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[Luke, Genealogy / Family History / Newspaper - Cuttings

6. [Family History of Sir Harry Luke / Zamarski] – [Luke, Harry / Lukach, Harry / Joseph Harry Lukach (from Detroit, Michigan) / Eugenie Zamarski / Ludwig Johann Carl Zamarski (Publisher and Engraver from Vienna)].

Scrapbook with Genealogy / Family History / Large amount of Newspaper – Cuttings from the early days of J.H.Lukach’s marriage to Eugenie Zamarski in Vienna to the time of the move to New York. Including several pages of articles Harry Lukach wrote for a New York Newspaper and a wonderful postcard of the “S.S.Celtic” on which Luke travelled to his first job in New York in 1903. He writes that the Celtic is approaching Queenstown (Cobh) / Including Newspaper cuttings of Harry Luke’s father’s business with the London branch Hanover Fire Insurance Company of New York / Ephemera of The Lawrence Gas Company of Lancashire and Cheshire, Limited / Imuris Mines, Limited – Silver, Copper, Gold / Mining World / Interesting Ephemera like Calling cards and Invitation cards of New York Society extended to the Lukach family (for example calling cards of “The Metropolitan Museum of Art”, “The Manhattan Club” etc.) / Invitation by J.H.Lukach and his wife to the wedding of their daughter Lily Boys / etc. etc.

[This item is part of the Sir Harry Luke – Archive / Collection]. Wien / London / New York , c.1880 – 1930. Octavo. 100 pages. Hardcover. From the private collection of Eugenie Zamarski and Joseph Harry Lukach and subsequently their son: colonial official, governor, Lieutenant-Governor of Malta, diplomat and historian, Sir Harry Luke.

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