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18th Century – Rare

Milton, Paradise Lost - A Poem in Twelve Books.

18th century Illustrated Edition of Paradise Lost – Milton, John.

Paradise Lost – A Poem in Twelve Books. A New Edition, with Notes of various Authors, by Thomas Newton [Complete with two Portraits and 12 plates].

Two Volumes (complete set). London, Printed for J. and R. Tonson and S.Draper, 1749. Large Quarto (23 cm x 27.5 cm). Pagination of Volume One: Frontispiece-Portrait of a young John Milton, [18 unnumbered pages of Dedication and Preface], LXI pages of “The Life of Milton”, [5 unnumbered pages of Homage in Verses by Samuel Barrow [Physician to Charles II. and admirer of Milton] and also the important poem on Milton’s Paradise Lost by Andrew Marvell [English Metaphysical Poet and Milton’s ‘Latin Secretary’], 16 pages of “A Critique upon the Paradise Lost – By Mr.Addison” [Joseph Addison], 459 pages with six (6) full-page engravings / Pagination of Volume Two: Frontispiece-Portrait of an elder John Milton (dated 1670), 444 pages including six (6) full-page engravings plus 132 unnumbered pages of Index. Hardcover / Modern, stunning half-leather bound to 18th-century style with gilt lettering and ornament on spine. Both Volumes now in protective Mylar. Excellent condition with only a few signs of foxing. The paper in fantastic condition, illustrations and portraits impressive; wide margins make this a great collectable. A rare opportunity to acquire this important publication in a firm and beautiful binding. The exceptional restoration was done by an english master-bindery.

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Bellin / Senex / Ogilby - The Roads through England or Ogilby's Survey. Revised, improved and reduced by Senex. [Enlarged Edition of John Ogilby's 1675 published

[Bellin, Jacques Nicholas / Senex, John / Ogilby, John]

The Roads through England or Ogilby’s Survey. Revised, improved and reduced by Senex. [Enlarged Edition of John Ogilby’s 1675 published “Britannia”] Distinctly laid down on onehundred & one Plates with the addition of some Roads newly drawn and several corrections of more general use to Travellers. [Including an Appendix with Cityplans of London (double-page), Plymouth, Shrewsbury, Yorck (York), Chester, [Scene of Carrick-Fergus (Ireland)], Waterford, Oxford, Leith [Edinburgh], Harwich, Scenery of Edinburgh / Itinéraire de toutes les routes de l ‘Angleterre. Revues corrigées, augmentées & réduites par Senex en 101 Cartes. [Titlepage bilingual in french and english].

Paris, Desnos, 1766. Quarto (30 cm x 22.5 cm). Collation complete: Bilingual titlepage, 12 double-page maps of England, partly beautifully border-coloured, 6 unnumbered pages of Index with distances in miles, one (1) General Map of England (″Carte Generale” of Engand by D’Ogilby), 101 full-page maps of routes/streets, Engraved titlepage for the Appendix, One (1) double-page of explanations for the London-City-Plan, 17 beautiful maps and engravings of a variety of english cities, also with a section on Ireland (Dublin, Waterford, Kinsale, Galway, Limerick). Original 18th-century contemporary calf with gilt lettering on spine and on five raised bands. The Volume is now protected in Collector’s Mylar. Very good+ condition with only minor signs of external wear. Some rubbing and corners slightly bumped but overall excellent. Interior near fine with only the slightest occasional spotting. Rare and even rarer in this condition !

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Blackwall, The Sacred Classics Defended and Illustrated

39. Blackwall, Anthony.

The Sacred Classics Defended and Illustrated: Or, an Essay Humbly offer’d towards proving the Purity, Propriety, and True Eloquence of the Writers of the New Testament. In Two Parts. In the First of which Those Divine Writers are vindicated against the Charge of barbarous Language, false Greek, and Solecisms. In the Second is shewn, That all the Excellencies of Style, and sublime Beauties of Language and genuine Eloquence do abound in the Sacred Writers of the New Testament. With an Account of their Style and Character, and a Representation of their Superiority, in several Instances, to the best Classics of Greece and Rome. To which are subjoin’d proper Indexes. [The Second and Last Volume – In Three Parts. Containing: I. A farther Demonstration of the Propriety, Purity and sound Eloquence of the Language of the New Testament Writers. / II. An Account of the wrong Division of Chapters and Verses, and faulty Translations of the Divine Book, which weaken its Reasonings, and spoil its Eloquence and Native Beauties. / III. A Discourse on the Various Readings of the New Testament. With a Preface, wherein is shewn the Necessity and Usefulness of a New Version of the Sacred Books. By the late Reverend and Learned A.Blackwall, A.M. – AUthor of the First Volume. To which is annex’d a very copious Index.].

