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[Anonymous] Victorian Recipes / Food / Cooking / Healing / Medical / Veterinary / Homoeopathy.

[Anonymous] – Victorian Recipes / Food / Cooking / Healing / Medical / Veterinary / Homoeopathy.

Victorian Food and Natural remedies – [with an early household remedy suggestion against Diphtheria: “A Remedy for Diphtheria” (Sulphur)] – Manuscript-Recipe-Diary with more than 250 handwritten manuscript recipes on 121 pages and 32 loosely inserted additional manuscript pages. The diary has 264 pages in total and an Index on page 264. While the majority of the recipes are on food and drink, there are numerous medical recipes, remedies for simple but also serious illnesses either loosely inserted or pasted to the pages; numerous printed recipes from newspapers with tips and tricks on preservation of meat, remedies to avoid sea-sickness, “The [Homoeopathic] Treatment of English and Asiatic Cholera” / “Dropsy” [Oedema] / “The Danger of Gas-Baths”, a stern note on “Cocaine and Sleeplessness”, “A Remedy for Diphteria” (Sulphur), “List for arsenic in wall papers” / “Cough Mixtures for Bronchitis” / “Influenza Poison” / Mr.Sidney Bennet for Rheumatism / etc. There is even a description for a double-crochet shawl by a Mrs. Whichcote. All these recipes were collected between roughly 1859 (dated Beef Tea recipe on page 7) and 1880. The wonderfully detailed recipes for food include for example: Gluten Bread free from Starch to diabetic patients / Souffle Potatoes / Irish way of dressing potatoes (p.51) / Ginger Pudding / Savoies Pigeon Pie / Ivory Jelly / To cook a Ham / A German Pastry / Apple Cheese Cakes / How to preserve meat (old newspaper-article pasted in) etc. etc. (see more recipes below).

England, Anonymous, c.1859 – 1904. Octavo. 266 handnumbered pages with 121 pages filled and 32 loosely inserted recipes. Contemporary, very decorative 19th century Hardcover with the original boards but recently professionally rebacked by an english master bookbinder. Excellent condition with only minor signs of external wear. This rare compilation [possibly compiled by a Mrs. J. S. Stone or Mrs. Church or Miss S.R. Monckton], is a true gem and collector’s item and also a well of information for veterinary homeopathic tinctures, old recipes against rheumatism, chilblaines (pages 256 and 257). Neuralgia, Cholera (page 251), Dr.Barry for Diarrhea and Neuralgia etc. etc.

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Culpeper, Culpeper's English Physician and Complete Herbal

Medical Illustration of Culpeper – Culpeper, Nicholas.

Culpeper’s English Physician and Complete Herbal to which are now first added upwards of One Hundred additional Herbs, with a display of their Medicinal and Occult Properties, physically applied to the Cure of all Disorders incident to Mankind. To which are annexed Rules for compounding Medicine according to the true System of Nature; forming a complete Family Dispensatory and Natural System of Physic, beautified and enriched with Engravings of upwards of Four Hundred and Fifty different Plants and a set of Anatomical Figures. Illustrated with Notes and Observations, critical and Explanatory. Volume I: Containing the Herbal / Volume II: Containing the Medical Part. Fifteenth Edition, improved by the Addition of the Linnaean Name to each Herb, Plant and Tree and a Life of Culpeper. By E. Sibly, M.D. and Author of the Complete Illustration of Astrology.

Two Volumes in One (complete set). London, Printed by W.Lewis and sold at the Encyclopeadia Office, 1813. Quarto. Pagination: Volume I (Herbal): Frontispiece – Portrait of Nicholas Culpeper, XII, 400 pages including an extensive Index of to the Herbs and Plants and an Index of Diseases cured by the Foregoing Herbs and Plants / Volume II: (Medical Part) – 256 pages with an explanatory Index to the Medical Part (e.g.: Hiccup how to prevent / Cramp of the Stomach / Rhubarb Bolus with Calomel / Night-Mare its cause and cure etc. etc. With 29 plates (of the usual 40). Hardcover / Beautifully restored new half-leather with new endpapers. Some general foxing and minor staining. The plates in good condition (some plates coloured). With the scarce portrait of Culpeper ! This the most desired edition because it contains for the first time the binominal nomenclature of plants in the universal latin.

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