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English Literature of the 18th century – Collection

Shaftesbury, Characteristicks of Men, Manners, Opinions, Times.

Shaftesbury, Anthony Ashley Cooper, Earl of. / Gribelin, Simon – (Illustrator).

Characteristicks of Men, Manners, Opinions, Times. In Three Volumes. The Second Edition, Corrected. [This is the sought after, first posthumous Edition with Emblematic Engravings by Simon Gribelin / Shaftesbury worked on this edition for two years in Naples prior to his death]. By the Right Honourable Anthony, Earl of Shaftesbury.

[London], [John Darby, Jr.], 1714 / 1715. Octavo. Pagination: Volume I – Portrait – Frontispiece of Shaftesbury by Simon Gribelin, Emblematic Titlepage, Second Emblematic Titlepage after Simon Gribelin, 364 pages with four additional emblematic engravings set before each new Essay / Volume II – Emblematic titlepage, 443 pages with two further emblematic engravings / Volume III – Emblematic titlepage, 391 pages with one further emblematic engraving and another emblematic titlepage for the added separate titlepage for Treatise VII (″The Notion of the Historical Draught or Tablature of the Judgment of Hercules”) and 27 pages Index for all three Volumes. Hardcover / Original 18th-century bindings. Refurbished / Restored. After this set was professionally restored, the volumes are now in very good condition. The interior in especially excellent condition with the emblematic illustrations and the paper in superb quality. Bookplate of Philip Ducarel on pastedowns of all three Volumes. Philip Ducarel has also written his name of the titlepages of all three Volumes. Philip Ducarel was possibly the nephew of Andrew Coltee Ducarel (1713-1785) who became Keeper of the Lambeth Palace Library, and was an antiquary and archivist of distinction.

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