The Second Edition. Two Volumes (complete set). London, Printed for C.Rivington, 1727. Octavo. 432, [16], Portrait-Frontispiece of A. Blackwall by G.Vertue, XXXI, 359, [24] pages. Original Hardcover / 18th-century full leather with new spine-labels in the style of th eperiod. Excellent condition with some minor signs of wear only. From the library of Daniel Conner (Connerville / Manch House), with his Exlibris / Bookplate to pastedown.

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Bolton, A Justice of Peace for Ireland: Consisting of Two Books.

4. Bolton, Sir Richard / Travers, Michael [Richard Meade’s copy].

A Justice of Peace for Ireland: Consisting of Two Books. The First, declaring the Exercise of that Office by one or more Justices of Peace out of Sessions; The Second, setting forth the Form of Proceeding in Sessions and the Matter to be enquired of and handled therein. Composed by Sir Richard Bolton, Knt. – Chief Baron of His Majesty’s Court of Exchequer in Ireland. To which are now added, In an Alphabetical Order, All the Statutes now in Force in England and Ireland, (since Sir Richard Bolton published his said Treatise) which concern the Office of a Justice of Peace for Ireland, both in and out of Sessions. Here are likewise added, three Tables: The First shews the several Titles in Sir Richard Bolton’s Treatise to which additions have been made. The Second shews the several New Titles added; and the Third is designed for the more easy finding several Particular Matters contained under the General Titles. With a compleat Index to the whole. Also some Precedents of Committals, Convictions, Summonses and Warrants, are added, as a Help to Justices of the Peace in the Execution of their Office. With a Table of the Precedents. By Michael Travers, Esq.; Barrister at Law.

Two Volumes in one (complete). Dublin, Printed for J.Leathley and T.Moore in Dame-street and O.Nelson in Skinner-row, Booksellers, 1750. Quarto (23 cm x 27.5 cm). XIV, 586, XII, 292 pages. Hardcover / Original 18th-century full leather with gilt lettering on spine with replaced spine-label. Very good condition with only minor signs of external wear and a minor crack to upper spine. Faded dampstain. Interior and binding firm and overall in very good condition. Bookplate of Richard Meade of Ballymartle to pastedown. Richard Meade’s full name in ink to endpaper.

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[Richard Boyle Bernard's personal copy of Buffon's Natural History (1792)

[Boyle Bernard, Richard (Dean of Leighlin)] Buffon, Georges-Louis Leclerc, Comte de.

Buffon’s Natural History, Abridged – Including the History of the Elements, The Earth, Mountains, Rivers, Seas, Winds, Whirlwinds, Waterspouts, Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Man, Quadrupeds, Birds, Fishes, Shellfish, Lizards, Serpents, Insects & Vegetables. Illustrated with Great Variety of Copper Plates. With 106 [of 107 Plates] in absolutely stunning condition, spread throughout the two Volumes. Including the two often missing and very rare fold-out-plates of Snakes.

Two Volumes (complete set). London, Published as the Act directs for C. & G. Kearlsey, Fleet Street, 1792. Octavo (15 cm x 21,5 cm). Volume I: Frontispice [″Nature lamenting over the Tomb of M. de Buffon & exhibiting a Portrait of that distinguished Naturalist”], Engraved Titlepage [with a scene of grieving onlookers to the outbreak of the Volcano / Mount Vesuvius], XXXVII, Errata-Leaf, 353 pages / Volume II: Engraved Titlepage [with a scene of fowling at the steep cliffs of St.Kilda)], 494 pages including a thorough Index. With 106 [of 107 Plates] spread throughout the two Volumes. Including the two often missing and very rare fold-out-plates of Snakes. Hardcover / One Volume rebound to style and one Volume in its original 18th century full leather. Original bookplate / Exlibris of Dean Richard Boyle Bernard, Dean of Leighlin and MP for Bandon Bridge to pastedown of Volume I. Both Volumes now housed in a bespoke built Solander Box. Very good condition with only minor signs of wear.

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