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Veniard, Reservoir and Lake Flies/ Fly Dresser's Guide/ Further Guide to Fly Dre

Veniard, John.

Reservoir and Lake Flies/ Fly Dresser’s Guide/ Further Guide to Fly Dressing/ Fly Dressing Materials. Four Volumes. With drawings by Donald Downs. Volume Four with a foreword by Taff Price.

London, Adam & Charles Black, 1977-1979. 12 x 12 cm. 184, 256, 266, 146 pages. Each volume includes colour and monochrame plates and many drawings. Original Hardcovers with original illustrated (price-clipped) dustjackets. In protective Mylar. Very good condition with only minor signs of external wear.

Volume One includes for Example: The ‘Shooting Head’ Fly Line/ Tandem Lures/ The ‘Weedless’ Lake and Reservoir Fly/ Mylar Flies/ The David J. Collier Patterns/ The John Goddard Stillwater Patterns/ The ‘Taffy’ Price Patterns/ The Roy Masters Patterns/ Farlow’s Murderers/ Welsh Patterns/ Derek Moseley’s Irish Mayflies (For Lakes)/ Dr. Michael Kennedy’s Sedge Flies and Pupae Dressings/ Alec Iles ‘Breatherlizer’/ A.J. Haytor Midge Pupa Dressings/ Terry Thomas Sedge Flies/ The A.C.R. Howman (Alastair Ross) Nymphs/ A Selection of Lake Patterns of New Zealand Origin/ A Selection of Streamer, Bucktail and Other Types of Flies Suitable for Lakes and Reservoirs etc.

A particular feature of flies for still water is that it is necessary to know not only how to dress them but how to fish them and it is here that this book will be especially useful, since in addition the chapters by Veniard, there are contributions by dressings and fishing techniques by such famous names as Richard Walker, Geoffrey Bucknall and David Collyer among others. Many of the dressings have not been recorded elsewhere and include flies that have become highly successful on lakes abroad.

Volume Two: Tools/ Hooks/ Silks/ Tinsels/ Dyeing/ Materials for Trout Flies/ Trout Fly Dressing/ Hair Wing Flies/ Streamer Flies/ Flies for Sea Fishing/ Flies for Grayling/ Flies for Chub, Dace, Roach and Rudd etc.

This new edition has been completely revised to include the latest thinking on fly-tying techniques and in particular, the section on flies for sea fishing has been completely re-written. Many of the illustrations have been re-drawn by Donald Downs to show more clearly the processes involved in fly-tying.

Volume Three: Wings and Winging/ Doubling Hackles/ Stiffening Dry-Fly Hackles/ Parachute Hackles/ Shaving Brush Flies/ Herl Bodies and Butts/ Mixing Dubbings/ Tying Silks/ Tandedm Hook Lures/ Detached Bodies/ Rare Hackles/ Toppings and Tails/ Fluorescent Materials/ Fluorescent Detector/ Tube Flies/ Suggested Dressings/ Slipstream Tubes/ British Trout Fly Patterns/ Welsh Patterns/ British Salmon Fly Patterns/ Australian Patterns/ New Zealand Patterns/ S. Africa Patterns/ Wet Flies/ Canadian and U.S. Patterns/ Norwegian Trout and Sea Trout Flies/ Norwegian Salmon Flies/ Other Scandinavian Patterns etc.

This book is complementary to the author’s first book ‘Fly Dresser’s Guide.’ One of the major sections of the book is concerned solely with the many problems of fly-tying that all tyers come up against at some time or another. Other sections are devoted to new ideas, materials and techniques of value to both beginner and expert, including tying instructions and dressings for the ‘Tube Fly’ for salmon and trout fishing.

Volume Four: Tools/ Vices/ Hooks/ Silks and Similar Body Materials/ Tinsels for Bodies/ Body Materials/ Materials for Tails/ Materials for Wings/ Hackles for Fly Tying/ Tubes/ Dyeing/ Fluorescent Materials in Fly Tying/ Varnishes and Wax/ Storing and Preserving Materials, and the Workbench/ Preparing Golden Pheasant Crests for Tying In/ Doubling Hackles/ Stiffening Dry-Fly Hackles/ Skinning a Chicken/ List of Feathers for Trout Flies/ List of Feathers for Salmon Flies/ Fly-Tying Terminology etc.

This work brings together all the descriptions of materials from his previous books, with some new sections, many new drawings by Donald Downs and fourteen new colour plates.


Reservoir and Lake Flies/ Fly Dresser's Guide/ Further Guide to Fly Dressing/ Fly Dressing Materials. Four Volumes.
Reservoir and Lake Flies/ Fly Dresser's Guide/ Further Guide to Fly Dressing/ Fl
Reservoir and Lake Flies/ Fly Dresser's Guide/ Further Guide to Fly Dressing/ Fl
Veniard- Reservoir and Lake Flies/ Fly Dresser's Guide