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[Middle East with Kuwait] Naylor, Collection of two (2) large boxes with rare an

[Middle East Collection with Kuwait / Iran (Persia) / Yemen / Jordan] Naylor, David (Dave).

Collection of two (2) large boxes with rare and sometimes inscribed, Printed Materials and very rare Geological Surveys with Maps (for example it includes the very rare Geological Survey of Iran) from the private Reference- library of Geologist Prof. David (Dave) Naylor regarding Kuwait, Iraq (near Basrah), Lebanon, Jordan (Halat Ammar and Al Mudawwara), Jordan in general, Arava Valley (Dead Sea). See a full list of the contents below. These materials are all publications, sometimes official government papers or maps or academic publications from fellow geologists as well as for example official publications of talks given for OAPEC. All publications are revolving around the evaluation of Petroleum Deposits, Petroleum Geology and Stratigraphy or Hydrocarbon in the “Near and Middle East” – Maps and Charts and offprints, all of them rare publications and some only reprinted for private circulation. The focus of the publications ranges from very scientific-geological (″The Fauna of some Recent Marine Deposits near Basrah, Iraq”) to actual problems of prospecting (″Some Problems of Petroleum Geology in Kuwait”). These two boxes are only the Middle East Section of the David Naylor Collection (see all the Materials we own from the David Naylor-Reference library on our website). The collection also includes books related to the region (inquire for separate list).

Amman (Jordan) / Kuwait / Mexico / Potsdam, etc., c.1958 – 2011. Quarto. c. 1200 pages plus maps. Hardcover Boxes / Two bespoke made Boxes for the private reference library of Geologist David (Dave) Naylor. Very good condition with only minor signs of wear.

Essays / Offprints / Xeroxed materials / Maps etc. included are (short summary only):

Box I:

