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Brockett, Persian Fairy Tales.

Brockett, Eleanor.

Persian Fairy Tales. Retold by Eleanor Brockett. Illustrated by Harry Toothill.

London, Frederick Muller Limited, 1965. 13 x 20cm. (8), 224 pages, with black and white illustrations. Original clothbound hardcover. Minor signs of external wear, including sunned spine and some fraying to cloth edges. Internally in very good condition, other than some minor text annotations on first twenty pages. [Muller World Fairy Tales Collection].

Originally published in 1962, these twenty-five fairy tales of ancient Persia feature minarets and Sultans, djinns and demons. Persian folklore offers a fascinating variety to the collector, embracing a rich store of traditional folk stories and also the great legends recounted in the 11th century by the poet Firdausi and occupying in Oriental literature a place comparable to that of Homer’s Iliad in Western culture. This group of stories is fully representative of this great inheritance.The legends include that of Sohrab and Rustem, which inspired Matthew Arnold’s great poem, and stories of the great king Jemshed who is said to have founded Persepolis and introduced the solar year, and whose fabulous goblet, the Cup of Jemshed, foreshadowed future events. Other stories include The Envious Vizier, Zal and the Wonder-Bird, and How Rustem Slew the White Demon. [From Introduction]

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Brockett, Persian Fairy Tales.
Brockett, Persian Fairy Tales.
Brockett, Persian Fairy Tales.