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Norwegische Geschichte

[Norske Turistforening]. Den Norske Turistforenings Aarbok / Arbok. [1869 - 1957

[Norske Turistforening] Udgivet af Edvard Aanesen and others / Articles by: Slingsby, William Cecil / Carl Hall / Hartvig Nissen /

Den Norske Turistforenings Aarbok / Arbok. [1869 – 1957 complete with only the year 1872 missing / 82 Volumes including Hoved – Register by E.A.Thomle and Henning H. Tonsberg]. This is the Original Edition from the library of The Alpine Club, London.

82 Volumes bound in 70 Volumes. Christiania / Kristiania (Oslo, Norway), Albert Cammermeyer / Grondahl & Sons etc., 1869 – 1957. Oktavo and Large Octavo with one Quarto Volume. More than 12000 pages with hundreds of illustrations, photographs, maps and fold-out alpine panoramas and routes. Including Hardcover: 50 of the Volumes are bound in buckram with the vintage Alpine – Club Signet on the spine. The original illustrated brochures were bound in. The remaining volumes are bound in their original colourful wrappers. Excellent condition with only minor signs of external wear. Very rare and unusual set ! The longest, nearly uninterrupted run of this rare and collectable periodical. Withdrawn from the library of the Alpine Club iin London. With hundreds of articles on mountaineering, climbing, exploration of the Norwegian countryside and mountain terrain. The majority of the articles are in norwegian (Norge) but some are in english (by William Cecil Slingsby for example) and in german (for example O. Vorwerg). With many interesting original advertisements regarding mountaineering: Jagtrequisita, Velocipeder (L.H.Hagen & Co. in Christiania), Allright Cycler (Storm Martens, Christiania) // The price includes international free shipping !

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Collection of Rare and Important Books, as well as original Manuscript Lecture Notes on Anton Martin Schweigaard

Schweigaard, Anton Martin.

Collection of Rare and Important Books, as well as original Manuscript Lecture Notes on Anton Martin Schweigaard, Norwegian educator, Jurist, Economist, Legal Philosopher and Member of the Norwegian Parliament. The collection includes also portraits and a rare photograph of Julius Middelthun’s Statue of Schweigaard, taken shortly after its erection at the original location. The rare lecture notes, possibly taken by a close student of Schweigaard and the wonderful manuscript – typography – print by Cappellen, are the highlights opf this collection [Many Images of each item on our website under “Libraries & Collections”]. The collection includes: 1. Schweigaard, Anton Martin. Forelæsninger over den norske Proces. 1ste Deel & 2den Deel. [plus: 12te Afsnit: “Den Domme” (″The Judge”)]. Original First Edition, directly printed from the Manuscript. Three Parts in Two Volumes (complete set). Christiania [Oslo], J.W.Cappellen [Jørgen Wright Cappelen], 1844. / 2. Schweigaard, Anton Martin. Forelæsninger over Processen Foredragen af Professor Schweigaard [Original Manuscript of a student from Schweigaard, taking notes in Schweigaard’s Seminars and Lectures]. [Christiania (Oslo)], no year (c. 1840). Octavo (18 cm x 17,5 cm). c. 400 pages with handwritten notes in Ink. / 3. [Schweigaard, Anton Martin] Aubert, L.M.B. Anton Martin Schweigaards Barndom og Ungdom, 1808-1835: Breve og Erindringer. [Letters in norwegian (″Trine”) and german (″Til Pastor Koeppen”). With an Appendix with 10 chapters / Med Bilag – Including explanatory sections on Schweigaard’s earliest publications, like for example: “De la Philosophie Allemande”, etc.] / [Oslo], Mallings Boghandels Forlag, 1883. / 4. [Schweigaard, Anton Martin] Lund, Carl. A.M.Schweigaard – Som Stortingspolitiker. Oslo, Universitetsforlaget, 1958. Octavo. Frontispiece – Portrait of Schweigaard, 398 pages with Index. / 5. [Schweigaard, Anton Martin] Hertzberg, Ebbe. Professor Schweigaard I Hans Offentlige Virksomhed (1832 – 1870). Af Ebbe Hertzberg. Kristiania / [Christiania] / [Oslo], Forlagt af Alb. Cammermeyer, 1883. / 6. [Schweigaard, Anton Martin] / P.Gemzøe lith. / E.Bærentzen. Portrait of norwegian educator, jurist, economist and politician, Anton Martin Schweigaard. Original Lithograph / Lithographic portrait by P.Gemzøe. Christiania [Oslo], Chr. Tønsberg, 1877. 17 cm x 26 cm. / 7. [Schweigaard, Anton Martin] / Middelthun, Julius Olavus. Original Photograph / Vintage Albumen Print from c. 1885 / 1890, of the recently erected Statue / Sculpture [Bronze] of norwegian educator, jurist, economist and politician, Anton Martin Schweigaard. The rare photograph shows the statue at its original location, with locals walking in front. The sculptor of Schweigaard’s Statue was norwegian sculptor and educator Julius Olavus Middelthun, who taught among others, Edvard Munch at the Royal Drawing School in Christiania (Tegneskolen i Kristiania). Christiania [Oslo], [Middelthun], c.1885 – 1890. 8 cm x 5,7 cm. The rare, original photograph comes from a french travellers album and is in excellent condition. / 8. Schweigaard, Anton Martin / Blom, G. P. / Fougner, G. / Thorne, Joh. F. / Leganger, Fred. Betænkning og Udkast til en Lov om Handelen, Forfattet af den under 28de August 1838 til dette Arbeide anordnede Commission [Med Anhang: Forste Anhang: “Udsigt over den Norske Handelsret / Andet Anhang: “Finants-Departements af den Norske Rejerings ovrige Medlemmer i det Vaesentlige tiltraadte Indstilling angaaende en provisorisk Anordning om storre Handelsfrihed i visse Egne af Riget m.v.”]. Christiania [Oslo], Trykt i Johan Dahls Bogtrykkerie af Carl C. Werner, 1841. Octavo (12 cm x 18,5 cm). 108, 218 pages. //

Christiania [Oslo], J.W.Cappellen / Johan Dahl / Chr. Tønsberg and others, c. 1840 – 1877. Octavo. c. 2000 pages. Hardcover and Softcover Volumes. Overall excellent condition of this wonderful compilation. The price for the collection includes free shipping interntionally per UPS Express.

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