1. R.M.S.Owen and Sami N. Nasr – “Stratigraphy of the Kuwait – Basra Area″
2. A.F.Fox – “Some Problems of Petroleum Geology in Kuwait” (inscribed “with the author’s compliments”)
3. A.F.Fox – “The Development of the South-East Kuwait Oilfields” (posthumous publication, inscribed “with the author’s compliments”)
[This publication gives a striking short-history of the prospecting in Kuwait and goes back as far as the geological survey on the basis of which the first wells were located in Kuwait and which was carried out in the spring of 1935 by P.T.Cox on behalf of the British Petroleum Company (then the Anglo-Persian Petroleum Company) and R.O.Rhoades for the Gulf Oil Corporation / This publication is also of interest because it includes a discussion with the author (Fox) about the safe-fails regarding the operation of the Burgan 269 oilfield]
4. R.G.S. Hudson – F.E.Eames – Wilkins, G.L. – “The Fauna of some recent marine Depositis near Basrah, Iraq” (stamped “with the author’s compliments”)
5. Stanford’s “General Map of the Middle East (Scale 55 Miles to 1 Inch) [This colorful map from the year 1950 includes an inset-map of the Suez-Canal as well as Air Routes (Scale 240 miles to 1 inch)]
6. R.G.S.Hudson – The Stromatoporoid Genus Millestroma Gregory (Hudson worked for the Iraq Petroleum Company Limited, London, England)
7. R.G.S.Hudson – Jurassic Stromatoporoids from the Lebanon (stamped “with the author’s compliments”)
8. F.K.North (Carleton University, Ottawa) – Gravitational Tectonics (includes examples of Gravitational Tectonics comparing sections on the Lobitos oilfield in Peru and the front ranges of the Zagros Mountains in Iran; the text mentions the Ankara Melange but also points out a region, much less familiar to North American geologists, namely the “Coloured Melange” in the Makran region of southwestern Iran and western Pakistan, which is part of “the same great belt of Jurassic ophiolites as the Ankara Melange”.]
9. John Vernon Harrison and Norman Leslie Falcon – “Gravity Collapse Structures and Mountain Ranges as ecemplified in South-Western Iran” (1935)
10. Ahmad Masri (Author for “The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Natural Resources Authority”) – “The Geology of Halat Ammar and Al Mudawwara – Map Sheet Nos. 3248 III, 3248 IV” – Amman, Geology Directorate Geological Mappng Division”, 1988. 60 pages, with eleven (11) photographic Plates:
Photographic Plate 1: Panorama of the Jabal Al Mudawwara dome, consisting of Dubaydib Sandstone Formation. The photo is taken from a distance of about 15 km.
Photographic Plate 2: Medium-bedded sandstone of the Dubaydib Formation 2km west of Al Mudawwara Police Post. The vertical burrows of Sabellarifex are well illustrated.
Photographic Plate 3: Medium to thin bedded Tubeiliyat Formation, with thin beds of green shale alternating with sandstone as exposed in the Tubeiliyat area 6km northnortheast of Al Mudawwara Police Post.
Photographic Plate 4: Tubeiliyat Sandstone dipping gently eastwards, overlain by Batra Mudstone. 10 km east of Al Mudawwara Police Post.
Photographic Plate 5: Exposure of Batra Mudstone 11 km east of Al Mudawwara Police Post
Photographic Plate 6: Intensely burrowed surfaces on the Khushsha Sandstone at the eastern edge of the sheet area
Photographic Plate 7: Halat Ammar Formation lying unconformably on rocks of the Khreim Group. 8 km north-east of the Halat Ammar Customs Post.
Photographic Plate 8: The Halat Ammar Formation. Pebbles of Precambrian Aqaba Complex rocks in a gypsiferous finer-grained matrix.
Photographic Plate 9: Bivalve shells interbedded with clasts of Precambrian basement in the Halat Ammar Formation
Photographic Plate 10: Poorly exposed cryptovolcanic basaltic plugs in steeply dipping Tubeiliyat Sandstone adjacent to the Al Mudawwara fault-zone 8km southeast of the Al Mudawwara Police Post
Photographic Plate 11: Steeply dipping Tubeiyliyat Sandstone flanking the Al Mudawwara fault and faulted down with respect to the Dubaydib Sandstone / The publication also includes a thorough Geological History of the Region durig the Ordovician, Lower Silurian, Middle Silurian, Permian age etc.
11. Ruberg, T. / Weber, M.H. / Garfunkel, Z. / Bartov, Y. – “The shallow velocity structure across the Dead Sea Transform fault, Arava Valley, from seismic data” (2007)
12. Benjamin Braeuer – The structure of the southern Dead Sea basin revealed from local earthquake data” (Abstract)
13. Butler / Spencer / Griffiths – Transcurrent fault activity o the Dead Sea Transform in Lebanon and its implications for plate tectonics and seismic hazard.
14. Abdallah S. Al-Zoubi / Till Heinrichs / Martin Sauter – Isam Qabbani – “Geological structure of the eastern side of the lower Jordan valley / Dead Sea rift: Reflection seismic evidence″
15. “Petroleum Exploration Opportunities in Jordan” – Amman, 2006 (Natural Resources Authority – Petroleum Directorate).
16. “Petroleum Exploration Opportunities in Jordan” – Amman, 2001 (Natural Resources Authority – Petroleum Directorate).
17. Abdallah Diabat / Ahmed Masri – “The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Natural Resources Authority” – Amman, May, 2002.
18. D.W.Holmes – “A Summary of the Regional Geology, Petroleum Potential and Seismic Program Recommendationa in West Jordan for Petrocanada International Assistance Corporation and The National Resources Authority of Jordan” – May 1989 (″The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan”)
19. Hans Grunau – “Future of Hydrocarbon Exploration in the Arab World” November 1984.

