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Franklin Gould, The Watts Chapel, an Arts & Crafts Memorial.

Franklin Gould, Veronica.

The Watts Chapel, an Arts & Crafts Memorial. Introduction by Richard Jeffries, Curator of the Watts Gallery, Map and line drawings by Joanna Howse, front cover by Chris Lovell.

Surrey, Arrow Press, 1993. 21cm x 14.7cm. 50 pages. Original Softcover. Very good condition with only minor signs of wear.

Includes: The origin of Compton’s Home Arts Chapel/ Frederic Watts and his wife Mary/ the Watts Mortuary Chapel/ Home Arts and Industries Association/ Earl Brownlow in 1885/ Mary Seton Fraser-Tytler, Aldourie, Loch Ness/ Mary Watts, “The Word in Pattern”/ South Kensington Art Training School/ Slade’s new Fine-Arts School/ Aimee-Jules Dalou, French sculptor/ Walter Crane, president of the Arts and Crafts Exhibition Society/ symbolic meaning/ spiritual and material life/ mystery of birth, mystery of death and beyond/ Vitruvius/ the prehistoric ground plan of the Eternal Circle intersected by the Cross of Faith/ Ruskinian priciples/ influenced by Lethaby, Charles Harrison Townsend, first architect to incorporate the Tree of Life on the external walls of a building/ Art Nouveau tendrils and Celtic scrolls inside the chapel/ Byzantine style/ Hiberno-Saxon manuscripts/ Limnerslease, builst for the Watts’ by Ernest George, 1890-91/ Compton clay-modelling class/ William de Morgan/ Chapel was concescrated by the Bishop of Winchester in July 1898/ symbolism of the exterior/ Christian Celtic art/ St. Columba manuscripts/ iron hinges designed by George Redmayne, an architect from Halsemere/ Compton blacksmith, Clarence Sex/ Romanesque-style doorway/ “The Book of Kells”/ “The Garment of Praise”/ maze of life etc.

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The Watts Chapel, an Arts & Crafts Memorial.