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Alazard, The Florentine Portrait.

Alazard, Jean.

The Florentine Portrait.

First Schocken Edition. New York, Schocken Books, 1968. 13.5cm x 20cm. 235 pages with 63 illustrations. Original paperback (softcover). Very good condition with only minor signs of wear.

Includes for example: Florentine Portraits before Leonardo/ Easel Portraits at the time of Botticelli/ Leonardo Da Vinci’s theories and their influence on the young Raphael/ Portrait Painters of the transition/ Leonardo’s influence on Andrea del Sarto/ The Disciples of Andrea Del Sarto/ Andrea Del Sarto’s Influence on Michelangelo Pontormo/ Francesco Salviati and the Venetian Influence/ Taste in Portraiture at the time of Cosimo i de Medici / State Portraits Bronzino/ The Place of Florentine Portraiture in the Evolution of Italian Painting its Originality and its influence.

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Alazard - The Florentine Portrait.