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[Eastern Europe with Crimea / Poland / Romania] Naylor, Box III

[Eastern Europe with Ukraine / Bulgaria / Poland / Romania / Azerbaijan etc.] Naylor, David (Dave).

Collection of six (6) large Solander-Boxes on Eastern Europe (of which we list in detail here only Box III) with Printed and some manuscript Materials from the private Reference- library of Geologist Prof.David (Dave) Naylor regarding evaluation of Petroleum Deposits, Gas Deposits in “Eastern Europe” – Maps and Charts and offprints, rare publications of the former DDR (German Democratic Republic) on “Tectonic Regime of Molasse Epochs in Central and South-East Europe and some regions of U.S.S.R.”, copied articles and original offprints of colleagues of Dave Naylor, like N.Grigoras, who wrote about the Geology of Petroleum Deposits in Romania. See a list of all items included in six large boxes with rare materials from the private collection of Dave Naylor.

Potsdam / Mexico / etc., c.1982 – 1990. Quarto. c. 1200 pages plus maps. Hardcover Boxes / Six (6) bespoke made Boxes for the private library of Prof.David (Dave) Naylor. Very good condition with only minor signs of wear.

Essays / Offprints / Xeroxed materials / Maps etc. included are (short summary only):

Box III: (Includes material on the Delvina Gas Project etc. and a very early publication on the Polish Oilfields in the Carpathians)