Box II:

1. [Yemen] F.Moseley – “A Reconnaissance of the Wadi Beihan, South Yemen” – With Notes on Basement Control of Gully Alignment in Superficial Deposits (this publication includes a large fold-out- “Geological Map of Beihan, South Yemen”) – (Year of Publication: 1971)

2. [Iran] George Martin Lees – Salzgletscher in Persien [Translates: “Salt Glaciers in Persia” (namely in Ardekan and Puli Gudar southwest of Ispahan] – This publication from the year 1927 also includes two photographs: 1. Photograph of the Salt Glaciers “Kuh-i-Namak, northeast of Ginao / 2. Photograph of Oishm

3. [Iran] M.H.Nabavi – “Geological Survey of Iran” – Based on Geological Map of Iran (N.I.O.C. 1959) and all geological maps and reports by G.S.I. till 1970 (Compiled by M.H.Nabavi) – Activity Report of the Geological Survey of Iran – Prepared for the 1st Session of the National Committees and Correspondents for IGCP (12-16 May 1974) – Tehran, 1974.
This very rare publication was published by “The Geological Survey of Iran”, which was an independent organization within the Iranian Ministry of Economy. Its internal organization is illustrated in an accompanying chart which mentions all the responsible Geologists and personnell by name and declares the Departments into two sections: Geology Department and Mining Department.
The accompanying Maps of the Geology Report of Iran are showing the historical context of the “Progress in Production of Geological Maps and Reports of Iran by the G.S.I up to the end of 1351 (March 1973) – The diagrams in the Map show in detail all regions mapped from Tabriz to Shiraz, from Mamadan to Mashhad, the area of Kerman and Zahedan etc. etc”.
In comparison:
The Report also includes a very interesting Map showing the “State of Geological Mapping and Publication of Maps and Reports or Iran by Petroleum Companies and other Organisations outside G.S.I. (March 1973)” The Map is giving away in explanatory notes which area or Iran was covered by Italian Geologists, German Geologists, B.P. (British Petroleum) & I.O.O.C.).
The Geological Report also focuses on Non-Metallic Ores as well as on a special section of the Department which devoted istelf to the detection and assessment of radioactive substances, highlighting that several “significant anomalies have been located at several places, and one of them, inm northeastern Iran, is now explored by drilling”. / “Radioactivity was also successfully used as indirect evidence for copper deposits where uranium is associated with the ore”.
The publication lists on a few pages the Bibliographical Data of Geological Survey Maps which deal with Iran.

4. Ivan Sandrea and Osama Al Buraiki (from SolomonSmithBarney in London: “Future of deepwater Middle East hydrocarbon supplies” (2002)

5. [Iran] M. Davoudzadeh – Ministry of Economy – “Geological Survey of Iran” – “Geology and Petrography of the Area North of Nain, Central Iran” – Extensive, 89 pages Report in english with a summary in arabic and with two large, fold-out-maps in the rear of the publication:
Map / Plate I: Stunning, very large, colourful Geological Map of the Area North of Nain – by M. Davoudzadeh
Map / Plate II: Map of the Structural Sections through the Area North of Nan

