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Roman History – Rare

Bartoli, Colonna Traiana

Bartoli, Pietro Santi / Giacomo de Rossi / [Trajan – Caesar Nerva Trajanus].

Colonna Traiana [The rare 18th-century Folio-Edition on Trajan’s Column, in which, atypically, all Oblong-Folio-Planches have a centerfold and which includes the often missing, large 1,1 meter – foldout-plan of Trajan’s Column] – Colonna Traiana Eretta Dal Senato, E Popolo Romano All’Imperatore Traiano Augusto Nel Suo Foro In Roma. Scolpita Con L’Historie Della Guerra Dacica La Prima E La Seconda Espeditione, E Vittoria Contro Il Re Decebalo. Nuovamente Disegnata, Et Intagliata Da Pietro Santi Bartoli. Con L’Espositione Latina D’Alfonso Ciaccone, Compendiata Nella Vulgare Lingua Sotto Ciascuna Immagine, Accresciuta Di Medaglie, Inscrittioni, E Trofei, Da Gio. Pietro Bellori. Con diligente cura, e spesa ridotta à perfettione, e data in luce da Gio. Giacomo de Rossi dalle sue stampe, in Roma, alla Pace con Privilegio del S. Pontefice.

Roma, [Giacomo de Rossi] alla Pace con Privilegio del S. Pontefice, [1751]. Folio: (26.5 cm wide x 37 cm high). All planches usually in Oblong-Folio are center-folded in this version, allowing it to be bound in Folio. Pagination: 9 unnumbered plates, [including titlepage, engraved dedication to Louis XIV, and also the large Trajan-Foldout, measuring 110 cm x 36 cm)], followed by 119 plates folded into 238 plates, [while our copy is lacking the 14 pages with Alphonso Ciacono’s “Historia Utriusque Belli Dacici A Trajano Cæsare” and Index and Colophon at the end of the Volume, this flaw is rather unimportant because this Volume is all about the masterful art of over 125 engravings and the powerful Homage by Pietro Santi Bartoli to Trajan, Rome’s “Optimus Princeps”]. Fully restored Folio in dark green Morocco, bound to 18th century – style by an english master-bindery. Unusually excellent condition with the tiniest of wormhole-damage to the Dedication pages. The plates all in exceptional condition. The large Column-Plate spellbinding.

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Le Forche Caudine - Illustrate con due Appendici. [Compreso

[Daniele, Francesco / Johann Josef von Wilczek / Thomasius, Christian].

Le Forche Caudine – Illustrate con due Appendici. [Compreso “Prospetto Della Valle Caudina Dalla Parte Della Campania”]. Second edition, augmented and, according to Brunet, preferable to the original first edition, which was printed in Caserta in 1778.

Seconda Edizione. Napoli, Appresso Angelo Trani, 1811. Folio (44.5 cm x29 cm). XIII, (3), 102 pages plus (6) pages advertising and Index (Indice). With 22 (twentytwo) illustrations overall. Including a large fold-out-plan (97 x 43 cm) of the Valle Caudine, several Vignettes, Allegorical/Historical Illustrations and four beautiful landscape engravings of the Valle Caudine by Alessandro d’Anna / XIII, (3), 102 pagine più (6) pagine pubblicitarie e Index (Indice). Con 22 (ventidue) illustrazioni in totale. Tra cui una grande illustrazione (97 x 43 cm) della Valle Caudine, diverse vignette, illustrazioni allegoriche / storiche e quattro bellissime incisioni paesaggistiche della Valle Caudine di Alessandro d’Anna. Hardcover / Fantastic modern, Nigerian goatskin with gilt lettering on spine and fine quality late 19th-century cloth over boards. New endpapers and all bound in style by english master-binders. Excellent condition of the binding. The stunning and most wonderful interior with only very occasional signs of an old dampstain to the outer margins and the beautiful, large fold-out-plan with some mild browning to one part of the center-fold. A typographical masterpiece of italian printmaking.

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