherwise clean and bright interiors.

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Couvée, Album mit 31 grossformatigen, originalen Photographien

6. Couvée, M. M.

19th Century Album with 31 fantastic, large vintage photographs of Germany, Austria and Italy. Many of these early photographs are on Frankfurt am Main, but also Berlin, Heidelberg and classic travel – locations along the Rhine are included / Also interspersed are some other european destinations like Lugano, Venice and Salzburg (these all in colour). – All Photographs original Albumen Prints. / Album mit 31 grossformatigen, fantastischen, originalen Photographien von deutschen und europaeischen Stadtansichten des 19. Jahrhunderts, vorwiegend Frankfurt am Main [mit traumhaften und ungewoehnlichen Ansichten von Frankfurt und Sachsenhausen / Kaiserstrasse mit Strassenbahn / Rossmarkt / Goetheplatz / Alte Oper / Palmengarten / Wiesbaden – Kursaalplatz / Eschenheimer Turm / Kaiser-Wilhelm-Denkmal / Main mit Untermainbruecke und Angler mit zwei Jungen davor / aber auch Stadtansichten von Berlin (″Blick nach den Linden” in Farbe – in colour), Lugano (in Farbe – in colour), Boppard (in Farbe – in colour), Heidelberg (in Farbe – in colour), Salzburg, Königstein im Taunus (in Farbe – in colour), Remagen (in Farbe – in colour), Coblenz, Lahneck, Sooneck, Braubach und Marxburg, Wiesbaden, Bingen und Venedig (in Farbe – in colour)/

La Haye / Dresden, Couvée / Stengel & Co., c. 1895 – 1900. Quer Quart / Oblong Quarto. 31 large photographs mounted on cardboard. Original Hardcover / Exzellente Halblederausgabe mit vergoldetem Titel auf dem Vorderdeckel. / Album with gilt lettering. Ungewoehnlich gut erhaltenes Album mit phantastischen Aufnahmen die auch das buergerliche Leben mit eingefangen haben. / Excellent condition with only minor signs of external wear.

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