6. Norman Leslie Falcon – “Problems of the relationship between surface structure and deep displacements illustrated by the Zagros Range”
7. A.Jackson / T.J.Fitch & D.P.McKenzie – “Active thrusting and the evolution of the Zagros fold belt″
8. [Iran] J.S.Tchalenko // M.Berberian and H. Behdzadi – “Geomorphic and Seismic Evidence for recent Activity on the Doruneh Fault, Iran″
9. [Iran] Dr.Manouchehr Takin – “Future oild and gas: Can Iran deliver ?” – Article with detailed questions about “Historical Prices and Revenues” as well as “Demand for Iranian Oil” as well as a diagrom showing “Iranian output vs. oil prices for the years 1960-1995” / “Age of Iranian Oil Fields and their 1994 output” / Iranian Oil Reserves etc.
10. [Iran] Joe McCall – “The post-tectonic fanglomerates of the Makran Accretionary Prism, Iran″
11. [Yemen] Map from IEDS: “Middle East I: Yemen” – “Contracts, Fields, Wells and Pipelines” [Large Fold-out map showing Oil Fields, Gas Fields, Refineries, Gas Pipelines, Oil Pipelines, Exploration Licenses etc. etc.
12. [Iran] Tchalenko, J.S. and M. Berberian – “Dasht-e Bayaz Fault, Iran: Earthquake and Earlier Related Structures in Bed Rock″
13. [Iran] Berberian, M. and S.Arshadi – “On the Evidence of the youngest activity of the North Tabriz Fault and the Seismicity of Tabriz City” (″Ministry of Industry and Mines – Geological Survey of Iran”) (September, 1975)
[Includes an extensive Reports on a Field Trip to a location of interest in Iran:
″Field Trip 1: “Khorasan” – “Excursion Guide to Kopet dagh, ophiolites of Robat-Sefid and metamorphics, ophiolites, Granites of Mashad” (compiled by M.Davoudzadeh with a “Road Map to the Geo dynamics field trip to Khorasan” as well as a chapter with “General geological history of Kopet dagh”)″
M.Berberian and J.S.Tchalenko – “A Brief Note on the Salmas (Shahpur) destructive earthquake of May 6th, 1930 and its associated earthquake faults″
14. [Kuwait]: Galal Loutfi / Ali S. Jaber – “Seventh Arab Petroleum Congress – Organized by the Secretariat General of the League of Arab States (Kuwait March 16th – 22nd, 1970): The Congress dealing with the “Geology of the Upper Albian – Campanian Succession in the Kuwait – Saudi-Arabia, Neutral Zone, Offshore Area″
15.[Iran] M.A. Ala: “A Review of Diapirism and some new light on Salt Tectonics in Southern Iran″
16. [Qatar] – Leslie V. Illing and John C.M.Taylor – “Penecontempraneous Dolomitization in Sabkha Faishakh, Qatar – Evidence from Changes in the Chemistry of the Interstitial Brines” (Inscribed to David [Naylor] by Leslie V. Illing: “David, Best Wishes – Leslie”).
17. [Iran] J.V.Harrison and N.L.Falcon – “The Saidmarreh Landslip, South-West Iran” (Including 4 photographic illustrations, for example of “Kuh Dufarush, with Kabir Kuh in the distance” and an illustration of the “Kashgan River gorge″
18. [Iran] H.J.Ansari – “Geology of Southern Meyaneh Basin in Azarbayjan, Iran” [Inscribed in Arabic]
19. [Iran] Geological Map of the Earthquake Region Khorasan″
20. A.Mohajer-Ashjai, H.Behzadi and M.Berberian – “Reflections on the Rigidity of the Lut Block and Recent Crustal Deformation in Eastern Iran” [Including a Neo-Tectonic Map of Iran, also showing the Great Kavir Doruneh Faul and the Asadabad Fault].
21. [Iran] – W.D.Gill / Ala, M.A. – “Sedimentology of Gachsaran Formation (Lower Fars Series), Southwest Iran″
22. [Abu Dhabi] – G. Evans / V.Schmidt / P.Bush / H.Nelson – “Stratigraphy and Geologic History of the Sabkha”
23. [Iran] – Edoardo J. Gutzman – “Oil and Gas in Southwest Iran” by the British Petroleum GmbH
24. [Iran] – “The Bulletin of the Iranian Petroleum Institute”: “W.D.Gill – “Petroleum Source Rocks and the Origin of Oil and Gas in Iran, Pakistan and the North Sea″
25. [Kuwait] – A.F.Fox-″The Development of the South-East Kuwait Oilfields (inscribed by the author “with the author’s compliments”)
26. [Middle East] – G.M.Lees – “The Middle East” – Chief Geologist of the Anglo-Iranian Oil Co.)
27. G.M. [Middle East] – “The Oilfields of the Middle East”
28. [Qatar] – Jose R.Dominguez – “Offshore Fields of Qatar” (Published at the Fifth Arab Petroleum Congress)
