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Aalen, Atlas of the Irish Rural Landscape.

Aalen, F.H.A. / Whelan, Kevin / Stout, Matthew. [Eds].

Atlas of the Irish Rural Landscape.

First edition. Cork, Cork University Press, 1997. 24.5 x 30.5cm. 352 pages. Original hardcover with dustjacket in protective Mylar. Excellent condition with only minor signs of external wear.

Includes chapters on: Early Landscapes from Prehistory to Plantation / Recovering the Hidden LAndscape / Bogs / Raised Bogs / Ardee Bog (County Louth) / The changing use of raised Bogs / Blanket Bogs / Forests and Woodlands / Fields / Demesnes / Mining, Power, Water / Mining and Quarrying / Power Generation / Water Supply etc.

The Atlas of the Irish Rural Landscape combines many different approaches to understanding the immense ecological, educational, aesthetic and economic significance of the landscape. Using state of the art computer cartography, the atlas analyses the assemblage of features, both physical and human, which gives the Irish landscape its distinctive character. It provides detailed analysis of field and settlement patterns, buildings, archaeological/historical monuments, demesnes, villages and small towns, woodlands and bogs, roads, canals, railways and industrial archaeology. Drawing on appropriate disciplines (including geography, archaeology, history and palaeobotany), the atlas shows how the intricacy, interest and beauty of the Irish landscape were generated by human activities over long periods of time, and how the landscape is presently managed. [From dustjacket notes]

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Aalen, Atlas of the Irish Rural Landscape.
Aalen, Atlas of the Irish Rural Landscape.