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Stekel, Frigidity in Woman In Relation to her Love Life. Volume Two.

Stekel, Wilhelm.

Frigidity in Woman In Relation to her Love Life. Volume II only. Authorised English Version by James S. Van Teslaar.

Third Printing. New York, Horace Liveright, 1929. 22.3cm x 14.7cm. vii, (2) 314 pages. Original Hardcover with gilt lettering on spine. Excellent condition with only minor signs of external wear. Ex-libris label on pastedown.

Includes for example the following chapters: The Struggle of the Sexes/ The will to power and the will to submission/ Imperiousness vs. craving enjoyment/ The charm of distance/ Fear of the sexual partner/ Flight from sexuality/ Sexual anaesthesia as a form of vengeance after humiliation/ Lucka’s three phases of erotism/ The pathway through spirituality/ Increase in the polar tension between man and woman/ Attraction and repulsion/ The indifferent zone between hatred and love/ Spiritual ‘cocainization’/ Amnesia for the occurences during coitus/ Self-deception regarding the advent of the orgasm/ Analysis of a transitory dyspareunia/ Relationship between the psyche and menstruation/ Enaesthesia of the mucous membranes/ Fear of snakes/ Stereotypic dreams/ Inadequate mourning after mother’s death/ Dream analyses/ Signs of anal erotism/ Fixation on the father/ Globus hystericus/ Struggle for supremacy among the erogenous zones/ Significance of an infantile trauma as a warning/ The Analysis of Messalina/ Role of the physician in the patient’s fantasy/ Dizziness and its psychogenesis/ Mother’s educational blunders/ Death wishes against the mother/ Fragment Analysis of a Transvestite/ The girl dressed as a boy/ First marital coitus/ Yearning for ‘respectability’/ Compulsive thoughts/ Disgust over the menstrual function/ Fear of the chamber pot/ Narcissism/ Consequences of the splitting of the personality/ Hatred of children/ Repression of infantile experiences/ Fox fantasy/ The caricature of modern woman/ Will to submission/ Revolt against double standard of morals/ Marriage lottery/ Double love/ Significance of monogamous marriage/ Struggle for the freedom of love/ The marriage problem in modern literature/ Prisoners’ love/ French women/ Dread of childbearing/ Increase of homosexuality and its significance/ Mothers who hate their children/ Oppenheim on misopaedia/ Unwanted children/ Woman of the future/ Fundamentals of individual morality/ Problem of marriage/ Unfettered love/ Inner sense of freedom etc.

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Stekel- Frigidity in Woman In Relation to her Love Life