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Antiquity – Rare

BRITANNIA : Or, A Chorographical Description of the flourishing Kingdoms of England, Scotland And Ireland

Camden, William / Gough, Richard.

BRITANNIA : Or, A Chorographical Description of the flourishing Kingdoms of England, Scotland And Ireland, AND THE ISLANDS ADJACENT; From The Earliest Antiquity by William Camden. Translated from the Edition Published by the Author in MDCVII. Enlarged by the latest Discoveries by Richard Gough [with mentioning of “Rare Plants found in each County”]. [Volume IV including Ireland and its Counties with a Map of Ireland as well as Illustrations, such as “The Iodhan Morain” (or “Breast-Plate of Judgment of the Irish Druids”) or “The Charter Horn” and Chapters like: “The Antient and Modern Manners of the Irish”, “The Annals of Ireland”, with a Chapter on the History of “Cork” (with in depth mentioning of the Mc Marthy’s in Carbury and the O Driscol in Cork etc.)]. Illustrated with 57 double-page Maps and 106 full-page Plates (copper-engravings) and several Text-Illustrations [among them a fantastic illustration of Stonehenge].

The Second Edition. In Four Volumes (complete set). London, Printed for John Stockdale, Piccadilly, 1806. Large Folio (29 cm wide x 44 cm high). Pagination of all four Volumes follows here: Volume I: Frontispice-Portrait, CCVI, 415 pages plus 27 unnumbered pages of an Index, plus 1 unnumbered page with Instructions/Locations at where the Plates and Maps are placed in Volume One / Volume II: IV, [1], 518 pages plus 28 unnumberd pages of an Index / Volume III: IV, [1], 527 pages plus 27 unnumbered pages of an Index / Volume IV: IV, 570 pages plus 30 unnumbered pages of an Index // Hardcover / Recently professionally rebound in modern half-leather, bound to style of the early 19th century with gilt ornament and lettering. This is special set of the BRITANNIA, from the library of “THE ATHENAEUM” in Liverpool, received as a gift from the Historic Society of Lancashire & Cheshire, to which the set was “Presented by J.T.Danson, V.P. in the year 1856”. Very good condition with only minor signs of foxing. A spectacular set with some minor discoloration to the edge of Volume I.

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Le Forche Caudine - Illustrate con due Appendici. [Compreso

[Daniele, Francesco / Johann Josef von Wilczek / Thomasius, Christian].

Le Forche Caudine – Illustrate con due Appendici. [Compreso “Prospetto Della Valle Caudina Dalla Parte Della Campania”]. Second edition, augmented and, according to Brunet, preferable to the original first edition, which was printed in Caserta in 1778.

Seconda Edizione. Napoli, Appresso Angelo Trani, 1811. Folio (44.5 cm x29 cm). XIII, (3), 102 pages plus (6) pages advertising and Index (Indice). With 22 (twentytwo) illustrations overall. Including a large fold-out-plan (97 x 43 cm) of the Valle Caudine, several Vignettes, Allegorical/Historical Illustrations and four beautiful landscape engravings of the Valle Caudine by Alessandro d’Anna / XIII, (3), 102 pagine più (6) pagine pubblicitarie e Index (Indice). Con 22 (ventidue) illustrazioni in totale. Tra cui una grande illustrazione (97 x 43 cm) della Valle Caudine, diverse vignette, illustrazioni allegoriche / storiche e quattro bellissime incisioni paesaggistiche della Valle Caudine di Alessandro d’Anna. Hardcover / Fantastic modern, Nigerian goatskin with gilt lettering on spine and fine quality late 19th-century cloth over boards. New endpapers and all bound in style by english master-binders. Excellent condition of the binding. The stunning and most wonderful interior with only very occasional signs of an old dampstain to the outer margins and the beautiful, large fold-out-plan with some mild browning to one part of the center-fold. A typographical masterpiece of italian printmaking.

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