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Anderton, The Protestants Apology for the Roman Church

5. Anderton, James.

The Protestants Apology for the Roman Church. [incomplete 17th century version of the 1608 edition / With manuscript annotations and dating by the owners of the book on page 512: Father John Coyne / Richard Power in 1683]. [Deuided into three seuerall tractes. VVherof the first concerneth the antiquity & continuance of the Roman Church & religion, euer since the Apostles times. The second 1. that the Protestants religion was not so much as in being, at, or before Luthers first appearing. 2. that the marks of the true church are apperteyning to the Roman, and wholy wanting to the seuerall churches, begun by Luther & Caluin. The third that Catholicks are no lesse loyall, and dutifull to their soueraigne, than Protestants. All which is vndertaken, & proued by testimonies of the learned Protestants themselues. VVith a conclusion to the reuerend iudges, and other the graue and learned sages of the law. By Iohn Brereley priest.]

[St. Omer], Permissu Superiorum, no year [c.1683]. Small Quarto. Pages 1 – 104 missing, pages 105 – 751 complete. Contemporary pigskin binding with original title in manuscript hand to spine. Poor condition with many damaged pages, frayed and traces of dried mold. Prt II and III of the book are complete: The Second Chapter: That the true Church must have her Pastours administration of the word and Sacraments evermore to continue / The Third Tract – Conteining the confessed Antiquity of Catholicke Priesthood, Confession, Absolution, Masse &c. and of the penall lawes made against them.

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