[showing an Index Map with existing Shell Company of Qatar concessions and its two oilfieds]
29. [Egypt] “Arab Republic of Egypt – Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation Agreements Department″
[Highly detailed paper with a list of agreements between Egypt and Petroleum Companies which have been executed for Petroleum Exploration and Exploitation: Shell / Amoco, Total Shukfeir / etc. etc.]
30. [Oman] – Geological Map of Oman with details in Colour
31. [Mediterranean] “Concession Map for the Mediterranean Sea” – showing “Oil Fields”, “Gas Fields” , “Location of Drilling”, “Dry or suspended Well″
32. [Iran] – Three vintage photographs of “Anticline” – Examples around Masjid-i-Sulaiman [Masjed Soleyman] (Central District of Masjed Soleyman County, Khuzestan province, Iran)
33. Binder with Maps and portfolio for a “Bid-Round” to explore in the “North Sinai” including a map of the Nile Delta and North Sinai with partitioned sections for exploration (Announcement Date June 1989 / Closing Date 31st March 1990) – Very interesting Document, issued shortly before the first Gulf War and showing Areas of the Bid Round, Exploration Studies, Data Package, Main Contract Terms
34. [Iran / Saudi Arabia] Binder with detailed Bibliographies for specialist publications dealing with Geology and Hydrocarbon habitats in Iran, Saudi Arabi, the general Middle East (this Bibliography details around 35 publication)
35. [Arabia] – Large, folded Map showing: “The Arabian Plate – Producing Fields and Undeveloped Hydrocarbon Discoveries (1990)″
36. [Iran] – Special section regarding the Asmari Oil in the Pabdeh/Gurpi Shales (highlighted on pages 150 – 151 of the publication by: P.E.Kent – and H.R.Warman – “An Environmental Review of the World’s Richest Oil-Bearing Region – The Middle East″
37. [Iran] – W.F.P. McLintock – “On the metamorphian produced by the combustion of hydrocarbons in the Tertiary sediments of south-west Persia [Iran] – With Plates IX. and X. both showing “Metamorphic Rocks from Persia” as well as a photograph of Tul-i-Marmar, Persia.
38. [R.G.S.Hudson – “Tethyan Jurassic Hydroids of the Family Milleporidiidae” (stamped “With the author’s Compliments”)
39. [Egypt] – Eng.M.A.Moussad – “Development of Natural Gas in Egypt″
40. [Arabia] – Peter R.Sharland – “Arabian Plate Sequence Stratigraphy – revisions to SP2” (2004)
41. [Yemen – Marib Al Jawf Basin] – A.C.Ellis a.o. – “A tectono-stratigraphic framework for Yemen and its implications for hydrocarbon potential” (1996)
42. [Arabia] – R.G.S. Hudson – Jurassic Stromatoporoids From Southern Arabia (1954) – (Stamped “With the Author’s Compliments”)
With three full-page-plates
43. [Arabia] – R.G.S. Hudson – Sequanian Stromatoporoids From South-West Arabia (1955) – (Stamped “With the Author’s Compliments”) – With four full-page-plates
44. [Iran] – W.D.Gill and M.A. Ala – “Sedimentology of Gachsaran Formation (Lower fars Series), Southwest Iran″
45. [India] – “Notice inviting bids for the exploration of oil and natural gas in the offshore basins of India” with colourful map of “Blocks offered for third round of Offshore Bidding (1986) – The prospect shows the details of procedure when “experienced international companies are invited to explore for oil and natural gas” (they could buy Data Packages which were available to be purchased for 10000 USD from the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas in New Delhi)
The Map shows the Oil and Gas Fields in the “Mahanadi Basin”, “Krishna-Godavari Basin”, “Palar Basin”, “Cauvery Basin”, “Konkan Kerala Basin”, “Saurashtra Basin” / The Prospect shows contract terms etc.

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We ship per DHL Express

We ship per DHL Express

[Middle East with Kuwait] Naylor, Collection of two (2) large boxes of materials regarding Kuwait, Iraq (near Basrah), Lebanon, Jordan (Halat Ammar and Al Mudawwara), Jordan in general, Arava Valley
[Middle East with Kuwait and Iran] Naylor, Collection of two (2) large boxes of
[Middle East with Kuwait] Naylor, Collection of two (2) large boxes of materials
[Middle East with Kuwait] Naylor, Collection of two (2) large boxes of materials