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Bulwer-Lytton, The Works of Bulwer-Lytton [Illustrated Wanamaker - Edition]

Bulwer-Lytton, [Edward George Earle Lytton].

The Works of Bulwer-Lytton [Illustrated Wanamaker – Edition]. Includes 1. My Novel (Three Volumes in 2) / 2. Paul Clifford together with “Tomlinsoniana or The Posthumous Writings of the Celebrated Augustus Tomlinson”/ 3. Ernest Maltravers / 4. Alice or The Mysteries [with the printed Dedication: “To the Great German People, A Race of Thinkers and of Critics; A Foreign but Familiar Audience, profound in Judgment, candid in Reproof, Generous in Appreciation, This work is dedicated by an English Author”] / 5. The Last of the Barons (Two Volumes in one) / 6. Pelham / 7. Eugene Aram / 9. Rienzi (Two Volumes in One) / 10. The Pilgrims of the Rhine / 11. The Coming Race / 12. What will he do with it ? (Two Volumes in One) / 13. The Caxtons / 14. Zicci / 15. The Haunted and the Haunters or The House and the Brain / 16. Devereux / Lucretia, or The Children of Night / 17. Night and Morning / 18. Leila or The Siege of Grenada / 19. Pausanias the Spartan / 20. Kenelm Chillingly / 21. Godolphin / 22. The Parisians / 23. A Strange Story / 24. Zanoni / 25. Harold – The Last of the Saxon Kings / 26. Falkland / 27. Calderon, the Courtier / 28. The Last Days of Pompeii (Two Volumes in One) / 29. The Disowned //

29 Volumes in 15 Volumes. Philadelphia / New York / Paris, John Wanamaker, no year [c. 1905-1910]. Octavo. 406, 464, 413, 501, 407, 446, 347, 371, 481, XXX, 452, 247, 261, 392, 482, 446, 358, 327, 473, XIV, 450, 528, 373, 545, XX, 333, 357, 350, 499, 424, 356, 356, 235, 482 pages. Fantastic, Original Hardcover in protective collector’s Mylar. Top edge gilt. Only one volume with some bumping to top edge. Otherwise this set is in excellent condition with only minor signs of external wear. Price includes upgrade to international shipping, insured, per courier (3-5 working days guaranteed delivery).

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18th & 19th century Irish Country House - Library of Daniel Conner - Alumni of Magdalen College

Conner, Daniel / [Daniel Conner Library (Connerville / Manch House / Bandon)].

On offer here is a large 18th / 19th century Country House Library from an Irish Country-House-Estate. 200 important and meaningful publications (comprising roughly 500 Volumes), from the stunning 18th & 19th century Irish Country House – Library of Daniel Conner – Alumni of Magdalen College / Oxford University. Daniel Conner and his extended family and relations, resided at Manch House, Dunmanway, West Cork (19th century) as well as in Connerville, Bandon (18th century). [To see each title in this Library photographed and described comprehensively – Please go to our website-section: “Libraries & Collections”]. Inanna Rare Books offers here the professionally documented, c. 200 titles in roughly 500 Volumes, many of them professionally restored and rebound to style by british and german bookbinders. The building and rebuilding of the Conner library is ongoing. Many of the important titles are already listed and photographed in detail on our website (www.inannararebooks.com). This is an unusual possibility to acquire a meaningful, historical Library with publications not only on General History, Classical Literature and Philosophy of Greece and Rome but also Landmark Publications in Philosophy, Economics, Religion, Travel, Irish and English History, Americana, Irish & British History and Constitutional Relations, Legal History and Law Publications of Ireland and England, Poetry and Literature of Women in Literature of 18th and 19th century England, Ireland and Continental Europe. The Conner Library reflects the 18th century enlightenment as well as the 19th century fashion of solitary education in a Country House Library on topics like Literature and Art, History and Travel etc. etc.

200 Titles in c. 500 Volumes. Manch / Bandon, c.1750 – 1880. Octavo. Original Hardcover Volumes or original wrappers. The overall condition of these books is very good or even better, mainly restored and professionally repaired, with some Volumes still at the bookbindery and in process of repair and restoration. The Library will be delivered per International Courier UPS.

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The Family History of England: Civil, Military, Social, Commercial & Religious From the Earliest Period th the Passing of the Reform Bill, 1867. [Including Genealogical Tree of Anglo - Saxon Sovereign

7. [English History Collection] – Taylor, James.

The Family History of England: Civil, Military, Social, Commercial & Religious From the Earliest Period to the Passing of the Reform Bill, 1867. [Including Genealogical Tree of Anglo – Saxon Sovereigns / Including numerous Steel-Engravings and a folded Map of England]. With several wonderful steel-engravings, maps, fold-out facsimiles etc. [for example: Birmingham, Warwick Castle, Portrait of Queen Victoria, Portrait of Henry VIII, Portrait of Cranmer, Engraving of Spires (Speyer in Germany), Portrait of Martin Luther, Engraving of Worms (in Germany), Engraving of Plunder in Monsteries, Mary Queen of Scots, Elizabeth, Spenser, Drake, Facsimile of an official copy of the Warrant for the Execution of Mary Queen of Scots” / Lord Bacon, Kenilworth Castle, Execution of Rebels at Carlisle, Charles I., Raising of the Royal Standard at Nottingham, Death of General Lindsey, Storming of Bristol, Destruction of Royalists Property, Portrait of Cromwell, Battle of Naseby, Flight of Charles I. to the Scottish Camp before Newark, Chester, Seizure of Charles I. at Holdenby, Facsimile of the Death-Warrant for the Execution of Charles the First, King of England, Cromwell, viewing the Body of Charles I., Map of Dunbar & Vicinity – Illustrating the Battle of 1650, Escape of Prince Charles, Cromwell consulting the Lawyers, Siege of Lathom House, Portrait of Charles II., Arrest of Strafford, Archbishop Laud blessing Strafford, Defence of Warbour Castle, Portrait of William III., Engraving of Preston, Portrait of George Washington, Portrait of Napoleon I., Portrait of Wellington, Portrait of Lord Palmerston, Engraving of Manchester, Map of Lucknow, showing ooperations in 1857-1858, Portrait of Sir Colin Campbell (Lord Clyde), Portrait of Edward Geoffrey Stanley (Earl of Derby), Portrait of Prince Albert, Portrait of William Ewart Gladstone,

6 volumes (complete set). London, William Mackenzie, [1880]. 19 cm x 27 cm. II, 402 pages, LXIV / V, 336 pages, LX / VII, 360 pages, XL / VI, 336 pages / VIII, 400 pages / VIII, 344 pages, LVI. Original decorative Hardcover / Beautiful half leather bindings with gilt lettering and ornament to spine. Very good and firm condition with only minor signs of external wear. Illustrated with maps, portraits, views and other engravings.

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