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Saint-Yves, Nouveau Traité des Maladies des Yeux. Où l'on expose leur Structure,

Saint-Yves, Charles de / Sir Hans Sloane of Killyleagh.

Nouveau Traité des Maladies des Yeux. Où l’on expose leur Structure, leur Usage, les Causes de leurs Maladies, leurs Symptômes, les Remèdes et les Opérations de Chirurgie qui conviennent le plus à leur guérison. Avec de nouvelles Découvertes sur la Structure de l’Oeil, qui prouvent l’Organe immédiat de la Vue. Par Mr. de Saint-Yves, Chirurgien Oculiste de Saint Côme. Nouvelle édition. Augmentée de l’Histoire d’un Remède pour les maux des Yeux, et contre la morsure du chien enragé. Traduit de l’Anglais par M. Cantwel. [Suivi de: “Histoire d’un Remède très efficace pour la Faiblesse et la Rougeur des Yeux et autres Maladies du même Organe avec un remède infaillible contre la morsure du chien enragé par le Chevalier Hans Sloane”].

Nouvelle édition. 2 Volumes en 1 / Two Volumes in one. Amsterdam et Leipzik, Arkstée et Merkus, 1767. Octavo (11 cm x 17 cm). XXXVI, [6], 309, 30 pp. Reliure originale / Original, very decorative 18th century binding with gilt lettering and ornament on spine. Tres bon exemplaire / Unusually excellent version of this book with the publication by Sir Hans Sloane bound in the back of the Volume.

Garrison – Morton 5827 (First Edition 1722): “Records the removal of a cataract “en masse” from a living subject”.

Charles Saint-Yves, or Charles de Saint-Yves, (1667 – August 3, 1731) was a French ophthalmologist, famous for his treatment of the cataract and his treatise on ophthalmology. At the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries, it became more and more clear that sight was not located in the lens, but that the deterioration of the latter was the actual cause of the cataract. In Paris, notably Pierre Brisseau (1631–1717) introduced his conclusions from eye dissection to the Academy of Medicine in 1705, before publishing a Traité de la Cataracte et du Glaucome (Treatise on cataracts and glaucoma, 1709), to be followed by Antoire Maître-Jean (Traité des maladies de l’oeil, Treatise on eye pathologies, 1707).

These ideas allowed the introduction of new surgical treatments, and Saint-Yves achieved a first extract of a dislocated lens on a living patient in 1707 and stabilised his operating technique over a couple of hundred cases that first year. He also advised famous surgeon Jean-Louis Petit in his operation of the cataract in 1708. Cataract operation quickly spread in Paris afterwards.

The Encyclopedia mentions Saint-Yves, as follows: “Among French authors, Saint-Yves was the only one who provided details on its operating more, although limited ones. He was pushing a needle through the globe in order to raise while pulling out the cristalline; He does not provide any further information on the process, but confirms that patient were quickly healed. / Parmi les auteurs françois, il n’y a que Saint-Yves, qui soit entré dans quelques détails très-succincts, fur la pratique de cette opération. Il pastoit, au moyen d’une aiguille , une foie à travers le globe pour le soulever pendant l’extirpation ; il ne décrit point le procédé qu’il suivoit, & il se borne a dire ,que les malades font guéris en peu de temps.”

Based on such experience and his large fame, Saint-Yves published in 1722 a treatise of descriptive pathology that durably set out as a pillar of the French school of ophthalmology : Nouveau traité des maladies des yeux où l’on expose leur structure, leur usage, les causes de leurs maladies, leurs symptômes, les remèdes et les opérations de chirurgie qui conviennent le plus à leur guérison, avec de nouvelles découvertes sur la structure de l’oeil, qui prouvent l’organe immédiat de la vue, par Mr de Saint-Yves, chirurgien occultiste de Saint Côme (New treatise of eye pathologies, with description of eye structures and uses, the origins of their illnesse along with their symptoms, the most appropriate remedies and surgery treatments, including new discoveries concerning eye structure that prove the exact location of sight, by Mr de Saint-Yves, eye surgeon at Saint-Côme).

The first edition, in French was published in Paris in 1722, and followed by new editions in Amsterdam (1736) and Leipzig (1767).

After a minor argument in Paris gazette le Mercure de France, Saint-Yves book became a reference across Europe and was translated in several languages, namely in English (London 1741 et 1744), German (Berlin 1730), Italian (Venise 1750, 1768 et 1781), or Dutch (1739). (Wikipedia)

The added title in the rear of the volume is the first french edition of Sloane’s publication “Account of a Medicine for Soreness, Weakness and other Distempers of the Eyes” (London, 1745), and the french title translates here as “History of a Very Effective Remedy for Weakness and Redness of the Eyes and Other Diseases of the Same Organ with a Foolproof Cure for Rabid Dog Bite by Knight Hans Sloane”.

Sir Hans Sloane, 1st Baronet PRS FRS (16 April 1660 – 11 January 1753), was an Anglo-Irish physician, naturalist and collector, with a collection of 71,000 items which he bequeathed to the British nation, thus providing the foundation of the British Museum, the British Library and the Natural History Museum, London. He was elected to the Royal Society at the age of 24. Sloane travelled to the Caribbean in 1687 and documented his travels and findings with extensive publications years later. Sloane was a renowned medical doctor among the aristocracy, and was elected to the Royal College of Physicians at age 27. He is credited with creating drinking chocolate. Streets and places were later named after him, including Hans Place, Hans Crescent, and Sloane Square in and around Chelsea, London – the area of his final residence – and also Sir Hans Sloane Square in his birthplace in Ireland, Killyleagh. Following protests against people involved with slavery, a bust of Sloane was removed in August 2020 from prominent display in the British Museum. (Wikipedia)

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Saint-Yves, Nouveau Traité des Maladies des Yeux / Sir Hans Sloane - Histoire d'un Remède très efficace pour la Faiblesse et la Rougeur des Yeux et autres Maladies
Saint-Yves, Nouveau Traité des Maladies des Yeux / Sir Hans Sloane - Histoire d'
Saint-Yves, Nouveau Traité des Maladies des Yeux / Sir Hans Sloane - Histoire d'
Saint-Yves, Nouveau Traité des Maladies des Yeux / Sir Hans Sloane - Histoire d'