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Gann, A History of Southern Rhodesia - Early Days to 1934.

Gann, L.H.

A History of Southern Rhodesia – Early Days to 1934.

London, Chatto & Windus, 1965. 16 cm x 24 cm. X, 354 pages. Hardcover [publisher’s original green cloth] with gilt lettering on spine. Originnal dust jacket. Very good+ condition with only minor signs of external wear. Interior is very bright and clean. Dust jacket very good.

Includes, for example, the following: Bushmen and early Bantu south of the Zambezi / The Portuguese in East Africa from the sixteenth to the eighteenth centuries / Gospel and Ivory north of Limpopo / Bechuanaland bottle-neck / Rhodes Takes a Hand / The downfall of Lobengula / Dogs of War: 1896-1897 / European politics before the Great War / Coghlan in Charge: 1923-1927 / Southern Rhodesian Society in the Early ‘Thirties / White men and brown / The Africans etc.

A native of Mainz, Lewis Henry Gann (1924-1997) fled with his family in the early days of the Nazi regime to England, where he received his formal education. He was elected a Domus Scholar at Oxford’s Balliol College, where he read modern history. After spending time in Africa, he earned his doctorate at Oxford in 1964. (San Francisco Chronicle)
His well-regarded scholarly work covered a wide range of topics, including German history, colonialism in Africa, military affairs, guerrilla warfare, race relations, the history of Hispanics in the United States and comparative studies in Japanese- European colonialism. During the course of his prolific academic career, Gann wrote or edited 38 books and academic monographs, mainly on the subject of African history and political science as well as European and U.S history. He produced a number of important works in collaboration with Peter Duignan (Wikipedia). At the time of writing the ‘History of Souther Rhodesia’ the author was a Research Associate at the Hoover Institution at Standard University. He would spend more than 30 years at the Hoover Institution, having previously been on the staff of the National Archives in Salisbury, Rhodesia (now Haare, Zimbabwe). The author also wrote the companion volume ‘History of Northern Rhodesia.″

Of miscellaneous interest is a cutting from The Daily Telegraph dated 2 October 1978 found within the book. Contains article entitled “Rhodesia: the humbug and the tragedy” by Colin Welch.

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Gann, A History of Southern Rhodesia -  Early Days to 1934.