1. Henry de Cizancourt – “Geology of Oil Fields of Polish Carpathian Mountains” – First Edition – January 1931 of the Bulletin of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (Volume 15 – Number 1)
2. Robert E. King – “Oil and Gas Exploration and Production in the Soviet Union” (Rare Preprint before the actual publication 1969)
3. J.Sokolowski-″The Present State of Oil and Gas Geological Prospection in Poland” (Rare Preprint before the actual publication 1969)
4. Adam Tokarski – “Udziat wapienia muszlowego w budowie Przedgorza Karpat” / “Muschelkalk in the Subsurface Geology of the Polish Carpathian Foreland” (Acta Geologica Polonica – Warszawa 1965” – Inscribed / Signed by the author Adam Tokarski to eminent geologist William Daniel Gill in 1960 – The publication subsequently became part of the library of Dave Naylor)
5. D.v.Ager – “The geological evolution of Europe” (Original offprint, 1975)
6. Felix Oswald – Explanatory Notes to Accompany the Geological Map of the Caucasus (London, Dulau & Co., 1914)
7. S.I.Tomkeieff – “The Progress of Geology in the USSR” (Read at Liverpool, 1960)
8. R.Filjak / Z.Pletikapic – D. Nikolic and V. Aksin – “Geology of Petroleum and Natural Gas from the Neocene Complex and its Basement in the Southern Part of the Pannonian Basin, Yugoslavia” – (Rare Preprint before the actual publication 1969)
9. N.Grigorias and N.Constantinescu – “Geological Activity for Oil and Gas in the Socialist Republic of Rumania” (Rare Preprint before the actual publication 1969)
10. Amoco group wins Azerbaijan Caspian tract (Magazine article)
11. Wladyslaw Pozaryski, Wojciech Brochwicz-Lewinski at Henryk Tomczyk – “Tectonique – On Heterochroneity of the Teisseyre-Tornquist Line, between Central and Eastern Europe” Inscribed / Signed by Wojciech Brochwicz-Lewinski to Prof. W.E.A.Phillips (the publication subsequently became part of the Dave Naylor collection)
12. “Gazprom’s Domain” – Interesting Map from Oil & Gas Journal in 1993 showcasing the Pipelines and Fields of Gazprom in Eastern Europe and in Russia.
13. Eugene M. Khartukov – “Potential of Pacific frontiers of former Soviet oil, gas empire” (Magazine article)
14. Robert Maxwell (CEP International Petroleum Ltd. in Calgary) and Rustam Chinakayev (CEP International Petroleum Ltd. in Moscow) – “Potential outlined for Kamchatka back-arc basin, Far East Russia” (Magazine article with inset maps of Kamchatka Peninsula and inset map of Sedimentary Basins in the Kamchatka Area)
15. [Ukraine / Donetsk] “Ukraine steps up efforts to boost gas output, upgrade gas grid” Magazine Article from 1997 / “Independents eye Ukrainian E & D projects” (with inset map of CBM Energy’s Donetsk License Blocks and an inset map showing Ukraine’s Gastransmission System with Capacities ber billion cu m/year (Existing and Projected)) / Additional Inset Map showing Ukraine Block: Ukraine Trident Deal with Belolessky Block and a schematic where Odess Petroleum planned the development /
16. The Caspian and Central Asia Pipelines (Magazine article)
17. James P. Dorian (State of HAwaii) Qiu Daxiong (Beijing) and others: “Energy Investment and Trade Opportunities Emerging in Central Asia, Northwest China” (In depth Magazine article from Oil & Gas Journal 1998)
18. Europrobe News (December 1995) – URSEIS (Urals Reflection Seismic Experiment and Integrated Studies)
19. Romania Holding First National Licensing Round (GeoQuest Reservoir Technologies)
20. [Azerbaijan] – Special Issue by The Observer from June 4 1995 “Azerbaijan – New Oil Deal Opens Floodgates″
21. John R. Wheaton – Mariposa Petroleum Co. – “Energy-Starved Armenia has Promising Geology but Big Transport Challenges″
22. John D.Grace – “Cost Russia’s biggest challenge in maintaining gas supplies” (with inset diagram reflecting on “Relative Marginal Costs of Russian Key Gas Resources” and “Notional Supply Functions fopr FSU Gas” (from 1995 to 2005 to 2015)
23. [Estonia] – XXL – Map of Estonian Waters in 1991 (1:400 000)
24. “Kazakhstan unveils first bid round” – Teniz area (Magazine article)
25. Kazakhstan’s potential provides Western opportunities (Future success of Kazakhstan’s petroleum industry) (Magazine article)
26. Nikolai I. Belyi – Huge Soviet gas industry set for participation, major expansion
27. Newly Democratic Mongolia Offering Exploration Contracts (Magazine article)
28. Malcolm Rider – Play potentials of the Barents shelf
29. [Lithuania] “Data sketchy on Lithuania’s oil resources” (Magazine article with inset-map)
30. Joseph P.Riva Jr. – Outside aid may only slow Romania’s output decline
31. Steve Lawrence & Hoshgeldi Babaev – Large Structures indicated off Turkmenistan (newspaper article)
32. Delvina Gas Project in Albania – with Stock Trading Prices including reserves determined by Chevron and independent consultants
33. Special Issue from 29 September 1991 on Hungary from the Observer (″Hungary – A Bridge between East and West”) Interesting magazine showcasing the economic options the west was facing after the fall of the wall
34. Proposal by Era-Maptec – For assisting in “The Mapping and evaluation of the natural resources of Estonia” – December 1991- Includes Maps which outline Spot Panchromatic Coverage of the Baltic Sea around Estonia; also showcasing the Landsat TM Coverage
35. John Cranfield – Independence of Baltic states forces major energy rethink (Article from the Petroleum Review 1993)
36. AAPG – Explorer – Magazine with a feature on “Alaska’s Prince William Sound” (November 1993)
37. Gregory F. Ulmishek / Charles D. Masters – “Oil, Gas Resources estimated in the former Soviet Union” (Article in Oil & Gas Journal 1993)
38. Astrids Freimanis / Lazar Margulis / Arnis Brangulis – Geology and hydrocarbon prospects of Latvia (Article in Oil & Gas Journal 1993)
39. Manuscript note and addition by Dave Naylor on the “Production 1989 E[astern] Europe per 1000’s tonnes”
Dave Naylor lists here the production USSR and juxtaposes it to all other East-Bloc States (Romania, Yugoslavia, Albania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland, Czechoslovakia / E[astern] Germany
40. Periodical on “The European Community and its Eastern Neighbours” compiled in 1990and citing “The Peaceful Revolution” / Profile of Future Partners: “Unknown Neighbours”: Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Yugoslavia / “The EC’s Relations with the Soviet Union″
41. Special Paper: “Irish Hungarian Economic Association – A Company Limited by Guaratee – Financial Report 1990 & List of Members and Delegates as well as the “Operation Phare” – Assistance for Economic Restructuring of Poland and Hungary″

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We ship per DHL Express

We ship per DHL Express

Dave Naylor Collection – [Eastern Europe with Crimea / Poland / Romania] Naylor, Box III